"Reagan you bitch!" I shout, feeling the warmth creep over my face.

"How dare you fucking come and see me while you're high! I fucking told you to stop!" I grab onto her as she snakes her arms around me seductively.

I fucking hate when she does that to me. Her and her fucking power to make everything okay even when she's completely out of her mi –

"I'm gonna eat you blue," she plunges her head around my neck and I feel her wet tongue trail down the side of it as I shiver, unable to control the reactions of my own body.

Yep. She's out of her mind.

"What do you mean you're going to eat blu-" A sharp stab pierces into my shoulder and I let out a loud cry of anger accompanied by pain.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" I scream and shove her backwards into the front door so hard I could hear the chandelier above us begin shake.

I storm into the living room and grumbling about her inconsiderate ways. She's so ridiculous when she's high. Absolutely atrocious to be utterly blunt about this. Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I date someone so... below me. I know that it's bitchy of me to mention but it's the fucking truth. When is this girl who is a year older than me going to grow up? I shut my eyes and breathe. Thinking back to how we had met a year ago.

Last year I took this art class that was meant for seniors and although I was in my junior year I fast tracked, and she was in it. Out of everyone who had taken interest in me to this day, she is by far the most intriguing. Anyway, it's not like we actually talked considering she was one of those people who were labelled as outcasts. During classes I found myself unable to pry my eyes away from her as she became completely enveloped in her art. It was as if she herself became one with what she was creating. When she worked, she was in her own world and no one was able to disrupt it because she didn't care about what was going on around her. And I guess that was what drew me towards her. So eventually, we had small encounters like I would pick up things that she'd drop or she would apologize for bumping into me and whatnot. You know. Then one day we had this huge final project that we needed to be partnered up for and she asked me. Upset at my friend for ditching me and incredibly curious, I eagerly said yes.

Of course, everything grew from there. While working together one thing led to another. At first it was just mild flirting, then a light brush here and there, then a few hugs which turned into longer-than-expected embraces which lead to a steamy kiss. And of course, she asked me out for a cup of coffee.

I fell in love with the girl the more I got to know her and here I am now dealing with one of her biggest flaws.

I walk over to the front door and find her in a happy little ball snoozing away and I can't help but smile at how adorable she is. I walk over to her petit body and place her over my good shoulder carefully, making my way up the staircase and into my room. I sigh, tucking her into my bed and move her red streaked bangs out of her face, revealing a childish face. It's hard to believe that she's nineteen. Sitting next to her, I take in the boyish looking grin, the perfectly pointed nose and powder pink lips all meshed into a rebellious hormone filled teenager. Of course, I didn't quite know that until I got to know her better.

I climb into bed next to her, wrapping my arms around her waist and watch as just the tiny crack of a smile appear on the edge of her lips as the silver ring around it glistened...

The bright red digits on the side table read 6:30 while my phone's alarm clock vibrated against my arm. I stretch and roll out of bed wondering if I should wake her up. Nah... she takes about ten minutes to get ready.

I grab my cell phone and head into the washroom for a shower. Smile into the mirror, and get ready for school. I always start the day off with a smile. I like to think that it makes my day better! My hair still partially wet, I fix my nicely fitted uniform, perfecting it with the black boots that drives Reagan absolutely mad.

Downstairs, I make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and leave it on the counter with a bottle of milk. I on the other hand, have a few spoonfuls of strawberry yogurt, a hardboiled egg, and a banana kick-start the day.

My phone vibrates on the counter as I'm halfway through breakfast and I blink, wondering who it could be. I happen to not have caller ID, which could sometimes prove to be a pain in the ass when I miss calls.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Morning baby," I frown at Reagan's voice and start towards the staircase, "you would not believe," my heart races and my face becomes flushed with anger, "the crazy dream I had!"

I could not believe the NERVE of this girl!

"Reagan Avril Leveque!" I burst through my door, breathing rapidly.

"What the fuck?!" she stares at me wide-eyed.

"That's what I should be asking you," I mentally burn holes into her skull as she looks around the room.

"I- Err... Did we have an amazing night of sex?" she has this crummy little grin as if she has no idea of what had really happened.

"No. You came over here high and then you bit me and passed out," Of course I leave out the part about throwing her into the door and whatnot while I climb back into bed.

"I'm really sorry baby," she embraces me and trails a finger through my hair.

My breathing becomes calmer but keep in mind that I'm still angry with her. I turn the other way to avoid seeing her and but feel her soft lips brush against my skin over and over. Jesus I'm supposed to be mad here but I'm liking it instead!

"I'm sorry," she whispers into my ear, sending chills down my spine.

In a feeble attempt to remain upset, I grumble, "How am I supposed to go to dance with this ugly mark on my shoulder?"

"How about we just forget about it... and you can skip school and dance practice today and stay here with me. I'll make it worth it Kris," she flashes a toothy grin and I become grim.

If she thinks she's going to be rewarded for being high, she's got a lot to learn.

"No, we're going to school and I'm going to practice after," I firmly state.

She pauses for a moment and then asks, "Well then, can you take me to school?"

"Listen sweetie, I'd love to but you know the deal," I bite my lip feeling guilty.

Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I'm ashamed of being with her. I'm not, I just don't want anyone to judge us.

"Right... The deal," she replies, slightly disappointed, "Alright, well call me when you're done with practice."

Crap it's getting late. Whatever, I'll have a talk with her when I see her later.

"Yeah, why don't you rent a movie and come over tonight? My parents aren't home til next week," I smile and then remind her gravely, "And come sober."

"Okay," she smiles and sneakily steals a kiss as I'm about to get up.

"See you in school," she rolls off of the bed and stretches.

Still bitter about the whole being high thing, I smirk, "See you after dance."