As always, I am your host, and nobody makes you read this. Considering these guides usually have no more purpose than to take the piss, and this started off as a retalliation to a really bad guide I read on here, it's going pretty far. I'm going to do horsey things in this chapter, and there will probably be two or three more chapters after this.


Beautiful, sleek (usually) white horses with long, (usually) white, silver or gold, horns sprouting from the centre of their forheads. They have long, elegant legs, soft coat, long, flowing tails and manes, often silver, gold or white. Notably, unicorns are just beautiful horses with horns, and everyone has different oppinions of which horses are beautiful. They're usually slender and sleek, but if your idea of a beautiful horse is a baroque or sporthorse type, or even a draught type, if that's what you like, put that in. Personally, I like black horses, so when I put a unicorn in a story, it's usually black, with an oriental type build; leggy, deep chested, slender, with slightly convex profiling. That's just how I picture unicorns. If you picture them as pink with purple manes, you're a wierdo and please don't speak to me, but other than that, go ahead and write them that way.

One thing that always stands with unicorns, they like girls better. Sorry boys, it's just a fact, unicorns prefer girls to boys. Something about innocence and purity *scoffs*. They are deeply connected with magick, but aren't known to actively use it. Their horns and often blood has a lot of magickal properties, especially healing. They're nervous creatures, and easily scared off. Unicorn herds aren't common, and they most likely travel in small, family groups. They live a very long time, and it's thought to take as much as fifty years for them to reach adulthood. They are extremely rare, and few people ever see them. It's practically unheard of for people to ride a unicorn, and only an idiot would think of putting a saddle on one. A ride on a unicorns back is an honor greater than even a ride on a centaur. Not even brave, dragon-slaying, town-saving knights get it.

Unicorns are non-agressive, and will always flee rather than fight. However, when cornered, or protecting young or injured unicorns that can't escape or defend themselves, they're deadly. They are also very loyal and protective of those they care about. A well aimed kick from a unicorn can easily kill a person, and their horn is an effective weapon. Though it's rare for unicorns to fight, if they absolutely must, they're very good at it. This fact makes encounters with them even rarer, adding to the air of mystery these creatures create, but also the number of people willing to risk a fight with a unicorn in order to capture it, or for the horn or hair, or even blood.


Winged horses. Horses that can fly. It's not complicated. These are usually white, and have feathered, angel-like wings sprouting from their shoulders. However, they don't have to look like this. You can make them black and give them bat wings if you want to. Personally, I'd prefer that, but I already have dibs on that design. Still, you can make them pink with purple manes if you like, though I'd still think you a bit odd. Pegasus don't have the same air of mystery about them as unicorns do, nor are they considered as beautiful.

Unlike unicorns, pegasus are rarely shy, and have no problem with boys. They're a lot more likely to stand and fight than a unicorn, and though they only have kicking as a means of attack, their flight gives them the advantage of an ariel assult, and means they don't have to worry as much about being attacked from above. It also gives them an extra escape route if it looks like they're loosing the fight, which is most likely why they're less nervous than unicorns.

Note, Pegasus and Unicorns are often mixed, giving you a horse with both a horn and wings. There is no set rule for how this works, or which traits it should get from which side. I'd say to tread carefully here, and make sure you don't contradict yourself, but other than that, you should be alright.


A type of horse like creature that lives near the sea, rivers or lochs (lakes). A beautiful horse with a mane that's constantly dripping water, they tempt humans over to them with their beauty. When the human attempts to climb onto their back, the kelpie jumps into the water and sinks below it, drowning them, before devouring them. Kelpies are extremely dangerous, carniverous, and prey on humans. They frequently have things like seaweed tangled into their hair.

Kelpies are sometimes associated with sea-witches, though this isn't common. A kelpie would never be tamed. There isn't much known about them, since few people get so close to them and live to tell the tale.

Next chapter - mythical beasts of the sea (and lakes and rivers).