The Night Crew (T) (406 pages; 245,472 words; 2 prologues; 40 chapters; 1 epilogue). This is a book-length story written in first person. This is the tale that depicts the life of an eighteen-year-old sightless woman who has grown up in first an orphanage, then a boarding school. She sets out with her loyal feline companion in search of her best friend, Kei, who has strangely disappeared. What she finds is a world previously unimaginable, and full of shocking surprises. Note regarding TNC: This is a vampire novel.

The Night Crew: Another Story (T) (340 pages; 194,388 words, prologue; 26 chapters; epilogue). This is a book-length story written in third person. Be sure to read The Night Crew before reading this description/story as it is a sequel! Kaytrin Dorburn is a rude, sassy back-talking 18-yr-old half-breed who lacks respect and caring. Ekelai Wildor is the easy-going, amicable prodigy "purebred" son of the great Dorian Wildor and Miss Nominah Lewis. Ekelai, being only eighteen, wants to hang out with friends and spend his time with his band. Yet, everyone else seems to think Ekelai should be making much more of himself. Living up to his name. But what about what Ekelai wants? And what happens when he crosses paths with Kaytrin? In the meantime, trouble is stirring as an old "friend" suddenly turns against The Night Crew. Note regarding TNC 2: This is a vampire novel.