Chapter 1: New Chapter, New Troubles

Cassidy Gordon kept her eyes on the school map she was given on orientation in one hand and in the other was her fall semester schedule. College was a lot more complicating and confusing than High school. As a starting freshman on her first day of school, Cassidy wanted to make sure it went smooth and complete. Taking more than twelve credits might've been a bad decision for her first semester, but Cassidy wanted to get a head start and graduate early. She was determined, focused, and poised. This was going to be a great first day.


Cassidy turned around and smiled as one of her close friends, Kathleen McGavin, came running up to her. She breathed heavily, wiping the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Hey," Cassidy said, smiling amusingly. "Out of breath?"

"You don't even know. This place is so confusing. There are so many buildings, class numbers, teachers, and students to keep track of. It's a freaking zoo here!" She exclaimed, frustrated.

"Tell me about it." Someone commented from behind.

Cassidy and Kathleen whirled around and spotted their short friend, Nina Ruiz. She had her binders ready in her arms and an irritated expression on her face.

"Hey Nina." Cassidy and Kathleen said simultaneously. Nina raised her head up to them in recognition.

"I can't believe it's the first day of school." Kathleen groaned, twirling her blonde hair around her finger.

"Me neither." Nina groaned equally, burying her short light brown hair in her hands. "I wish it was still summer break."

Cassidy rolled her eyes, fixing her long dark brown hair in a pony tale. "Well, I'm excited to start school. It was time that the break ended, I was getting pretty bored."

"The only things you find exciting is studying your biology book or going to science camp." Nina retorted in distaste.

"Hey, I met a lot of nice people at science camp and getting ahead in my biology book is the smartest way to get good grades in class." Cassidy noted firmly. "By the way, everybody does it."

"No," Kathleen denied. "You're the only person I know that starts reading her books two months before school starts."

Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I'm just trying to get started with my career."

"You're a freshman!" They both exclaimed incredulously.

"In college." Cassidy added, thinking it was the most important detail they forgot.

"Just because you're in college doesn't mean you have to take on everything now." Nina replied clearly. "Relax, enjoy your first semester. Don't stress yourself over so much."

"I don't." Cassidy replied weakly.

Kathleen snorted. "Yeah sure, remember that time you had that big exam for government and you freaked out over it since the beginning of the year?"

"I was trying to prepare for it!" She defended weakly.

"That exam wasn't until April and you had plenty of time to study."

"Try six months to study." Kathleen added.

Cassidy pushed her small rounded spectacles back, frowning. "You know that government is my weakest subject."

"And you still managed to get an A in the class." Kathleen pointed out. "Government is my favorite subject and I pulled a B."

Nina snorted. "I got a C, not my finest moment."

Kathleen rolled her eyes at Nina. "Well, what do you expect? You're an English major and I'm a political science one. I have to get good grades on this stuff if I want to become a politician."

Cassidy held her shoulder in comfort. "Don't worry you'll do great this year I promise."

"Thanks Cass," Kathleen smiled, looking at them in hope. "Well, ready to start our first day as college freshman?"

Nina groaned and Cassidy beamed. "You know it."

They started walking off into the crowds of people, looking for the exact building to which their classes were being held at. Cassidy was busy looking at her schedule while Kathleen and Nina were soaking in the new college life.

"I wonder if there's going to be any cute college boys in my class." Nina wondered enthusiastically, clapping her hands together.

"Is that all you concentrate about?" Cassidy sighed.

Kathleen stopped suddenly, her eyes glazed over as she looked in the distance. "Speaking of cute college boys," She said in question.

Nina stopped beside her and followed the direction of her gaze, her mouth dropping unexpectedly. Cassidy continued her course of walk, not noticing.

"I don't know how I'm going to study for my new classes, you guys. Someone said that the biology course was going to be-" She stopped in mid-sentence, noticing that Kathleen and Nina weren't walking beside her anymore.

Cassidy frowned, looking back and seeing their dazed expressions. She waved a hand in front of their faces in frustration.

"Hello! Is anybody there?"

Kathleen and Nina's face remained unchanged and Cassidy sighed, following their gaze. Her eyes searched for the offending thing that grabbed their attention and she finally saw it, or him to put it clearly. He was tall with messy dark brown hair, tan skinned from the summer, and a radiant bright smile. He was appropriately dressed for the weather with a gray loose t-shirt, dark blue washed jeans that hung tightly at his hips, and dark shades.

He was currently on his longboard skateboard traveling at a low speed as it was keeping up with a group of giggling sorority girls that had their printed logo branded on their pink t-shirts. He dazzled them with his charm which seemed to be affecting Cassidy also because she felt like her heart was pounding in her ears. This guy was beyond hot, he was gorgeous, a fit for a model.

Even though he possessed the daring good looks, she saw what was screaming on the exterior. Chauvinist, egocentric, arrogant, and whore. It was better to stay away from people like him. They were a red alarm for girls to stay away from and many of them, actually 90% of them, didn't see it. Luckily, Cassidy was the remaining 10% that oversaw his features and quickly concluded his real self, his ugly self inside. It was hideous.

She shuddered to get rid of the vibes from him before and looked back at her friends. They continued to drool as this guy passed them by without a single glance their way. He was the definition of jerk.

"Are you guys...ok?" She asked warily, looking at the guy's retreating back.

Kathleen and Nina squealed in excitement, jumping around in a circle as they held each other's hands. Cassidy looked at them as though they were deranged and she took a step back, noticing the strange gazes from other students that they were receiving.

"Can we please stop the screaming fest!" Cassidy yelled irritably. Kathleen and Nina ceased their excitement and looked to Cassidy in confusion with frowning faces. "What is going on here?"

Kathleen giggled, holding Cassidy's shoulders. "Did you not just see the hottest guy on campus?"

Cassidy looked to Kathleen and Nina's hopeful expressions in confusion. "No..."

"Are your reading glasses on straight?" Nina intervened by taking one of Cassidy's shoulders, straightening the glasses on her nose. "That was Adrian Lennox, womanizer extraordinaire."

"So...?" Cassidy replied puzzled, wondering if this was really important information she should know.

"So!" Kathleen exclaimed, taking Cassidy back in her hands. "He is the sexiest, most seductive guy alive! What's there not to know about?"

Cassidy shrugged, squirming out of their hold. "I've never heard of this Adrian Leonard."

"Lennox." Kathleen and Nina correct simultaneously.

"Whatever," She replied uncaringly. "I just don't bother myself with guys since studying in my main priority. Men are a distraction."

"A good distraction." Nina added, smirking.

Kathleen nodded in agreement. "What I wouldn't give to be on a date with him, even in the same classroom! Michelangelo definitely came down from Heaven and sculpted his wonderful perfect body."

"Yes, he did." Nina replied with a dreamy sigh.

Cassidy cringed in disgust at their glazed eyes. "How do you guys know him anyways?" She asked curiously, glancing at both of them suspiciously.

Nina bit her lip nervously and Kathleen laughed weakly. "Well, you see we went to a party and-"

"When was this!" Cassidy cut off bewilderedly.

"Our last weekend before school started." Kathleen answered simply. "Anyways, Nina and I kind of invited ourselves to this frat party and we would've asked you to come, but we know how you are about these sorts of things so we decided against it. But anyways, later on we saw Adrian Lennox and we thought he was the hottest guy we've ever seen since Brad Pitt in his mid twenties."

Nina snorted. "He still looks good now around his forties."

"Did you guys do anything with him?" Cassidy asked warily, ignoring Nina's comment.

"Oh God no!" Nina replied quickly, laughing. "He was already with a few other girls and it's pretty hard to get his attention."

"Yeah, no kidding." Kathleen added with a sad sigh. "He was going at it from the start of the party."

"When you say 'going at it,' do you mean he was..." Cassidy trailed off naively.

"Having sex." Nina answered easily, giggling. "You can be so innocent sometimes, Cassidy."

"I'm not that innocent." She defended weakly.

"Sure, whatever." Nina replied, rolling her eyes as she knew the real truth.

"I heard he has sex five times a day." Kathleen said matter-of-factly, switching topics.

"No, it more like ten or twenty." Nina exaggerated.

Cassidy snorted. "How is that even possible? Doesn't he have things to do like eat, sleep, or have a life?"

Nina and Kathleen gave her a look. "Cassidy, this is Adrian Lennox we are talking about here. Whatever he wants, he goes after even if it gets in the way of his other needs. Then again, he is good at multi-tasking."

She shielded her virgin ears. "Gross, I don't want to know anymore about his 'multi tasking' ways. Let's just get to class."

They walked their way to their respectable destinations and once they wished each other luck, Cassidy entered into the science building. Though the area was big maze, Cassidy eventually found her classroom at the top floor with a heavy breath. Who would know that getting to class would tire someone out so quickly?

Cassidy made her way to the front row of the lecture class and sat in the direction of the board. She brought her binder, pencil, pen, eraser, and glasses case out onto the revolving small desk that was attached to the chair. Cassidy wanted to be well prepared for the first day of school and forgetting necessary items was not her usual lifestyle.

As the students started to pile in, a middle aged looking professor took her position at the front of the class and started to write her name on the board. Cassidy looked on eagerly, knowing it was going to be her favorite class and when the professor turned to face the students, the room became silent.

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Chatman and welcome to Biology." She said with a smile.

Mrs. Chatman began the lesson with the course objects of the class and started the first lecture slide. Many students groaned, not wanting to do any work at the first day of school, but Cassidy eagerly clicked her ballpoint pen to await the beneficial notes.

"I would like to start off with a basic question." Mrs. Chatman notified, walking up and down the front. "What consumes most of our brain activity?"

"Sex." A husky voice answered simply.

The class erupted in laughter and Cassidy fumed, darting her eyes to the culprit that disturbed her learning experience. Her eyes found a guy with similar brown messy hair from early and that smile he had on before was an arrogant smirk which was currently directed at the professor. Adrian Lennox. He just had to be in her Biology class for the fall semester.

"Very funny young man, but that was not the answer I was looking for." Mrs. Chatman said, unamused. She looked around the room hopefully. "Anyone else?"

Cassidy gaped at her incredulously. Usually if a student said something derogatory, he/she will be punished by the teacher. Though, Mrs. Chatman didn't do a thing to Adrian Lennox. College was a lot different from High school after all.

"Anyone?" Mrs. Chatman said again, still looking hopeful.

Cassidy sighed and reluctantly raised her hand. She hated it when students didn't participate in class and teachers were left with no one to answer their questions.

Mrs. Chatman pointed to her eagerly, looking relieved. "Yes?"

"High brain activity includes exercise and problem solving skills such as crosswords and mathematical problems." She answered efficiently.

Mrs. Chatman beamed. "Right, brain activity occurs most commonly when-"

Cassidy droned out the professor and turned her head a little to the side to look back at Adrian Lennox. Once she found him in the correct spot he was before, he noticed her stare and gazed back at her with interest. Adrian smirked, winking at her invitingly and Cassidy flushed, turning herself forward in haste. That Adrian sure knew how to charm his way to every girl, but this was certainly not going to happen to her.

Once class was over, Cassidy gathered up her school items and headed out of the building to meet up with her friends. They were waiting for her once she got out and they both spoke about their first college class experience.

"I was sitting next to this guy who was snoring so loud I couldn't focus!" Kathleen complained.

"Oh yeah, well try sitting next to a guy who wouldn't stop talking when the teacher was trying to lecture! I barely wrote any notes and I have an exam already on Friday." Nina countered.

"I guess we will get use to it sooner or later," Kathleen said, glancing to Cassidy. "How was Biology, your favorite subject?"

"Huh?" Cassidy said, sidetracked. She rubbed her forehead wearily. "It was ok."

"OK?!" Kathleen exclaimed bewilderedly, grabbing Cassidy's shoulder in worry. "It was just OK?"

"Yeah," Cassidy answered, furrowing her eyebrows. "What's the big deal?"

"You never say that biology is just ok," Nina chimed in firmly. "It's either fantastic or worth whileor very brain stimulating."


Kathleen eyed her warily. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah sure, why wouldn't it be?" Cassidy replied, unconvincing.

Kathleen made a face. "No really, what's wrong."

She sighed. "It's just a certain guy in my class who I know is going to be a pain throughout the whole semester, that's all."

"Who is it?" Nina asked curiously.

She looked from Nina to Kathleen knowingly. "That Adrian kid."

Kathleen and Nina gaped at her in shock and then they started their enthusiastic jumping from earlier. Cassidy groaned, rubbing her temples.

"Can you guys please stop doing that? It's nothing to be excited about. This is the worse thing that can ever happen to me."

"Oh cry me a river, Cass. This guy is so worth all the trouble." Kathleen gushed, nudging her shoulder. "You should talk to him!"

Cassidy looked at her bewilderedly. "NO! Why would I do a stupid thing that?"

"Because he's hot." Nina replied obviously.

"I don't care about what he looks like, I just think that it's not a good idea."

"Why not?" Kathleen asked.

"Kathleen, come on. The guy is up to no good, don't you see? He definitely isn't someone I would want to be friends with." She explained.

Nina frowned. "I wish he was in my class. I would definitely make the effort."

"What, by sleeping with him?" Kathleen asked her.

She flushed nervously. "I-I don't know, maybe."

Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Face it you guys, there's no way that Adrian guy will talk to the likes of us. No offense, I mean, we are different than all the other girls he's around, don't you think? We are well rounded, knowledgeable, and-"

"Virgins." Nina finished hopelessly, frowning.

"What's upsetting about that? You should be happy that you're a virgin instead of a slut sleeping around with a different guy every night." Cassidy pointed out.

"Yeah, but no guy likes an inexperienced girl. Once I say I'm a virgin, they completely ignore me and I don't hear from them since. It's just…frustrating."

"I know, but look at it this way. You're saving yourself for someone you'll love in the future and he will cherish the fact that you're a virgin."

Nina smiled gradually. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Thanks Cassidy. You sure know how to cheer someone up."

Cassidy shrugged, smiling. "I'm just being a friend."

"Adrian at six o'clock." Kathleen chimed in warningly.

"Where?!" Nina exclaimed, craning her head around the campus to see him.

Cassidy rolled her eyes as she looked at her two friends ogling this guy who was apparently the hottest single male on campus. She knew that her words to Nina would soon be forgotten.

"I would love to see him with no clothes on." Kathleen remarked.

Cassidy slapped a hand to her mouth, her cheeks inflating. "Oh God I am going to vomit."

She made dry heaving noises, making Kathleen and Nina shake their heads at her dramatic display.

"Cass, please stop doing that, people are starting to look at us." Nina noted, shaking Cassidy's shoulder.

Cassidy stopped, rolling her eyes. "Do you think I care what people think?"

"No, but it certainly gets us in trouble." Kathleen replied.

She snorted. "Oh whatever you guys are such horrible liars, you love it."

"Loving it, is putting it too strongly." Nina noted amusingly.

Cassidy laughed, pulling her friends forward to lay her arms on their shoulders. "Come on let's go eat something, I'm starving."

They went into the cafeteria, Kathleen and Nina going a different direction to order salad while Cassidy was looking at a burger menu above. She couldn't decide whether she wanted a turkey burger or just a plain old fashioned one. There was so much to choose from which kept her pretty preoccupied that she didn't notice the footsteps from behind.

"Would you be interested in giving a bj?" A husky voice said.

Cassidy turned around in confusion, furrowing her eyebrows. Suddenly, she was struck with beautiful shiny green eyes and a smug smirk. There in front of her stood Adrian Lennox in all his arrogant glory. Why had he decided to bother her now with it being the first day of school? Was it because she answered her question in Biology correctly instead of his comically wrong one?

"What did you say?" She asked confusingly, suddenly becoming nervous. What was a hot guy like him talking to a plain girl like her?

Adrian smiled charmingly, making her heart stop. "I said would you be interested in a bj?"

"BJ as in the restaurant?" She asked curiously, not comprehending.

Adrian chuckled, shaking his head. "No, I meant a bj would you like to try it?"

Cassidy hesitated. "I have no idea what you're talking about so I'm going to decline." She replied nervously, turning back to the menu as she was hoping to hint that she didn't want to speak to him anymore, but as luck would have it, he didn't.

"You don't know what a bj is?" Adrian asked amusingly, smirking.

"No," Cassidy huffed, feeling idiotic. She hasn't felt this way since she received a B on her math test five years ago.

"Would you like to learn how it's done?" He asked huskily, making her shudder.

"No." She denied firmly, facing him. "And I would like it if you left me alone to my burger choosing, so shoo."

"You're shooing me?" Adrian asked in surprise, pointing to himself in disbelief.

"Yes, I am." Cassidy said boldly, feeling lighter. "Now leave."

"Fine," Adrian replied uncaringly and Cassidy turned her back to him again.

Thankfully, he got the hint and the sound of footsteps walking away proved it. She was free of Adrian's seduction that he was trying to penetrate her with and those lovely eyes… it was a good thing she wasn't looking at him directly or she would've definitely said yes to whatever a 'bj' stood for.

"Must be a lesbian." He mumbled under his breath.

"EXCUSE ME?" Cassidy whirled around in sudden fury with accusing eyes. Did he just called her a-?

"Lesbian." Adrian stated clearly with a smirk. "Nobody can deny me, not even the nerds. So you're probably a lesbian."

"I am not a nerd and I'm not a lesbian either." Cassidy answered strongly, her fists balling up.

"Sure you aren't," Adrian replied unbelieving, turning to walk away.

"You just hold on a minute there pal," She yelled at his retreating back and Adrian stopped suddenly, turning around as he crossed his arms out of amusement. "Who are you to come up to me and say all these derogatory things? Have you no pride to treat a lady with respect?"

Adrian snorted. "A lady? You look like a fourteen year old to me."

Cassidy fumed, never been treated so badly such that Adrian has at that moment. "You are an arrogant, womanizing man so why don't you go bother someone else while we people of sophistication live our lives in success."

"Oh God you sound like my grandmother." Adrian groaned irritably.

Laughter filled the room and Cassidy looked around, noticing that her and Adrian's little brawl has caught on the attention of the entire cafeteria. She was being verbally bullied in front of the whole school. It brought her back to her high school nightmares of being teased and Cassidy fumed inwardly. There was no way that she will be bullied this time. It was a new school, new environment. She had planned to be starting off on a new slate, but Adrian Lennox just had to ruin it for her. She wasn't going to let her teased past happen again.

"Well then, she must be a smart lady to be compared to unlike you. You're probably a disgrace to the family." Cassidy guessed harshly.

Adrian turned dark and the room suddenly went silent. "Don't ever talk about something you have no idea about. You know nothing, you hear me? Nothing!"

Cassidy flinched at his words, watching him walk out of the cafeteria in a brisk manner that made everybody who stood in his way, to move away from him. Though the encounter ruined her appetite and her first day, she couldn't help feeling accomplished. If a harsh statement towards his parents made his ego deflate a degree or two, then so be it. She didn't care to be rude to a guy who was one to her back.

"Cassidy, what the hell were you thinking!" Kathleen exclaimed in horror, looking around the cafeteria as they stared at Cassidy with hatred.

Cassidy shrugged. "I did what I had to do to get him off my back, Kathy. You should've heard what he said to me."

"What did he say?" Nina asked curiously.

"He asked if I would give him a 'bj.' I don't even know what that is." Cassidy answered innocently.

Kathleen and Mina looked to each other and burst laughing. Cassidy stared at them in confusion, wondering what she said.

"What is so funny?" She asked irritably.

"He wanted a bj from you!" Nina laughed, slapping her knee with emphasis.

"What the hell is a bj!" Cassidy exclaimed in frustration, ready to tear her hair out.

"A bj is a blow job, Cassidy." Kathleen answered, stifling a laugh.

Cassidy's jaw dropped bewilderedly, her nose wrinkling. "Oh God, he is disgusting!"

"No kidding." Nina commented.

She sighed heavily. "Can we please end this day?"

Kathleen patted her reassuringly on the back. "Don't worry Cassidy, it's almost over. Now don't you wish we were still on break?"

"More than ever." Cassidy grumbled.

"Let's go." Nina replied, walking on the other side of Cassidy as they left the cafeteria.

Cassidy couldn't help but look at the hatred in eyes of the students who attended the University. Did she just make enemies with the entire school all because this Adrian guy happened to win the hearts of many? Cassidy's stomach started to turn uneasily, making her feel sick. Why did she have to argue with him? She could've told him 'no habla ingles' or said that she was apart of the celibate club, that is if she knew what a bj meant before. Cassidy knew that she was in trouble.

What was going to happen to her now that she managed to piss off what was said to be the "hottest guy on campus?"

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