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Kyle and Jayden

Undying Love

It was early when Jayden pulled himself out of bed, gently tearing himself out of Kyle's arms. He would have loved to have stayed sleeping for just a little while longer, wrapped in Kyle's loving embrace, but he knew that he couldn't. He had work to do, as usual. Kyle was lucky - he didn't have to get up until he felt like it because his job was to stay at home and rate movies that weren't out yet. They were sent to him in the mail and at night, he and Jayden would watch them together, cuddling on the couch. Unfortunately, Jayden still had to get up and go to work as a secretary at a law firm.

He took his shower like usual. It wasn't even light outside yet and the hallway was dark due to the fact that light had burnt out and they were out of new bulbs. He made his way back to the bedroom after his shower and found Kyle sitting up in bed, waiting for him.

Kyle's honey-brown eyes brightened when he saw him. "I thought you had already left or something," he said, smiling slyly as Jayden pulled on a clean shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

"No, not yet," Jayden said, smiling as he sat next to Kyle. He began to tug on his shoes. Black normally wasn't his color - preferred tennis shoes. They were more comfortable and not nearly as formal and dressy as these, but when one worked at a law firm, secretary or not, one had to dress the part. That meant dressing formally - with at least a button down white or black shirt if not a suit, and a tie. He loathed ties. It felt like he had a collar around his neck.

"Why don't you just stay home?" Kyle asked, rubbing on his shoulder with his hand. Jayden frowned at him as he finished messing with his tie - it was as good as he was going to get it, anyway.

"You know I can't. I'll get fired."

They'd gone over this before.

"Is that so bad?" Kyle asked. "I've told you before, you don't have to work. You can quit if you want."

"I don't want to be a burden and make you pay for everything," Jayden explained as he stood with his dressy clothes. Kyle stood with him and shook his head, running a hand through his tussled, dark brown hair. It was sticking out in random directions, making him look like a disheveled devil in Jayden's eyes.

"You're not a burden, Jay. You never could be."

Jayden sighed and then glanced at the digital clock, his eyes widening. "Shit! I'm going to be late." He grabbed his keys and gave Kyle a quick peck on the lips before he turned to leave the room. "I'll see you later, Ky."

"Be careful," Kyle called after him. "Don't speed just because you're in a hurry!"

Jayden rolled his eyes. "I'm an excellent driver!" he called back as he pried the front door open and left the apartment he shared with Kyle. They had been living together for a while now, despite the fact that things had been a bit, semi-awkward in the beginning. He had to admit that sharing rent was nice. Plus, waking up next to Kyle every morning was always, always a bonus.

He climbed into his car and pulled away from the curb. The sun still wasn't up and he was reminded, again, of how much he hated getting up this early. Maybe quitting wouldn't be such a bad idea…

He would see how today went. He just might take Kyle up on that offer. Kyle had certainly offered enough...

He and Kyle had been living with each other for the past three years now, and had been dating for even longer. Jayden could still remember how they had met. It had been a cold winter night and the two of them had sought refuge in a library to get away from the sudden snow. They had bumped into each other and the rest was history. Jayden still smiled at the memory.

He had only been driving for about twenty minutes when the car coming toward him began to swerve. He saw the headlights move, like twin flashlights through a dim fog. The car righted itself and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Probably some teen out having fun, he thought to himself. A lot of teenagers sped on this road and swerved to have fun and impress their girlfriends. Jayden didn't see the point in risking the danger. He relaxed a bit in his seat and continued driving.

Then, just as the car was passing him, it took a sharp turn into his lane. He didn't even have time to shout or react in the slightest. As the two vehicles collided, shards of glass shattered from his window and came flying at him. Then all he knew was darkness as the cars rolled…

Kyle woke around eight in the morning, three hours after Jayden had left for work. He always felt lonely when Jayden had to work and that was why he kept trying to convince him to quit his job and just stay at home with him. He could support the both of them, after all. His job gave him enough money and so Jayden didn't need to work. Still, though, Jayden insisted. It was getting harder for Kyle to be away from him, and he wasn't quite sure what to think of that. It didn't used to be this way.

He flipped on the TV and settled down to have a long and lonesome day without Jayden. Jayden only had to work four days a week, but still. Kyle wished he didn't have to work any so the two wouldn't have to be separated. Maybe he was becoming clingy, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that time away from Jayden was beginning to become hell for him.

And hell was torture.

Sighing, he flipped through the channels and then froze when his eyes landed on the view of Jayden's car on one of the news stations. A horrible wreck, the broadcaster was saying but Kyle simply couldn't hear anything. All he could do was stare at the broken remains of Jayden's car, the one he had left in this morning. According to the words flashing across the screen, the wreck had happened around 5:30 that morning - right after Jayden had left the apartment.

It's not him, Kyle kept telling himself, desperate to believe it, it's not him, it's not him…it's not.

"The identity of the two drivers has not been released but it has been said that the crash has proved fatal for one victim," the news broadcaster said as Kyle tuned in. Kyle felt his entire world begin to come crashing down. Of the two cars, Jayden's looked to be in worse shape.

God, no! he screamed through his mind as denial clawed at his heart. This wasn't happening. It couldn't have been. He knew it had happened to a lot of people, but it simply couldn't happen to him and Jayden. Jay, please…

"As of now, local police are trying to contact the families and have them come and identify the body-" the news person was stating. It was at that moment that the phone rang and Kyle could only stare at it, semi-transfixed at the black object as the green caller ID lit up.

No…no, no, no, Jayden! he thought with terror as he stared at his phone. He simply couldn't answer it because it couldn't have been a coincidence that his phone was ringing when the police were trying to find someone to ID the body. He flinched at the thought because Jayden was more than just a body. He couldn't have been killed in a wreck - it wasn't fair. Kyle couldn't lose the love of his life in such a horrible way. He couldn't.

Maybe if he didn't answer the phone, none of this would be real. Maybe he'd wake up and everything would be just fine. Jayden would be in his arms, telling him he'd just had a horrible dream and that it could never happen.

But it could happen. It was happening now and Kyle felt a moan catch in his throat. Denial consumed every fiber of his body because he refused to believe this was happening.

The phone kept ringing and it was drilled into his head that this was wasn't going away. This was real - it wasn't a nightmare. It was reality and he knew that he had to answer the phone. It was the only way he'd know for sure. So slowly, he reached over and plucked the phone from the cradle, shakily bringing it to his ear. "H-Hello?" he asked, his voice trembling.

"Is this Mr. Marks?" a professional voice asked and he closed his eyes.


"You were the only one listed on the contacts list of a Mr. Jayden Harris."

"Y-Yes…" Kyle said, feeling tears prick at his eyes. Jayden had no family - it was only him. Just like Kyle. It was one of the reasons they had become so close to one another... How could this be happening? God, no, I can't…please, Jayden, don't do this to me… he silently pleaded with everything he had.

"We would like you to come down to the morgue-" the person said and he dropped the phone, collapsing to his knees on the floor as he stared a the TV screen, his mind going almost blank as his heart raced wildly in his chest.

"No…" he whispered as his body began to tremble with the sobs he was struggling to hold back. He could hear a voice yelling at him through the lines from the phone, which rested on the ground, but he ignored it. They wanted him to go to the morgue. Someone had been killed in the crash and Jayden's car looked the worst… No! God, please, I swear, I will do anything! he prayed in his head, unable to form any sort of words aloud. Except two. "Jay, please…"

He couldn't do this. He would crash and burn without Jayden in his life. Jayden was practically his everything. They had been together so long…almost five years now. Five years of his life, gone…his life…Jayden…

"No!" he screeched pitifully as he struggled to somehow make the day rewind. If he had known this was going to happen, that there was going to be a wreck, he would have kept Jayden wrapped tightly in his arms. He wouldn't have let him leave. He would have kept him there…safe…alive…

God, Jayden, don't be dead…I can't…no! he screeched through his mind as sobs began to shake his body. Please no! I'll do anything!

The voice on the phone had stopped yelling at him. Maybe they had given up and decided that he wasn't go to answer. He didn't care. The only thing he cared about was this morning when Jayden had been with him. He could still feel that quick peck on the lips that Jayden had given him before he left. Kyle should have tried harder to keep him from leaving for work. He should have done everything in his power to make him stay.

If he had only known…

"God, no…please…Jay, please…" Kyle whispered into the empty silence of the room. There would always be silence from now on, he decided. Jayden was what had made this place lively and now he was…gone. Kyle simply couldn't believe it. "No!" He shoved at the TV as though it were to blame for everything. It fell backward and crashed to the ground, the glass shattering. He didn't care. He just watched it as it all came undone, just like he himself was. "I can't do this…Jayden!"

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he managed to climb to his feet. His mind a blank, he grabbed his keys and climbed into his car. Everything in it reminded him of Jayden - the smell, the faded letters on the radio buttons, the seats…everything. How could this be happening? He wasn't ready. He wasn't ready to face life alone. He wouldn't ever be ready if it meant he had to lose Jayden. He wasn't sure when he had grown so attached to the man, but, damn it, he had...and now it was just...gone...

"God, no…please." He wasn't the praying type, but as he began to drive to the morgue, he found himself willing to try anything if it meant keeping Jayden with him, even if for only a while longer. "Please, God, don't take Jayden from me…I need him. I love him. Please…"

It was hard to drive with the way the tears were making his vision blurred. Everything was hazy and he was sure he was speeding, but no one stopped him. It was as though they somehow knew of the pain he felt in his heart. Why was he going to the morgue? To ID Jayden? God, he couldn't believe it. But even so, he knew he had to go, even though every part of him was screaming to not go and see Jayden as an empty shell. He owed Jayden that much, though - he owed him to go to ID him. Jayden was much more than that, though…so much more…

Tears trekked down his cheeks and he furiously wiped them away as he drove. This wasn't real, as he kept telling himself. Jayden wasn't gone. This was just a nightmare. How could this day be real? How could God take Jayden away? Jayden belonged with Kyle! He was Kyle's! No one could have him, could take him away…

And yet someone had.

Finally, he pulled into the morgue parking lot and slowly made his way out of the car. Walking on shaky legs, he made his way through the front door and saw the receptionist look up, alarmed at the expression he no-doubt wore on his face. "Can I help you?" she asked.

Just bring Jay back… he silently prayed. That's all I want.

"Um…I…" He took in a shaky breath that trembled. "I…have to ID…" He couldn't even finish the sentence. Saying it aloud would make it real and if it was real, Kyle felt like dying. This couldn't have been happening, and yet it was.

"Oh," she said sympathetically. "I'm sorry. Just go back there, please." She pointed at a hallway and Kyle barely had enough strength to nod his head as he began walking, his feet and body on autopilot. Walking toward Jayden…and the hell that awaited him.

I can't do this, he said in his mind. I can't…

And yet here he was.

He pushed through a door, into a room and caught his breath. On a table was a body with a sheet over it. He was afraid to move closer, fearful of what he would find. He did move forward, though, and he grabbed the edge of the sheet and tried to prepare himself for the sight of Jayden. He lifted the sheet and gasped.

"I'm so sorry," said a voice from behind him. The coroner, he noted dully. "It's always hard-"

"It's not him," Kyle whispered, going to his knees with relief as he began to laugh, almost hysterically. "It's not him! It's not Jayden!"

It wasn't Jayden under the sheet but someone else, someone he didn't care about.

"Did you say Jayden?" the man asked as though perplexed.

"Yeah. It's not him…It's not him."

Dear God, it wasn't him. It wasn't Jayden!

"I should say so. His name is Frank Bibb."

"Then…why was I called here?" Kyle asked, glancing at him, still barely able to breathe through the relief. It wasn't Jayden - Jayden wasn't dead. Not dead. Alive. Not dead. Breathing. Alive. Still with him. Kyle was still allowed to touch him and hold him and hear his voice...

"The police told you to come here? What all did they say?"

Kyle shook his head. "I only heard the part about the morgue…" He swallowed thickly, remembering the voice on the phone, and the images of the wreck on TV.

The man nodded. "I see. Well, we called in both families to the morgue to see this person. They didn't have a driver's license on them and…Jayden, did you say his name was? Jayden's license was lost in the car and they are still digging for it, so we didn't know who it was at first. We just knew who the people were by the license plates, which were scattered so we weren't sure who they belonged to. I am sorry for the inconvenience. This poor guy's family has already been in to claim him."

Kyle nodded, listening to him. "I'm…sorry," he said. He was sorry for the people who had to come here and face their fears and find out that it was actually real. He was just grateful that Jayden wasn't dead, that he wasn't here in the morgue. But if he wasn't, then… "Where's Jayden?"

"Did you try the hospital? That's where the other one got sent to," the coroner told him.

Kyle nodded and jumped to his feet. He raced out of the morgue, intent on finding Jayden. Now he had hope and he clung to it with everything that he had.

When he arrived at the hospital, he ran inside and found the receptionist. "I need to find Jayden Harris," he explained quickly, breathless.

She paused and stared at him for a moment. "Who?" Her fingers stopped typing, poised over the keyboard of the computer, ready for use.

"Jayden Harris." He spoke the name quickly, like a prayer.

Not dead. Alive.

She typed the name into the computer and squinted at the screen through her red-rimmed glasses. "Um…he was brought in for a wreck, am I right?"

"Yeah. Please, I need to find him," Kyle said.

"You can't see him right now." She shook her head.

"Why the hell not?" Who was she to keep him away from the man he loved?

"Because he's still in the OR."

"What? Why?"

"I can't give out that kind of information. I'm sorry, but I don't know," she said apologetically. "If you would go to the OR waiting room, I could make sure the doctor knows to stop there to answer your questions."

He nodded, his jaw set as he marched away from her. He didn't have to waste talking to her if she didn't know anything.

Please just be okay, Jayden…Don't leave me, he silently prayed as he walked.

He entered the OR waiting room and tried to will his racing heart to calm. Jayden wasn't dead - he wasn't alone. Everything was just fine. At least, he prayed so. He prayed Jayden was all right and that everything would be okay. He wasn't sure how much more bad news he could take, especially after having thought Jayden was dead, that he was gone. It was just too much.

He paced while he waited. As he paced, he wondered. Dark thoughts plagued his mind and a heavy weight settled on his heart, unrelenting as it threatened to consume him. How long had it been? The clock said he had only been waiting for fifteen minutes but it already felt like eternity. He needed to see Jayden and see that he was all right. Was that so much to ask? Was it so wrong that he wanted to keep his love with him?

Just be okay, he prayed fervently. That's all I ask.

He could handle anything - if he had Jayden. Without him, he was lost. He had learned that long ago, when the two of them were fighting and anger had threatened to separate them. He needed Jayden in his life, that much was certain then and it was even more firmly drilled into his mind now. Clingy perhaps, but he couldn't help it, damn it. He had never felt this way about anyone before - all those times he'd said 'I love you' to those girls...he'd never meant it like he did with Jayden. And nothing would or could ever change that.

As the minutes rolled sluggishly by, he altered between pacing and sitting. He could almost imagine the trench from where he'd walked. Now he sat waiting, praying that everything would be okay. It had to be, right? God couldn't take Jayden from him, especially not now, after he had gone to the morgue in search of his love only to learn that he was still alive. The relief he had felt then was beginning to wear off, due to the fact that a new thought was crossing his mind.

And this new thought stated that he might have to return to the morgue. What if Jayden died while they were operating on him? What if he was too gravely injured? The thought hurt and tears stung Kyle's eyes as he took in shaky breaths, releasing them slowly. He had to stop thinking like that because Jayden couldn't leave like this. Kyle wouldn't let him. He wouldn't let anyone take Jayden away from him.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity in hell, a doctor entered the waiting room. He was scrubbing at his hands with a small towel, probably just finished cleaning himself off after assisting the surgeon. Even so, his clothes were slightly still splattered with blood and Kyle found himself wincing at the sight.

"Are you Mr. Marks?" the man asked.

Kyle nodded shakily. "Jayden, is he…?"

"He's stable, for now," the man said before he shook his head gravely. "Mr. Harris took a nasty hit to the head. Glass shards were imbedded in his skull and it took a great effort to get them out. There was an excessive amount of blood loss."

"God…" Kyle murmured, feeling as though he were going to vomit. Glass shards in Jayden's head? Oh, please no, he thought desperately. Jay, please…

"But we have made him stable and we gave him blood. He is resting now, and soon he will be moved to a room in the ICU. If all goes well and he wakes within the next twenty-four hours, he should make a full recovery."

Kyle nodded slowly, swallowing thickly. "And…if he doesn't wake up?" he whispered, the words barely able to get through his constricted throat.

The man's expression darkened greatly. "Then I fear you should prepare for the worst, Mr. Marks. If he doesn't wake within twenty-four hours, then there could possibly be serious damage to his brain. He could slip into a coma."

Kyle's world was unraveling once more and all he could do was watch. "No…" he managed to choke as he struggled to hold the words back. "No…"

"I'm sorry, I'm sure this is very hard for you," the doctor said sympathetically, but Kyle didn't want to be comforted. He just wanted Jayden. That was all. Was that really so much ask? Apparently it was because life and fate were trying to rip him away from Kyle. How could he have let this happen? How could he have let Jayden slip through his fingers so easily? The love of his life and he could be losing him forever.

"I…" Kyle took in a small breath. "What are…his chances?"

"It looks to be in his favor but nothing is ever for sure," the man replied seriously. "I'm sorry."

Kyle nodded jerkily. "When can I see him?"

"I'll have a nurse come and show you to his room when he's settled," he assured Kyle before he left the room.

Kyle sank down in a chair again, struggling to breathe through the shakiness he felt in his heart. How could this be happening? Everything had been so perfect last night and this morning…he'd had Jayden in his arms and everything was okay. How could it have changed so suddenly?

Someone had died. That thought kept coming back to him because it could have been Jayden. He was eternally grateful that it wasn't but he knew someone had lost that person in the morgue. Someone had died and people were suffering because of it. How could this have happened? He just didn't understand.

He scrubbed a hand over his face. "Jay…" he murmured to himself, wishing he could feel Jayden's warm body against him, like it had been this morning and last night. He would do anything if he could just feel it one last time, could just see Jayden's warm, hazel eyes once more. Anything.

But, of course, it wasn't his choice. If he had his way, none of this would have happened. But there was no going back and he just had to face the fact that he might lose the person he loved.

No matter how much he fervently prayed that Jayden didn't leave him here all alone, he knew it was a possibility. The wreck had been bad, someone had died, and Jayden had been seriously hurt to the point that he was going to be put in the ICU. How much worse could things get?

As soon as Kyle thought the words, he wished he could take them back. Whenever someone asked if things could get worse, they almost always did. How much worse could this get? Jayden could die. That would be so much worse and Kyle wasn't sure he could handle it. In fact, he was sure he couldn't. There was no real life without Jayden. He made life worth living and he made things worth doing. Without him…

Kyle just felt lost. Horribly lost and utterly alone.

He wrapped his arms around himself and struggled to think positively, as Jayden had always told him. He was too negative, Jayden had said. Maybe he was, but how could he be positive in a time like this? He was in the hospital for crying out loud! Jayden could have been dying and he was stuck in a waiting room, helpless to do anything for his love.

This was the worst feeling in the world - waiting, wondering, worrying…

Kyle wished it would end but at the same time, he didn't. If it ended, would Jayden be dead? He couldn't bear the thought. Jayden couldn't die. It simply wasn't an option.

Finally, after an eternity of waiting, a nurse came to lead Kyle to Jayden's room. He stood outside the door for a moment, struggling to compose himself so he could lay his eyes on what he would find inside. How did Jayden look? Would he be able to take it? He wasn't sure but he knew that he had to go in. He had to be with Jayden. That was all he could think about.

So he pushed the door open and entered. Slowly, he made his way toward the seat next to Jayden's bed as he gazed down at his love. Jayden was so pale, unbelievably so, dark rings under his closed and swollen eyes. There were cuts on his face but they didn't look too deep. There was a thick bandage around his head and he flinched as he remembered the doctor telling him that there had been glass shards embedded in his skull. How could someone live through something like that? How could anything ever be okay again?

He couldn't think like that. This was Jayden he was talking about. He had to be okay. Kyle wouldn't let the outcome happen any other way.

He sat heavily in the chair next to the bed and listened as it creaked beneath his weight, worn down from use of other people that had come to visit the patients and victims. Victim. That was that Jayden was now. A helpless victim and God, he couldn't die…

Kyle reached out and gently grabbed Jayden's hand, holding it in his as he stroked his thumb along the cold skin. Jayden felt so cold…why? He was normally warm, curled against Kyle as they cuddled on the couch or slept in bed…

Tears began to fall down Kyle's cheeks. He couldn't hold them back anymore, nor did he want to. He was done. He was tired. He was emotionally spend.

So he let the tears flow as a choked sob escaped his lips. He stared at Jayden's pale face and at the machines around him, the breathing tube down his throat and the ventilator humming away. He listened to the heart monitor as it beat away with an unbalanced, uneasy rhythm. An IV drip was on Jayden's left arm, the farthest one away from Kyle.

Everything just felt so helpless.

"I love you," Kyle whispered, gently stroking at the bandaging on Jayden's head, moving back his bangs. "I love you so much…don't leave me, Jay. Please…I can't do this without you, do you hear me? You…God, Jayden…you can't go."

And that was the simple truth. Kyle loved him and he couldn't leave him here all alone. He wasn't supposed to be on his own - he was supposed to be with Jayden.

He tightened his grip on Jayden's hand, as though that alone could keep him there with Kyle forever…as though his grip could save him and make this as though it had never happened. But it had and it didn't change anything. Kyle brought Jayden's hand up enough that he could kiss the bruised and scraped knuckles.

"I love you…I always will," Kyle told him gently. "Please just stay with me, Jay…please. I don't like to beg, okay? Don't make me. Please just…I love you. I hope you can hear me because I really need you to listen…don't go. Please."

For the rest of that night, Kyle didn't move from his post at Jayden's bed. He only got up to use the restroom and nothing else. He wasn't hungry or thirsty - he just wanted Jayden to be okay. He wanted to see him open his lustrous eyes because suddenly they meant everything to him. He hadn't realized exactly how much he loved Jayden until now, until it had all practically been taken away, stolen unfairly. Jayden was his. Not God's or anyone else's! How could this have happened? Jayden couldn't leave…not like this and certainly not now.

Not ever.

He wouldn't ever be prepared to lose Jayden. They were the same age, give or take a few months, both of them being twenty-four. How could Jayden be killed at twenty-four? That wasn't fair at all.

But life's not fair, Jayden's voice said in his mind.

And Lord, what he would give to hear that voice again! He just wanted Jayden to wake up…

Please just wake up…I need you….I love you, Jay, he thought as he watched Jayden in his unconscious state. He held his hand tightly but Jayden didn't even seem to notice. Why was that, he wondered? Jayden used to always feel his presence, even in his sleep.

"God, be okay," he whispered to his love. "Please, Jayden…"

It had been almost a day. Almost twenty-four hours and Jayden still wasn't awake. Kyle didn't know what to do or what to think. All he could do was stare and pray. Pray that Jayden would just open his eyes and smile at him in a way that meant so much. But all Jayden did was remain unconscious, throughout the first night and the second day. And so Kyle stayed at his side, forever waiting, vowing to not leave until Jayden was returned to him.

He wouldn't leave his love, and he silently begged Jayden not do it either.

Kyle was half asleep as the twenty-four hours were nearly up. His eyes were closed and a light slumber had finally set in. It was then that he felt something move. For a moment, he frowned to himself, confused. Then he shot up and stared at Jayden, who was moving, if only slightly. His eyes were knitted together as though in concentration and Kyle felt tears of relief and happiness swell in his eyes.

"Jayden," he called, lightly cupping Jayden's face in his hands. "Jay, c'mon-I know you can do it. Please wake up for me. C'mon-that's it. C'mon Jayden."

Jayden pried his eyes open and looked at Kyle with a blank expression. Fear began to knot itself in Kyle.

Oh no...Jay...please? he thought to himself, swallowing thickly, still cupping Jayden's pale face.

"Jay?" he asked, his voice a faint whisper.

"Ky…" Jayden murmured, his eyes brightening slightly with recognition. They were still far too dark, though.

But Kyle was already taken with the sound of Jayden's voice, the sweet melody of his heart. "Thank God," he breathed, bending forward to kiss Jayden on the cheek. "Shit, you had me so scared…Please, Jayden, don't you ever do that again. I can't take it."

And truly, he couldn't.

"Won't…" Jayden said quietly, his eyes already beginning to close again.

Doctors and nurses filed into the room, no doubt having been alerted when Jayden's brain activity and heart rate went up as he woke. They pushed Kyle away even though all Kyle wanted was to remain at Jayden's side. After a moment of checking Jayden's vitals, they left the room, but not before telling Kyle that things were looking good. The prognosis was good.

Kyle was instantly relieved as he stood by Jayden's bed, watching his love drift back off to sleep. He tenderly touched Jayden's face. "I love you…"

"Love you…" Jayden whispered, surprising him as he blinked his eyes open again, if only slightly. "Always…"

"You too," Kyle said, smirking. "Don't leave, Jay."

"Not…going anywhere…"

And those were the words that Kyle needed to hear. He slumped heavily in his chair and felt the tears sting his eyes again. One dripped down his cheek but he didn't bother to wipe it away, overjoyed that Jayden was awake and still with him.

"Don't…cry, Kyle," Jayden murmured to him, frowning at him worriedly. "Are…you okay?"

"Yeah," Kyle said with a laugh, "I'm okay. Now that you're awake…"

He was fine so long as he had Jayden. As long as Jayden was there with him, everything was fine in his book.

"You are not going back to work," Kyle told him austerely, his expression suddenly sobering. "You are quitting and staying in with me. I'm not letting you go again, not ever."

Jayden breathed out a faint laugh and his eyes slipped closed again. Kyle watched him, nothing but love in his eyes.

He wasn't letting Jayden go again. There was simply no way, not after everything that had happened.

He loved Jayden too much.


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