Nash sat on the porch and released a deep sigh that he had been holding in. He was finally here. Finally away from his hectic student life in the city. He had taken his last final only three days earlier, but as soon as he finished the test he bolted out of the classroom and jumped in his car. The drive down to the cabin had been a long one, but as he sat on the porch in the midst of these beautiful woods he knew the 7 hour drive was worth it. However the drive wasn't the only obstacle getting to the little cabin. There wasn't a single road that led to the cabin nestled in the woods and it was a day's worth of hiking to get there. That's if you didn't get lost on the way, which luckily this time he hadn't.

The cabin actually belonged to his grandfather, but sadly the old man was getting up in age and probably wouldn't be able to make it up to the cabin again. The old man said that he was entrusting the cabin to him and that now he was responsible for protecting the hundreds of acres that surrounded it as well. He grandpa had been very adamant about stressing the importance of making sure to keep everything safe, even going so far as to make him swear he would on his blood. When he said okay to humor the old man, his gramps whipped out a pocket knife and made him make a blood pact. He was of course surprised, but he did as he was told.

"What's the pain of that little cut compared to the awesomeness of getting all this land?" he mused aloud. As he took in the scenery he sighed again. His grandpa really didn't need to resort to a blood pact or threatening him on what happens if he was to break his promise. Nash was happy that his gramps entrusted him with this land at all. He loved everything about these woods: the fresh scent, the beautiful scenery, the amazing wildlife, and the overwhelming sense of peace and belonging he felt every time he came to the cabin. It was like finally coming home.

He decided it was about time he went for a walk, and stretched languidly before standing and descending the few steps of the little porch. He rubbed absentmindedly at his hand. Ever since he and his grandpa had swapped blood his hand had been tingling strangely. He found himself hoping desperately the old man didn't have any terrible diseases which he could have passed on; though he knew it wasn't very likely. The old man was almost 90 and still ran 5 miles every morning. Why he said he couldn't make it up here was beyond him, but who was he to question it? Besides, he loved being out here on his own. He didn't have to worry about grades, or being social, or meeting anyone's expectations. All he had to worry about was what he would be catching and eating for supper and when he was going to go take a walk.

He loved it.

He strolled through the woods running his fingertips along every tree within his wingspan. The forest smelt so strong and fresh it was almost overwhelming. It was still springs and everything was in full bloom. The trees and little plants swayed in the playful breeze that whipped at his dark brown locks. His dark green eyes took in everything around him, still lost in an endless wonder for nature. It was like he could actually feel the trees pulsing beneath his hands, but he knew he must just be imagining things. It was probably his hand just pulsing from the cut on his finger.

"It's so beautiful out here," he mused aloud to himself.

He walked for a very long time and gathered quite a few berries and herbs he found along the way and stuffed them into his large cargo pockets. He had taken up the habit of grabbing anything edible as he walked, never knew when you would need it later. He had been adjusting and setting up traps for small game as he strolled along. He knew they were essentially useless on larger animals, but he only wanted to catch what he would be able to eat before the meat went bad. He knew a little about how to smoke meat, but not very much. So he settled for catching rabbits and fish which he could cook up quickly and store for a few days in the little icebox.

The forest was starting to cool down as the sun began to set. He stood from adjusting one last trap before deciding it was about time he headed back to the cabin. Even though he loved these woods, he knew better than to wander them at night. There were things out here that even his gramps couldn't explain, and he could have sworn the old man knew everything. The walk back seemed decidedly faster than the leisurely stroll he had been enjoying earlier. As soon as he got back into the cabin he bolted the thick wooden door, shut all of the windows and bolted them too, and drew the blinds. His grandpa always told him that no matter how strange it sounded outside at night he must never, never open the blinds and look out. And he must certainly not open the door or windows. And he had come to the cabin enough summers to never question it.

He grabbed himself a refreshing cup of water from the small icebox and snacked on the berries he picked before heading to go to sleep. He really hoped his traps would catch something. Or he'd have to go catch more fish tomorrow to ebb his hunger.

Nash awoke with a start, his eyes open wide trying to adjust to the darkness. Goosebumps crawled over his skin and he tried to repress a shiver of fear that tingled down his spine. A loud noise had awakened him but this time it wasn't like the usually scratching and thumping he had grown accustomed to tuning out. The noise had felt very close to the cabin, and it sounded like the scream.

There are no other humans out here, he reasoned with himself as he fought off the desire to open the window and look out. He knew that all of the rules his grandpa made up were for a reason, and he wasn't sure he was willing to test them. He rubbed his hands over his arms to try and send away the chills and noticed his hand was still pulsing. He rubbed absentmindedly at the cut between his pointer and thumb before closing his eyes and settling back into bed. It took a while for him to shake off the feeling the scream had left him with, but he eventually fell asleep.

This time he awoke with a groan. He had slept terribly and all night he had been plagued with fragments of strange dreams. He couldn't remember them exactly, all he knew was that they were very strange and he had awakened numerous times throughout the night. He stretched as he tried to shake off his exhaustion from the fitful sleep and as he did so something pulled uncomfortably through his loins. He sat up and peered down only to find another member on his body was very much awake as well.

"How in the hell did you come about with all those freaky dreams I had…" he muttered annoyed.

He sighed as he slid his hand down his chest, over his bare abs, and under the waistband of his boxers. He tried imagining a girl he had dated for a little while during the last semester. It wasn't the most erotic little visualization, she really hadn't been his type, but the image was enough to get the job done. He let his hand rove over his hardened flesh before firming up his grip and pumping up and down. Nash lifted his hips off of his bed and with his other hand tugged down his boxers to free himself, never stopping his ministrations. He picked up his speed as he imagined her underneath him, pumping into his hand with a new vigor. He groaned as he felt himself nearing the end and his hips jerked as he cried out and released.

With a satisfied grunt he grabbed a tissue off of the nightstand next to the bed and cleaned himself off. He tugged up his boxers and rolled out of the bed, absentmindedly scratching at the dark stubble on his chin. His facial hair never grew longer than stubble, and out here he was far too lazy to shave it off. Plus he liked the rough texture as he stroked his defined jaw line. He quickly slid on a t-shirt and his cargo shorts, kicking on his hiking boots that stood next to the door. His stomach ached painfully.

Please, please, please, let there be something in those traps, he hoped silently as he swung open the front door and jogged down the few steps.

A few hours later found him still checking traps, all of which had so far proven to be fruitless. Nash was growing tired of looking for his snares only to find them empty, just like his growling stomach. He picked a few berries that he had discovered were good to eat and popped them into his mouth as he went to check his last trap. If this one was empty he would have to go fishing and pray he caught something. He was pretty sure the loud growling of his stomach would scare away all wild animals, no doubt the fish too. However this time luck was on his side and as he reached the trap he noticed a little rabbit caught in the wire. It seemed very small and a bit malnourished but he wasn't about to complain. He approached the ensnared little animal and quickly said a prayer of thanks to the animal before he reached down and snapped its neck in one swift movement. He unhooked it from the trap, which he set up once more, then slung it over his shoulder as he headed back to the cabin. He ended up returning to the cabin the back way and was quite surprised when he heard a loud rustling in a large bush at the edge of the woods.

"No way," he thought aloud as he slowly approached the bush. He had forgotten he set a trap behind the cabin! He never really expected it to catch anything; it was a very crudely done snare and more of an experiment than anything.

He inched closer to the bush as quietly as he could all the while trying to peer in and see what he had caught. He wasn't sure what kind of bush it was, but it was easily his height of 6'0 and then some. Its branches stretched out quite a ways and thick leaves made it almost impossible to see inside. He had thought it looked like a good place for animals to hide and he hooked up a few simple snares and connected it to the bush.

He approached the bush and with a stick he picked up he slowly pushed back the branches to peer inside. He jumped back in horror as his eyes met a very large, very human set of eyes peering out from the bush. He snared a person! Was that the scream he heard last night?

"I am so sorry!" he spoke loudly as he flipped out his pocket knife to cut away some of the branches to give him better access to help the trapped person. "I never thought there were any people around here, and I never thought one would get stuck in a trap I made!"

The person in the trap said nothing, and he began to feel very awkward as he cleared the branches. He finally cut one that gave him full view of the person inside and his eyebrows lifted in surprise. In the bush sat petite figure with shocking red hair that was wound in a braid down his back. The only way Nash knew it was indeed a boy was because he was clad in scarcely anything at all, save a small skirt of woven vines and leaves. His face was absurdly delicate, with large hazel eyes, a small nose, and full pouting lips. He was indeed a very beautiful boy.

Upon further inspection Nash realized that the snare was caught around the boys neck. He could tell it was drawn tight and that the boy must have struggled. It explained fully why the boy wasn't talking, as it was embedded pretty deep into his flesh and rivulets of blood were running down his neck. Nash felt his chest constrict tightly with guilt. He sawed at the wire trying to break it as quickly but gently as possible. The entire time he felt the eyes of the boy heavily on his face. It was making him quite uncomfortable.

"I'm once again really sorry," Nash spoke, using his voice to try and chase away the awkward feeling. "It should only take me a sec to finish cutting through this. Then I can take you inside and bandage up your neck for you." He finished cutting the wire and extended his hand to help the boy out. The boy just stared at him warily, not moving to accept his offered hand.

"Listen, I'm not going to hurt you," he spoke softly. "I was entrusted to take care of this land and everything on it and right now that includes you too. So please come out and let me help you." He extended his hand once again, and once again the boy ignored it. Nash sighed heavily. What now? He couldn't just leave him there, but he couldn't just drag him out of the bush either.

He sat there wondering what to do for a second before he noticed the boy was moving slowly out of the bush on his own. He had crawled forward and Nash stood to give him room to fully emerge. And the boy was even more beautiful as he shakily stood up, silently refusing his help. He wasn't very tall, only coming to Nash's shoulder, but he was startlingly slender and his legs were long and graceful. He held himself proudly, even though Nash knew he was in pain, and his eyes had a sort of arrogance behind them. Nash coughed nervously as the boy looked up and caught him staring.

"Well, follow me inside? I have some stuff that should help that wound." He began to walk slowly forward, picking up the rabbit he caught earlier. As he moved closer to the cabin, he kept checking behind him to make sure the boy was still following. They made it around to the front of the house and Nash once again offered assistance to the boy as they ascended the stairs. Once again a cool and sharp look was the one that turned him down. He couldn't help but smile at the boys' stubbornness.

Inside he told the boy to take a seat in one of the chairs at the small table in the kitchen area as he went to grab the first aid kit. Nash set the box on the table with a loud 'thunk' before rummaging through it and pulling out the supplies he needed. He set all of the supplies, gauze, ointment, tweezers and alcohol on the table. He told the boy that this was going to hurt and to hold still before carefully beginning to pull the embedded wire out with the pair of tweezers. He had used silver wire for this trap, making it a bit harder to maneuver the wire and slide it loose from its noose form. The boy made low hissing noises as he worked, but he gave him credit for not crying through the whole process. Finally he got the wire pulled far enough out of the boys' neck that he could grip it with his fingertips and slowly pull it free. He heaved a sigh of relief as the noose came loose into a single line of wire.

The hard part completed he dabbed some alcohol on a gauze pad and wiped down the boys neck before he could even think to wince. Nash grinned as the red head hissed his displeasure at his last move. He was smiling as he wrapped the ointment laden bandage around the boys neck a few times, then gently taped the end to keep it in place. Nash's fingers lingered on the boys' skin, feeling his heat rise into his fingertips. He was so beautiful he didn't even seem real. Nash's noticed his hand pulsing earlier, and with this new contact it began to throb almost painfully.

With a wince Nash forced his hands into his lap.

"There, all done," he smiled gently. "Once again I'm really sorry this happened. I hope there is a way to make it up to you…" He trailed off of his sentiment, knowing there really wasn't anything else he could do. How does one apologize for noosing a person? Candy and flowers? Not likely.

And not to mention the beautiful boy obviously wanted nothing to do with him. He couldn't stop the little twinge of hurt that passed through him at the thought.

"Of course," the boy spoke softly, clearly straining to speak. "I shall return later."

Nash was shocked that the boy even spoke. His voice, even though it was barely a whisper was melodious and rich. Even his voice is beautiful, Nash thought dreamily, once again rubbing at the cut on his hand. He wondered how one person could seem so perfect. In his few moments of daydreaming the boy had already stood and begun walking towards the door. Nash jumped to his feet.

"Ah wait!" he shouted, his voice sounding harsh to even his own ears. The boy paused with his hand on the door handle and turned to look at him. He softened his voice. "Could... could you tell me your name?" he finished breathlessly.

The boy cocked his head slightly at his question before managing a small smile. "Rae," he said softly before turning to leave.

"One more thing!" Nash shouted quickly. "You said you would come back? When?" He knew that he sounding childish and strange to be asking him such questions, but he couldn't just let him go without knowing. It was already terrible enough that the boy was leaving at all and there was nothing he could do to stop him.

However he was disappointed as the boy only gave him a broad smile before quickly stepping through the door and closing it behind him. Nash was left with the word 'wait-' still hanging on his tongue. He sat down again at the table feeling dejected, when his stomach growled loudly.

"Oh yeah… I haven't eaten yet." With a heavy sigh, which he noticed he had been doing a lot of lately, he got up and began skinning and gutting the rabbit in the large sink of the kitchen. Somehow his gramps had managed to get running water a while ago, something which he was very thankful for. He gutted the rabbit after he skinned it neatly, and put all the entrails in a bucket he would throw out later. He chopped the meat into squares and rinsed it all off. He pulled out the large pot he used to make stew and set the water to boil on the wood stove. He didn't have much to put in this stew and settled with throwing in the chunks of meat and some vegetables and berries he had gathered earlier.

When he finally ate, the soup was bland, but it filled him up. He spent the rest of his day wondering about the boy from earlier. What was he doing now? Why was he even out here in these woods? Did he have family? How in the world had he gotten stuck in that trap? He wondered if the boy knew how beautiful he was.

He wondered if he tasted as good as he looked.

He groaned as he felt a familiar pressure building. He slowly unzipped his pants, imagining that it was the redhead from earlier undressing him. Rae smiled up at him, giving him a sly look as he reached into his boxers and caressed his throbbing shaft. His hands were soft and smooth and they glided over his straining flesh before gripping him and pumping. He could feel the boys' hot breath over the head of his member as he ran his tongue over him before he greedily gobbled him down. Nash groaned as he imagined how Rae's mouth would feel, so hot and wet as he took him in as deep as he could go. Nash bucked wildly into his hands imagining he was pumping into those delicate and soft pink lips. He lifted his hips off of the chair as he climaxed, crying out the boys names as his seed spilled through his fingers.

He sat in the chair for a long while, letting the high of his pleasure wear off. Finally he grabbed a tissue and cleaned himself off and wiped up the splatters on the floor. He sighed heavily again. It was already getting dark, and the boy hadn't come back yet. Nash couldn't hide his utter feeling of disappointment as he began to bolt the windows and doors and draw the blinds. He was gonna call it an early night tonight.

It felt like he had barely fallen asleep before he heard a banging at his door. Confused and disoriented he sat up, listening to see if he would hear the banging again. Almost on cue, three sharp raps sounded from his door. He slowly slid out of bed clad only in his boxers, grabbing his hunting knife along the way and padded silently to the front door.

"Who is it?" he demanded.

It was silent for a long moment before a sing song voice answered "It's Rae."

Nash frowned in confusion. Rae? What was he doing out this late? These woods weren't the safest place to be wandering around at night. His grandpa's warnings to never open the windows or doors kept replaying themselves in his mind.

"Rae, what are you doing out this late?" he asked through the door.

"I… I wanted to see you. I told you I would return. Would you let me in?"

Nash hesitated even as he could feel the burn of desire run through his loins. He desperately wanted the boy on the other side of that door… He stalled for a moment, beforefinally unbolting the door and swinging it open. His mouth dropped in awe as he took in the figure standing on his porch. Rae's hair was loose and it flowed like a curtain of glowing fire in the moonlight. His eyes seemed to almost glow in the darkness, making the rich hazel orbs seem unearthly. He was once again wearing hardly anything at all save a few vines and leaves, and the bright rays from the full moon kissed his pale skin beautifully.

The sharp throb in Nash's hand brought him back to reality. He winced and stroked his hand as he told the beautiful boy to come inside. He swiftly shut the door and bolted it once more before turning to gaze again at Rae. He almost yelped in surprise when he turned and felt Rae's body become flush with his own.

"Ah, s-sorry," he managed lamely. "I didn't realize you were so close behind me Rae." The boy just smiled up at him and moved even closer, pressing himself right up against Nash. Nash widened his eyes in surprise. "R-Rae? What are you-"

But before he could finish his sentiment the boy had pressed his fingers to his lips. The lovely red head only smiled before leading him the few paces to the bed. Nash just let him pull him along in a daze, but he was quite surprised when he was led to his bed and pushed down. He could barely form a question in his mind before the slender boy had climbed into his lap and straddled him. He couldn't stop the moan that escaped as Rae began to trail kisses down his neck, licking and nibbling gently.

This can't be real, Nash thought. There's no way-

And once again his thought was cut off, this time by his own cry of pleasure as the boy had worked his way up and began sucking on his ear. Nash felt himself hardening quickly, and he knew the boy who had barely anything on could feel him too. His face burned red as he gripped the boy by the shoulders and lifted him off of his lap.

"Rae, what are you-" he trailed off his sentence, leaving out 'doing' as his eyes focused on the boys neck. Where there had been a bleeding open wound earlier, there was now only a thin line to say that Rae had ever been wounded. "How…? Rae, how is this healed?"

He looked into the boys face only to notice it was averted from him. He tried to maneuver the boy to look into his eyes, but Rae was quick to look away. Nash opened his mouth once more to question the boy, and in an instant he felt his lips become captured. The kiss was soft at first, him being to shocked to respond, but the boy quickly picked up the intensity. He licked and nibbled Nash's bottom lip before coaxing open his mouth with his tongue. Nash felt like someone lit a fire in his body, and he slowly pulled the boy back onto his lap. Rae quickly wrapped his legs around Nash's waist, and began rocking against him almost desperately. Nash gasped away from the kiss as the friction from the boys' hips on his lap began to build. His lips were quickly captured again, and he felt the boy put all of his weight behind the kiss. His erection throbbed painfully.

Rae began to move his hips in slow circles, and it was all Nash could do to not flip the boy onto his back and plunge into him. He felt his boxers becoming wet with his desire. He snaked his hands down the boys back and gripped his bottom firmly, pulling him harder onto himself. The boy gasped into his mouth as Nash's fingers dug pleasurably into his back side. Nash rocked underneath the boy, holding him firmly in place as he moved against him.

It felt so good. Rae felt so good. And he tasted just as good as Nash had imagined. He was so slender and pliant, and he had such a small build, almost like a child.. Nash froze.

He quickly gripped Rae by the shoulders and lifted him off of his lap once more. The boys face was flushed and he looked hazily at Nash in confusion. "What-"

But this time Nash cut him off.

"I can't do this. How old are you? 16? Maybe?" Nash felt like a jerk as the boys face flushed harder, this time with indigence. "I'm 22, I can't take advantage of you like this…"

"I am 23 you asshole!" Rae screeched at him. Nash's eyes shot up in surprise. No way, surely he's lying. He was so startled he almost missed the rest of the small man's rant.

"I was trying to be nice… You saved me and I was going to return the favor, you wouldn't even have to know what I am…. And instead you act like a... like a complete jerk!" Rae struggled against Nash's grip that still held him suspended. "You damn human! Let me down!"

Damn human? Nash looked closely at Rae's neck again. The scar was barely visible. And Rae, he was so beautiful there was no way he could be human. And he was walking around the forest at night, when Nash dared not even open his blinds.

"Rae, what are you?" He questioned softly.

The man froze. Color rushed to his cheeks and he swiftly turned his head away. "Human, you probably wouldn't want to know. Release me. I will leave now."

Nash felt his grip tighten around the boys arms. He didn't want to let him go, but he couldn't just carry on blindly, knowing nothing.

"No, I want to know."

He almost felt the boys temper flare up, and the sharp jolt of pain from his cut hand made him release the boy. He quickly grabbed his throbbing hand with his other, and looked up to see Rae staring fiercly down at him.
"You want to know human?" the red head spat. "I'm a were- fox. I smelled you come here, and I was investigating this cabin when my head got snared in your damned trap. The wire was silver and I couldn't touch it without it burning me. I would have been stuck for a long time, until the full moon when I am strongest, had you not freed me." The fox looked contemptuously at him then, as if daring him to not be afraid. As if forcing him to regret asking.

"Ah," Nash responded. "I knew someone so beautiful couldn't be human."

He smiled warmly up at the small man standing over him as though it were the most natural thing in the world. In the next instant the foxes arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, and he laughed as the other man peppered him with kisses.

"Calm down, calm down," Nash laughed as he lifted the smaller man to once again see into his eyes. To his shock he found them brimming with tears. He felt his heart drop. "Wh-whats wrong??"

Rae shook his head and smiled. "Nothing. I'm just so happy."

Nash marveled in his beauty before pulling him down into a soft kiss. Immediately Rae kissed him back hungrily, wrapping his arms around his neck trying to pull them even closer together. Nash quickly stood and turned towards the bed, laying Rae down on his back and quickly climbing on top of him. He kissed and bit his way down the smaller mans neck, lingering to suck and pinch his nipples. The gasps and cries Rae was making were driving him nuts. He almost came just hearing Rae cry out when he ripped off his grass skirt and took him in his mouth. He sucked the smaller man as though his life depended on it and Rae dug his fingers into Nash's dark brown hair, trying to grab hold of something. Rae cried out in pleasure as he felt Nash's finger pushing at his entrance, his finger lubed with spit and his desire. Nash pushed his entrance slowly, moving in and out prepping him with one finger before adding two. Rae was beside himself in pleasure.

"Ah! I want you inside me now," the smaller man cried out. Nash had to fight his urge to rip off his boxers and plunge in as deep as he could go. Rae was so small, so tight, and he didn't want to hurt him. He felt around on Rae's inside before hitting a spot that seemed to drive the fox wild. "AHH! Ohh, yes! Right there! Please! Right there!"

Nash pumped his fingers over the spot and soon the fox was cumming hard into his mouth. Nash removed his fingers and lifted the foxes hips, lowering his mouth to his entrance. He pried him open with his tongue and let the fluid from his mouth pour into him. He quickly slid in three fingers and loosened the tight fox the rest of the way.

"Nash, please," the fox cried as he lifted his knees to his chest, baring his entrance erotically. "I want you inside me."

Nash whipped on his boxers in an instant and quickly positioned his throbbing erection at Rae's entrance. "Breath," he told the fox before pushing in.

"Ahhh! Oh! It's so big! It's too big!" The fox cried.

Nash moved slowly, inch by inch, pushing himself inside the fox. It was all he could do to not pump into the devastatingly beautiful boy. Finally he was all the way in and he stopped to give the fox time to adjust. Sweat rolled down his brow from the strain of holding himself back. A soft hand at his arm and a look into Rae's eyes told him he could move. He started slowly, but withdrew himself until he was barely inside, then thrust himself as far in as he could go. Rae's arms reached up and wrapped around him, his sharp nails dug into his back.

"Nash," the fox whined. "Harder. Fuck me harder."

And who was he to refuse? He pumped into the fox as fast as he could, feeling for the spot inside Rae he stroked with his fingers earlier. Rae's eager encouragements told him he was hitting it, and he felt himself growing closer and closer to climax. Nash reached down to Rae's front and gripped his erection, stroking it firmly. Rae cried out, pulling his head down to trail flurried kisses into his neck. Nash continued to pound into him until finally Rae climaxed hard, biting into his neck and spilling his seed onto his stomach. As Rae came he tightened like a vice, and Nash found himself following very shortly after, yelling hoarsely as he emptied himself inside the fox. As he finished he sunk down and weakly collapsed on top of the fox, who was grinning from ear to ear, his pointy little teeth showing.

They lay there like that for a while, Nash's softening flesh still sheathed inside of Rae, and Rae with his head rolled back and a contented smile. Finally the fox seemed to remember something.

"Oh yes, I meant to ask you, are you perhaps of fairy blood?"

Nash looked down at his lover beneath him and shook his head. "Not that I know of, why?" he quipped.

The fox looked embarrassed at this. "Well, when I bit you I drew a little blood. And it didn't taste quite human."
Nash decided not to ask why Rae knew what human blood was but instead thought on his statement. Fairy? The only person he knew from his immediate family was his grandpa, his mother was dead and his father was a dead beat. And the only strange thing he ever noticed about his gramps was when he made him make a blood pact, he noticed his blood was a lot darker than his own…

Nash sat up with a start, finally withdrawing himself from Rae, and looked down at his hand. Where his cut had been there was now barely a line, and his skin was unbroken completely.

'Fairy huh?'He mused. He looked down at the fox below him whose beautiful hazel eyes stared at him with an unasked question. He leaned down and captured the lips below him. 'I can handle that.'


This is my first true 'raunchy' yaoi! I would love to know what you all think!