"Love is a little hard to define," Dr. Kensith said softly as he sat on the edge of my bed after laying me down. I watched him though I couldn't bring myself to meet his eyes, I still noted how his hand lingered against my hip. "Mostly because it's not the same for every person. But for me... It's that feeling of wanting to have that person by my side, to touch, to kiss, to care for and so much more. To want that person in my life in every way." I felt a blush trying to worm it's way into my cheeks as his words sunk in.

"You said... You loved me?" I murmured softly. He smiled a bit wider, his hand sliding slowly up my side. I shuddered slightly as gooseflesh rose over my skin at the feel of his soft hands moving over my skin.

"I did say that," he whispered. "And I do. You are not a slave here, Kitten. On paper, maybe, but I will never treat you as one. I will also try and get you liberated from that title as soon as I can, though it will take me time." I blinked at him in shock, unable to believe that he would be willing to release me from being a slave. Wasn't he afraid that I would take that freedom and run? "I'm not going to force you to do anything, Kitten. I'm perfectly happy with just the kisses you allow me." I blushed deeply, suddenly unable to suppress it as my eyes met his.

I don't know why I did it. I didn't even know I was capable of doing such an action without being told to. But as his smile softened at the sight of my blush I pushed myself up and leaned in, planting a quick and probably too hard peck on his lips. The surprise written so clearly across his face caused me to turn away, afraid that I had done something horribly wrong. Almost instantly a hand cupped my face, turning me so that I had to face him again. He still seemed surprised, but he looked happy as well.

"Why did you do that?" he asked softly. I wanted to turn away as I replied, because I knew I couldn't keep myself from answering a question given to me by my master. I couldn't though, as he held my head firmly yet gently in place.

"I... I wanted to, Doctor," I replied in a soft whisper. His eyes seemed to light up in joy and widened in curious surprise at the same time. It gave me the slight bit of courage I needed to continue explaining. "I... I could never... get my mind to function soon enough... to return yours." My chest tightened a bit as his grey eyes searched mine before he began to lean in. The hand on my chin slid around to the back of my neck, drawing me towards him to close the gap until our lips met.

I swear I saw sparks when we first touched before my eyes fell closed, enjoying the warmth that spread quickly through me. Unlike his prior kisses, he lingered longer waiting for my brain to catch up to what was going on and tell my mouth to work. As soon as I did begin to return his kiss, he pressed a bit harder and my lips reacted in kind. I couldn't get enough of the contact, but I couldn't bring myself to move my hands and touch him in return. I had used up all of the boldness I had for the day. I whined softly, missing the warmth when he finally pulled back.

"I take it you feel similarly?" he whispered, his fingers stroking the skin on my side. I nodded a bit, my heart hammering too hard in my chest for me to draw a proper breath to speak. I whined softly again, feeling that ache between my legs that I kept having all week, and shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "Is something wrong, Kitten?" I felt myself blush again and lowered my eyes. I knew he was a doctor and had already seen all of my body, but it was still humiliating to have such a stiffness in the thin pants I had on. "Hey now, talk to me."

"It hurts..." I murmured and I knew had him confused as his hand stiffened against my side. He must have thought I meant that he was hurting me, but I knew better.

"Where does it hurt, Kitten?" he asked softly, his voice full of concern. I turned my body a little, so that I was a bit more on my back and sighed softly as my face coloured even more. His eyes traveled down my body, his hand following slowly with the barest of touches so that he wouldn't hurt me if it was a bruise-like pain. "Kitten?" he asked, clearly confused as he finally realized exactly what my problem was.

"I... I've never... had it happen after waking in the morning," I mumbled. "And... I've only taken care of it for others... I don't... I don't know how-" My stammering was cut off by a sharp gasp as his hand gently moved over it through the cloth of my pants.

"You've never had need to take care of your own arousal?" Dr. Kensith asked lightly and I whimpered as he continued to stroke me. I shook my head a bit, unable to form words through the strange pleasure that was coursing through my body. If it bothered him at all, it didn't show it, continuing the lightly pressured rubbing and making my back arch painfully off the bed. "Relax, Kitten. Give me your hand and I'll show you how." I gave him my hand, my nerves on fire as he slid my pants down off my hips enough to free my weeping member.

The heated flesh under my fingertips felt foreign, as if I'd never touched myself there before. It was silly, but it felt neither like the men Master Yates had asked me to pleasure in the past and nothing like the organ that I cleaned on a daily basis. Dr. Kensith placed my fingers carefully before wrapping his warm hand around mine and began to guide me through slow, steady strokes. Every now and then, he'd squeeze my hand, causing me to apply more pressure and drawing a gasp from me. Soon the butterflies in my stomach began to settle lower, creating a tightening heat in the pit of my stomach. Then it moved lower and my sac tightened as did my hand involuntarily.

"D-D-Doctor!" I gasped out just before my entire body jerked and the warmth of my own seed spilled across our hands and the skin of my pelvis. He kept my hand moving until I had milked everything from it. I watched him through bleary eyes as I struggled to catch my breath and slow my racing heart. He was smiling softly down at me as he reached for the cloth he often used to clean the lube off of me when he examined me.

"Feel better now, Kitten?" Dr. Kensith asked softly, petting the side of my face with his now clean hand. I nodded a bit, my head tilting into the gentle touch of his fingers. "It's nothing you should have been embarrassed about, though. Becoming aroused by something as simple as a kiss is perfectly normal."

"I was afraid you'd think me odd, Doctor," I murmured. Again he simply smiled, his thumb brushing over my cheek bone.

"The only thing I find odd is your age and this being new to you still," he replied. "However, I am quite honoured that it is in response to me. It is always nice to have one's feelings returned on any level." I blushed again as he leaned over, kissing me softly. "Now, take your medicine and get some rest. I need to go check on a patient and tend to paperwork. I should be back before you wake."

"Yes, Doctor," I said quietly and propped myself up to reach for the pills on the table beside the bed, taking them with the water also there. He brushed his fingers through my hair once more time, planting a soft kiss on my temple before leaving. He had told me the medicines were both for pain and to keep me from getting an infection, but they had the side effect of making me sleepy. I snuggled down into the blankets, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth. I couldn't quite explain it, but I was happy and my heart felt like it could burst at any moment from how it had swelled.

I still didn't quite understand this 'love' thing the doctor had tried to explain to me, but if it meant feeling so happy with such simple things like a kiss on the lips or fingers in my hair, I liked it. I liked the way he touched me. It didn't feel wrong or forced like everything else always had. I hoped that he'd continue to do it.