You sit there.

Slight ginger curls shaking as you write.

Brown eyes focused, determined.

I wish to lean over and speak,

but no words come to mind.

What goes through my head?

I sit there.

Mind racing.

Heart pounding, thumping.

I wish to know your thoughts.

We sit there.

My head on your shoulder.

Eyes slightly closed.

We lean against the wall.

Warmth, emanating from where

my cheek lays on your shoulder.

I long, no yearn, to reach out,

take your hand.

I can't.


An inhuman command,

bids us depart.

Neither wish it.

You sit there.

Ginger hair thrown back,

brown eyes closing,

as you laugh.

A/N: Erm, first of many to come.

I dunno what to think of it.

(Huh, you know, I was originally afraid to put up poems like this. Shows I'm changing, no?)

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