It should be noted before you read this that I have absolutely nothing against Christians. I went to a Catholic grade school and a Catholic high school, and I have taken Theology classes. I do not hate Christians at all, the majority of my friends are Christian and they're great people who I hope you can all have the chance to meet someday.

However, what I hate is when anybody, Christian or no, thinks that because they belong to a certain religion they have a higher standing as a human being than someone else. I was in a restaurant once and I heard a person at the table next to me saying to a girl (presumably his girlfriend), "These people [I don't know who 'these people' is referring to, by the way] need to understand that we are Christian; we follow the Word of God. We respect children. And if we don't watch these people and keep a close eye on them, they will rob our homes and they will not respect our children, so that's why we need to be so careful around them."

The purpose of Taryn's animosity towards religious groups was intended to reveal the lead's character flaw (close-mindedness) right away, because most of the story involves her struggle with being judgmental. In addition, I wanted to make a bit of social commentary regarding this close-mindedness, and I wanted to show that it can go both ways - from religious people as well as non-religious people.

Also, someone brought up in a review that I messed up with my Biology research when I said "[...]it can't be helped because [stupidity's] in their DNA" by mentioning that stupidity isn't inherited. I know this; that comment was intended for humor. Not all of the narration is serious.

So PLEASE take these into consideration before you give me that scathing review. There will be plenty of opportunities for hate mail later.

- Delphina

I had to take the prologue down because, as many people pointed out, it was really choppy. I don't know when I'll put another prologue up, or if there will be one at all... I'll have to work on it a lot.

First time readers, just skip to the first chapter.