"Go forth, ye innocents!" she decried,
as though sin had robbed her of her fate
over each ingratitude; replied

the world, "I still spin, taking no side."
Where trust once stood was now claimed by hate;
although of worthy incense, she'd cried

for what her circumstance denied.
He claimed there was nothing to debate
over, reaching— Gratitude replied,

"Good day, sir." So taken for a ride,
lured by the adverts' claims of a great
show for thee (in a sense, she); decried

from his throne, he of course then had tried
genetics – his wont to (a bit late)
over-reach. "Ingratitude!" replied

his own cells; they revolted, with pride,
on her stricken behalf. "May this sate
all woe for the innocence she'd cried
over," each in gratitude replied.

TMK 10mar10