"Reagan you bitch!" the beautiful Kristen rages on angrily about something that remains a blur to me.

I'm at my girlfriend's house of course. You see, I decided after seeing Avatar in 3D that it would be a wonderful idea to come over and tell her all about how fucking fantastic the swirling colours were! Definitely trippy.

I smile, embracing her tightly in my arms as my head whizzes out of control. I can taste the blue tank top she's wearing. Mmm... cinnamon bun, I rest my hands on her lower back.

"I'm gonna eat you blue," I smile preparing myself for the delicious feast.

I haven't had a cinnamon bun in a while. I place my head on it and take a deep breath, smelling aroma that's melting into my nostrils and I'm practically drooling to take a nice gigantic bite out of it. I smile savouring as I drag my tongue over, getting closer and closer to it as the scent becomes stronger, teasing – no daring me just...

I sink my teeth into the blue and somewhere in my subconscious I hear a loud song ringing in my ears and feel myself flying in slow motions backwards. The bun drifts further and further away as my eyes widen and something suddenly breaks into my flight like a ton of bricks are thrown into my back.

I feel my legs turn to jellyfish and wiggle to the ground as I laugh at how silly they are and slowly I start melting into it. I smile and curl up into a ball, falling asleep on what I'm pretty sure of, is my bed. What a whacked up dream... I should tell Kristen all about this one when I wake up.

A bright ray shines across my eyelids as I groan at the intensified pounding grows. My eyes still closed, I reach down into the pocket of my baggy jeans and pull out my cell phone. My fingers dance smoothly over the memorized digits and I place it to my ear.

I smile upon hearing my girlfriend's super sexy voice as she answers. That's right. It's not just sexy, it's super sexy.

"Hello?" she answers.

"Morning baby, you would not believe the crazy dream I had!" I smile and hear my mom trudging up the stairs probably to wake me up.

"Reagan Avril Leveque!" I hear her voice echo in the house and then into the phone followed by the door bursting open shortly after.

"What the fuck?!" my eyes pry themselves open and I sit up on the bed staring at the angry blonde at the doorframe.

"That's what I should be asking you," she glares and advances closer.

I look around taking in the posters of dancers, certificates, awards and whatnot. It finally registers that I'm in my girlfriend's bed.

"I- Err... Did we have an amazing night of sex?" I smile meekly, vaguely remembering what happened prior to passing out.

"No. You came over here high and then you bit me and passed out," she frowns and climbs into bed with me.

"I'm really sorry baby," I wrap my arms around her and trail a finger through her strawberry blonde hair.

She's so fucking hot when she's angry with me. I smile and kiss her cheek as she turns the other way. I start planting soft kisses along her neck and then over to her ear.

"I'm sorry," I whisper, noticing my teeth marks on her shoulder and brush my hand over it gently.

"How am I supposed to go to dance with this ugly mark on my shoulder?" she noted grumpily as I grin and kiss her again.

"How about we just forget about it... and you can skip school and dance practice today and stay here with me. I'll make it worth it Kris," I grin at the idea of having sex all day.

As quick as the idea had popped into my mind, it was erased.

I pout upon hearing the words, "No, we're going to school and I'm going to practice after."

"Well then, can you take me to school?" I suggest.

"Listen sweetie, I'd love to but you know the deal," she bites her lip with the cutest little I'm-so-sorry look on her silky smooth face.

"Right... The deal," I shrug it off, "Alright, well call me when you're done with practice."

The deal. I date the hottest girl in school – you know... the one that no one can touch. The popular, smart, beautiful, and athletic girl so here's the deal... It's quite depressing really. She doesn't want to be seen with me. Maybe it's because of her popularity, or perhaps it's because she's cares way too much about what other people think of her, but I'm pretty sure it's a combination of both. Anyway, the deal is nobody finds out about us. Now I'm perfectly fine with it but I've got to admit that it is quite the blow to my ego.

"Yeah, why don't you rent a movie and come over tonight? My parents aren't home til next week," she smiles and then firmly states, "And come sober."

"Okay," I smile and catch her lips with my own right as she's about to get up.

"See you in school," I grin and stand up as my head begins to hammer.

"See you after dance," she struts out of the room in her cute little shorts.

Sometimes I think she purposely reminds me of this deal we've got going on.