In this broken world
I have no heart
I would be merciless
In my shadowed life
I am restrained
By a thin whisper
The mirrored love
Of a newborn heart
I am a bird with broken wings
Yet I fly
I push away my past
In that slain memory
I had no conscience
I would be merciless
I am not a stable tree rooted to the ground
Rather a fragile feather
Blown away
If I had a choice
I could never face my decision
I would be merciless
I'd continue anyway
This world has shown me no pity
If it would
I'd wish to be a carefree bird
To let the breeze lift me so that I may be
Blown away
In that desolate spirit
That holds my heart
I am crushed
I would be merciless

A/N: I wrote this a while ago based off a character I created, so sorry if it flows weird, it's old poetry.