I sat on my little swing, sucker stuck firmly in my mouth and legs crossed to appear modest as I watched my owner chat with the stranger on the couch. They were speaking in hushed tones so that I wouldn't hear, but I wasn't trying to either. I was used to this as it was a typical Sunday afternoon for Master Yates. He'd invite over one of his many friends for an afternoon dinner, show me off as his little pet, and then I'd be ordered to service his friend. It was all so inormal/i.

My master was an older gentleman, probably in his late fifties or early sixties and his brown hair had long since gone grey. Didn't really matter to me, he treated me decently enough that I had no complaints and I had long since lost anything that resembled pride. The only reason I was even putting on an air of modesty by crossing my legs was so that the stranger didn't realize that I wasn't the girl Master Yates dressed me up as. Even though he preferred boys like me, he didn't want his friends to realize that. If I could have cared, I would probably have found it amusing.

The stranger was different from the usual, though, I noted. He was young, maybe in his early twenties and his pitch black hair was nice and thick. Dark green eyes kept glancing at me as my swing slowly moved back and forth. It wasn't likely that he realized the truth of my gender, I had always been extremely small for my age and sex. I'd ended up topping out at right around five foot and slaves in my position weren't allowed to put on anything resembling muscle or weight. We'd be too likely to turn on our masters if we did. I heard rumours of some less than favourable masters and their kinks. They ruined many a slave that way.

"Kitten, come here," Master Yates called and I immediately stood from my swing and walked to him. I started to kneel before to await my next set of instructions, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his lap instead. I sat perfectly still, confused as he began to undress me. This was not the iusual/i. He had always left me clothed and forbidden anyone from touching more than my face and head while I serviced them. Despite the oddity of the situation, I didn't struggle or make any motion that I noticed this as abnormal for my master to do.

"His skin is unmarred," the stranger said in a bit of astonishment. Of course, he was surprised. Most slaves ended up with quite a few scars when they were broken. Master Yates had been very careful about making sure that none of my punishments left lasting marks.

"Of course!" Master Yates replied. "There are many ways to make a slave submit and not all of them have to leave scars. Isn't that right, Kitten?" I pulled my lollipop from my mouth and turned my head slightly, keeping my eyes downcast.

"Yes, Master," I said softly, but my tone was completely flat. I'd learned years ago to bury my emotions deeply and it helped. Master Yates stopped getting mad at me as often.

"Is he still pure?" the stranger asked. I had to consciously force down the blush at the question. I was actually still a virgin. Master Yates had never asked more of me than to service him orally and it was quite literally what I had been trained for.

"Yes, would you like to see for yourself?" Even as he asked, he was already unzipping the plaid skirt I was wearing.

"May I?"

"Of course! Kitten, stand and remove your clothes," Master Yates instructed. I complied immediately, standing to allow my skirt to fall from my hips before sliding down the small pair of lacy panties I had on. "You need to stand in front of Master Garrison, Kitten. Then grab your ankles." My chest was a bit tight in nervousness, but I knew I still had on my emotionless expression. It was too well ingrained into my behaviour pattern to slip because I was a little nervous.

I moved the three feet to the left until I was standing directly in front of the black haired man with my back to him. I bent perfectly at the waist, wrapping my small fingers around my bony ankles, staring at my hair as it pooled on the floor. While I wasn't allowed to have muscle, I also wasn't allowed to be inflexible. So I could quite literally contort into many different positions and remain in them for as long as Master Yates wanted me to. I focused solely on the cotton candy pink and blue that my blonde hair had been dyed and ignored the large, soft hands that were rubbing over the back of my thighs and butt.

"So lovely," Master Garrison murmured before a finger began to poke at a place on my body no one had ever touched, not even myself. I couldn't suppress the squeak that escaped me at the pain and discomfort as his finger breached the ring of muscles. I closed my eyes, concentrating on taking slow steady breaths. I knew that if I tensed up it would hurt more, all pain was like that. "Oh, yes. So nice and tight still. I'll take him." My breath hitched in my chest at the last part of his statement. Take me? What did he mean by that?

"Wonderful, so we have a deal then?" Master Yates asked. I wanted to ask what was going on, but to do so would get me in trouble so I kept my mouth shut.

"Yes, we have a deal," Master Garrison replied and stood up from the couch. "Let me just go get the money and some new clothing for him." I quickly suppressed my fear and confusion so that neither man caught on. I was being sold to a new master, that was all I needed to know.

"You can stand up straight now, Kitten," Master Yates said as the other man left the room. "I know you must be confused since I never told you that I was planning to sell you, but you're sixteen now. None of my slaves remain here long after their sixteenth birthday." I stood there silently as he talked, having noticed that years ago. None of the slaves in the house were very old, save the cook. "Don't be afraid, Kitten. I made sure to find you a good new master since you were always my favourite little slave."

"Yes, Master," I murmured, only looking up because his hands were on my face. I'd do whatever my master asked of me, even if it meant transferring my loyalty over to a new one.

"Here you go, Mr. Yates," Master Garrison said as he came back into the room. He handed my now former master a briefcase and held out a stack of cloth to me. "Put this on, Kitten." I took the clothing from him and turned to the couch, setting the stack down and picking up the first piece. I didn't think too much on it as I put on the black satin panties and tight leather shorts. It didn't even phase me to fasten the thick leather collar around my neck and two more around each of my wrists. Finally I was handed a pair of black slippers, which I had a feeling were only because I was going to be outside.

"Be good for your new master, Kitten," Master Yates said as the dark haired man attached a leash to my collar. It was entirely unnecessary, both my previous master's remark and the leash, as I knew my role in life. I was a piece of property to be bought and sold at will and treated however my owner wanted to treat me. And in the end, I'd never complain, as there would never be someone to complain to who wasn't already in the same boat. It would be a waste of breath in that case, as I had no desire to sympathize with someone who was in the same position I was.

"Time to go, Kitten," Master Garrison said and I immediately stepped closer to him without him having to tug at the leash. He smiled faintly and began to lead the way out of the mansion that had been my home for the last ten years. I felt a dull ache in my chest at the thought of leaving, but quickly squashed it. It wasn't really my home, just the place that I had lived. Home was not something I'd ever have for myself.