You know in those stories and comics, like the superhero ones, how the guy is always the one to save the day? Cinderella is some depressed kid who needs to find a prince to take her out of the well she's dug her self into and Peter Parker is the guy who gets the super powers, it's never a girl.

Most people don't see it the way I do. Cinderella was pathetic, too chicken to stand up against her stepmother and, I don't know, move out or blow the place up. Why is the girl always the weakling of the story? For instance, in video games, it's always some male character going out and saving the world from some large spider… then he rescues the girl.


That's how it works out. In Shrek, Shrek was just supposed to go and save Fiona, not fall in love with her… but couldn't Fiona have found a way to save herself? I mean, she knew some awesome kung-fu. In Twilight, of course it has to be weak little ol' Bella who's a mustard seed in comparison to Edward's magnificence, and don't get me started on Pokémon.

Don't get me wrong, I love cartoons… Well, some. Kim Possible is the bomb, and I was a major fan of Totally Spies, but I can't help it, I'm a feminist.

I know that guys are technically stronger than girls, but girls have the power to outsmart people and were more flexible. Guys always complain about how bad it hurts whenever they get kicked in their soft spot, but I bet if a guy kicked a girl in any of her private areas, it would hurt like hell.

I would overcome it all. All of the sexist comments about why I shouldn't play softball and all of the smart ass comments that the guys are supposed to make in class are bull. I'm a girl whose plan in life was to go against the grain.

I did just that, just not exactly the way I expected to do it.

This is what happens to a chick that has a freak for a step mom who, frankly, doesn't give a shit, a dad who's never around, and a brother who left her with these two delusional people; and this was exactly what I was thinking at my spot on first base, waiting to catch the ball to get this runner out and finish the game already.

It would be the last catch of the season. Softball was finally ending for the year, and my high school career.

Here was the plan: catch, celebrate, and go to sleep (my head hurt like hell).

Kaitlin at shortstop hurled the ball towards me.

As I went back to put my foot on the base I realized how dizzy I was, and then the ball pegged me.

I opened my eyes to see Sean whispering loudly to some plump lady in a white overcoat. If you care, Sean is my boyfriend, who I haven't gotten to dumping yet. I desperately need to dump his ass. He's possibly the worst boyfriend ever… or at least the worst guy I've dated. I mean, he forced me into doing things I didn't want to do, if you know what I mean. Although I said that girls can definitely outsmart guys, which is true, there is no outsmarting a guy when he thinks with his dick.

And a dick is exactly what he is.

I squinted at the lady he was talking to. My head hurt. She looked like a nurse. A nurse? Wait where am I?

I sat up immediately in remembrance of one of Kaitlin's 90 miles per hour balls smacking me in the face. I was dizzy again, this time it was from my head, not my stomach

"Honey! No! Lay back down, the doctor will be here to see you any minute." The nurse ran towards me, her arms spread open, leaving Sean behind her looking pissed. "Now I'll be right back to go and tell him you're awake."

She rushed out of the door leaving Sean there staring at me eerily.

He cocked his head sideways, slowly walking towards me, "Quite a ball you took."

Quite some balls you don't have.

"Mmmhhh." He reached his hand out to touch me, I dodged it, making my head feel worse, "Don't touch me."

He shook his head, the red glare in the back of his eyes peaked. "Don't be like that, Riles."

His hand extended out again, and despite the headache I knew I was going to get from moving, I dodged his touch again.

"Don't be like what exactly?" I kept a close eye on his hand, watching his every move.

"It was just one night, don't get sore." He chuckled, and withdrew his hand from over me and stuck it into the pocket of his black hoodie.

"Oh, I'm not sore, my head is. Where's the damn doctor?" I asked avoiding the topic.

Sean narrowed his eyes at me, "Riles—"


"Whatever, you know you liked it."

I peered back up at him. With the hospital light shining behind his head, he looked like the epitome of darkness.

"I would rather have lost my chastity with an alligator in itching powder."

"You're just saying that."

"Am I?" I challenged him.

He was going to retaliate until a tall lanky guy with glasses and a white jacket entered the room; I presumed he was the doctor. Sean looked off to the side of the room, peeved off that our conversation ended in my favor.

"Riley, I see you're awake, how are you feeling?" The doctor smiled at me. I didn't know his name, so this was kind of weird. It's always weird when someone you don't know talks to you as if he or she actually cares.

I smiled my eyes on Sean, "I'm feeling horrible." There's no sense in lying about how you feel to a doctor, he can fix it…

"I see, well, do you remember what you were feeling like right before you got hit?"

I looked up trying to remember, thinking hurt my head. "Um, well I was kind of nauseous and dizzy, but I assumed it was just heat exhaustion or lack of water."

The doctor nodded. When he moved I was able to read his name tag: Dr. Murphy.

Dr. Murphy moved closer to me and whispered, "Is he your boyfriend?" He looked briefly on Sean, who probably heard him ask because he rose his eyebrows then looked at me.

I smirked, "nope."

Dr. Murphy moved back, nodding.

Sean did a one-eighty, "I'm outta here."

I looked at Sean's now retreating figure, relieved that he was finally leaving. I had enough of him for an injured afternoon.

"Good, he left." Dr. Murphy sat on the edge of the bed with a writing pad in hand.

I was confused, was everything alright? "What's up Doc?" I joked.

Dr. Murphy looked up at me from underneath his glasses, "Riley, I believe that you are pregnant."

Sean needs to wear jock cups for now on.

"Riles, are you okay?" Kaitlin tapped my shoulder, "I didn't mean to throw it at you like that, I didn't see you weren't ready."

Her black hair spilled over the side of her shoulder matching her dark eyes. She was really sweet, I felt bad for making her worry so much. I'd missed two days of school since the incident… and I hadn't told anybody about the pregnancy. It hurts my head thinking about it.

I smiled at her, sweetly, to not make her feel any worse. "Yeah, Kaitlin, I'm completely fine, just a bruise."

She sighed, "Thank god, I was worried I gave you a concussion or something."

"Nope. I'm good." I smiled and turned back around in my chair.

It was all I got today. A handful of 'how are you feeling's' and 'I'm sorry's.' Frankly, I was tired of it. As the whole damn school could see I wasn't in a wheelchair or anything and I was functioning properly. I finally snapped when Damien Youngblood along with his girlfriend Christina came trotting up with a 'get well' card that Christina's mom bought and a, "are you okay?". It was one of those expensive cards, you know, the kind that pops out and makes crazy noises. My dad once defended Christina's mom in a trial for some scandal, and they won. That was probably why Christina's mom went to all of that trouble to get me such an expensive card.

Anyway when they came up with that waste of money, I snapped, "No I'm not okay! As you can see, the contact of the ball to my head made it so the doctors had to cut out my vocal chords, so I can't talk," I was dripping with sarcasm, "They also hit a spinal nerve in the process, so I can no longer walk, which explains why I'm in a damn wheelchair." I stomped away, leaving them wide-eyed and confused.

Nobody asked about me for the rest of the day.

It explained everything, the dizziness, the delay of my period, the throwing up, and the constant hunger. Actually, I was thinking that God finally gave me grace and took my period away, and I'm always hungry anyway so I didn't think anything of the hunger. But the dizziness was a definite indication. Unlike most normal girls, my reaction to the news was calm. My parents had money that was just sitting around since Will left the house; he was gay, so my parents gave him a millions bucks and sent him away. I admire Will for leaving too. I wished I could do it… the only problem is that I haven't talked to him in years; I had no clue what he was up to.

When I got downstairs the next morning, Mary, my step mom had already been up and already cooked breakfast. You may think that sounds nice, but its disgusting. Mary only cooks low fat diet foods and I'm talking about low fat everything… eggs, milk, water. It's crazy. She found this new recipe for chocolate chip muffins where instead of using eggs there is a substitute for only the egg whites, and instead of oil, use applesauce. It completely ruins the fact there are chocolate chips in the muffin… I mean, there should be no such thing as a low fat chocolate chip muffin… its chocolate!

I made myself some delicious non low fat blueberry pancakes and took my plate to my car where I propped my feet up on the dashboard and ate away. As strange as this is, my car is the only place where I really find solace. Even though my parents are filthy rich, I bought this car on my own from saving up from the grill and birthday presents. This car was mine.

My phone vibrated, it was Chloe.


"Hey! How are you? Are you okay? I mean that ball hit you hard, and you weren't feeling good before so I mean, I don't want you to die or anything." Chloe's voice came out in a rushed tone, like usual. She's so fast pace just like her short bouncy red hair and her large eyes. Sometimes after talking to her, I feel like I need to take a nap. "Riley, are you there… OHMYGOD! Did they have to cut your vocal chords or something, are you mute?"

I chuckled, that was exactly what I told Christina and Damien what happened to me yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, where was Chloe?

"I'm fine. Where were you yesterday?"

She hesitated, "Um… around… I skipped."


There was something she wasn't telling me, not like I expected her to tell me everything. We weren't even that close. Chloe was my best friend… technically. Yes, she was the best friend I had, yet we weren't what a normal girl would call 'best friend.'

"We'll I'm coming over your house, we need to talk."

She laughed, lightening the mood, "it sound like you're about to break up with me."

"It's not me, it's you." I joked on the other line. "Okay, I'll be over in thirty minutes, I have to take care of something first."

"Alright, peace out, girl scout."


I'd seen so many shows and read so many books where the girl doesn't tell her mom the news until the baby bump shows up. I wouldn't be that girl. I would tell her right away, and that was exactly what I was about to do.

I marched up the stairs to Natalie's layer. She had a whole section of the house that she'd painted purple just for her, and my dad let her mess up the house two… which explains why her layer looks like shit. I knocked on the door quickly before my confidence meter went to zero.

"Robert honey!" I heard her squeal from the behind the door, she must've been waiting for my dad to come home. Then she opened the door, immediately frowning she said, "Oh, it's you."

"Yes its me," I rolled my eyes, this woman was such a bitch to me, she'd always been. When my dad was cheating on my mom, she treated me like shit, and then when my mom died, she showed no sympathy, and her bitching got worse. I knew if I told her the news now she'd be pissed, but not as pissed as she would be if it were late. How would you feel if your dad got married to a chick only three years older than you? She's 21 for god's sake!

She looked me up and down, scrunching her nose, "What do you want." She placed her little handbaqg on the table.

Just say it. Just say it. Come on.

"I'm pregnant."

She looked at me.

I blinked at her.

And then the most unexpected thing happened, a smile broke out onto her face, "You're kidding right?"

"No?" My no was definitely a question.

She jumped up, "I knew this would happen!"


"Well, when your dad and I married, we agreed that if you were ever to get pregnant, we would send you off." I dropped my jaw. My dad agreed to this? He's such a bastard! Natalie waved her hand, "There's this family who's heir is unable to have kids, so we're going to send you off to them."


She smiled again, it was an evil smile. "An arranged marriage."

I pushed open Natalie's door, sending her backwards into the purple room, and I crossed my arms over my chest. "There is no way in hell I'm getting married to a desperate neutered freak!"

She narrowed her eyes, "Well, it looks like you don't have much of a choice."

Just then Robert, my dad, entered the room, his eyes loosing joy once he saw me. Was I really that much of a disappointment?

I turned to him, hoping that he didn't agree to this bull. "Dad, did you and Natalie agree to send me off if I were to get pregnant?"

His eyes widened, "Are you pregnant?"

I gave him a death glare and nodded my head.

He smiled and walked over to Natalie who beamed when he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"We'll then, you're moving to Tahiti, with your new husband to be."

If it were even possible, my jaw dropped even farther than it did when Natalie told me the news the first time. And to make it worse, Robert and Natalie started kissing, right there, in front of me.


Robert pulled back and looked at me, cocking his eyebrow. "What?"

"I said, no. I'm not a little pawn in your game of chess that you can just move around however you want. I'm a person who is not getting married anytime soon." I had gathered all of my bearings and stood up to these people. Then when they looked at each other, to try and decide what to say next, I inconspicuously grabbed the handbag that Natalie set on her dresser when I first entered and stuck it in my front pocket in my baggy pants.

"Young lady, you have no right to speak to us like this." Robert came closer and pointed a callused finger in my direction.

Still, with my arms crossed, I stepped forward, "Actually, dad, I do. I have every right as any other person, and I am not getting married, so don't count on it. You and your whore of a wife might as well kiss that dream away." Then I realized something. They would probably get money if they arranged me to be married. I was being bartered! I looked Robert in the eye, "I wonder what my mom would say about this."

I turned completely around and stomped out of the room, still, with Natalie's handbag in my pocket. I knew mentioning mom would hit a nerve. I figured that if I wasn't wanted, and if I didn't want to be here, I might as well find another place to live. But I would have to settle some things with Chloe first…