The Night Crew

Nothing but the sound of the snow crunching beneath the feet of the silent vampires could be heard. Another soundless night greeted the land. At the top of the hill, the pale moon could be seen brilliantly shining and illuminating the ground below. Even as the soft snow fell over their heads, there was no replacing the sight of the moon. The boy and his father were the first to reach the top, hand in hand. The two of them stood and stared up at the orb in the sky. The little boy's gloved hand curled tightly around his father's gloved hand. Their long cloaks withstood the cold air. More cloaked figures arrived behind them; the blonde and skinny loudmouthed jester came to stand behind them. Then, another father with his daughter stopped, and she smiled at her dad. The rest came, Kei and Jade held hands as they, too, admired the moon. As Nominah reached the top and came to a stop on the other side of Dorian, the wind picked up strongly and everyone's hoods were knocked back. No one noticed. The little boy gripped the handle of the miniature sword he held in his other hand. The gust of wind had revealed the two year old's previously hidden face. His big, dark green eyes looked from the moon, to his father. His long, dark black hair whipped back behind him, and across his eyes. But though he had most of his father's features, there was an undoubtable resemblance to the woman standing beside his dad.

Dorian looked down at Ekelai, into the eyes that matched his own, and they smiled to one another. Ekelai raised his sword to the moon.

"Bye-bye house!" He said, stepping forward in the snow, "Let's go!" He shouted, tugging at his dad's hand. Dorian still gripped Ekelai's hand as he leaned over to Nominah and kissed her on the lips. He touched her face and smiled before he let the impatient little boy succeed in pulling him away. Nominah smiled shyly. Ekelai looked back at the Night Crew, still standing around on top of the hill, "Let's go!" He said, his cute toddler voice causing the whole group to break out in smiles and laughter.

"Lead us, Little E." Sly said, grinning.

"You heard him, he said let's go." Dorian said seriously before turning and walking with Ekelai down the other side of the hill. The Night Crew swiftly raised their hoods back over their heads and followed. They would not be returning. Too many humans had moved in to the area. They would move to a new, bigger headquarters. Though they did not know, somewhere Blaze was standing on the beach under the same moon. Somewhere Requra and the Forbidden Epidemic were outside training and gazing up at the same moon. Vampires all over the world stared at the very same moon, all of them with the same feeling in the night, for they were all connected. Brothers and sisters, united by darkness.