OK, so I made this story years ago on another site and it got deleted, so i decided to make it here.

I was such an idiot. I did this to myself. I concieved her, I gave birth to her, I killed her. I ruined my life.

I was such an idiot.

Who was she? She was me. She was my blood, my bones. She looked every bit like me. She came from my very woumb. But now she lies in a tiny little coffin down at St. Francis Of Assisi's Cementary. There she lies, with these words engraved in her little tomb:

"Beloved Maya.

I was such an idiot.

I am 18 now. It feels like yesterday since it happened. The day my life changed. Everyone goes through a change, and mine was simple;

Three years ago I got pregnant.

I was such an idiot.

"Oh, I've had just about enough of this!" Nain yelled furiously one afternoon barging into my room.

In her hand, she had a special paper. A paper that was the cause to all her anger. A paper that meant I failed grade 11 Math. I paper that started this whole ordeal. I was such an idiot.

"Sara!" Nain screamed slamming the door open.

I sprang up from my bed immediately .

"Yes, mother dear?" I smirked.

"Sara! How could you? You've failed math!" She yelled shoving my 24% test in my face. I quickly grabbed it from her hands and threw it to the ground.

I was such an idiot.

"So what?" I grunted, carelessly plopping on my bed.

"So what? So WHAT? So what is the fact that know you are not going to pass the eleventh grade! So what is the fact that now you probably won't graduate! So what is the fact that you are grounded until your grades come up! No going out, no internet and definately no CELL PHONE." My mother grabbed the test and stormed out of my room.

"What!? Why? I have a date on Saturday! Mom!" I screamed running after her as she stomped down the corrider.

"Go back to your room." She said sternly without stopping.

"But mom..." I begged, tears forming in my eyes.

"Go back to your room, Sara!" She screamed, not even bothered to turn to face me.

"I hate you!" I screeched at the top of my lungs. I ran back to my room and slammed my door shut, just to piss her off.

"Grow up!" I heard her muffled voice say.

"Shut up!"

I was such an idiot.

I shoved my face in my pillow and sobbed. Grounded? I was looking forward to the date with Jake Darna. He was the absolute most good looking young man in our grade. All the girls were absolutely petrified and envious when they found out he asked me to go on a date. Me. Black haired, brown eyed me. This date would instantly make me the most popular girl at school. I was using him. Though that wasn't very grown up was it? Grow up. Those words echoed in my head.

Grow up? I am grown up. I can grow up anytime I want. I would just have to prove it to her. Math was out of the question...I was the aboslute worst at math.

How would I prove I was grown up?

This question is where I began realizing I was an idiot, really. Not the fact that I failed math. I was an idiot in different ways, but one thing was for sure;

I was SUCH an idiot.