Made: Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time: 9:04p.m


We all have problems here

L: There's the girl
Who goes from boy to boy
Selling herself off
She's so confused.
Who's the right one?

C: There's the boy
Who's disinterested
His life is just one big game
With no cheat codes.
Why can't he get past level one?

M: There's the girl
Who throws all she has
Into anyone who bothers to care
Then falls when they stop.
Why won't anyone bother with her?

S: There's the boy
Who doesn't even care anymore
Doesn't even want anyone
But needs someone desperately.
Who can help him back up?

A: There's the girl
Who follows him with hearts
Ignoring any other callers
Knowing one day she'll lose him.
Why won't he just notice her?

Q: There's the boy
Who walks with a smile
With a secretly sad past
And an air of ignorance towards her.
Where is his unmasked grin?

Yeah, we all have problems here.