Errata Hack

drifting through this outer space
with stars shining in your eyes
and the sunlight on your face
dreaming for a new disguise
praying for some better lies
across the sky without a trace
the lonely bird always flies
with a grand redeeming grace

all the dreams you shouldn't chase
never falter; each one dies
while another takes its place
whispered in your weary sighs
as something within you tries
desperately to unlace
some hope bound by fearful ties
with a grand redeeming grace

the past you now must erase
deafened to the pleading cries
that life, these new lights replace
and no one would call it wise
to believe, to just surmise
that to love is to embrace
night equally as sunrise
with a grand redeeming grace

it may come as no surprise
that you're winning at this race
as you say your last goodbyes
with a grand redeeming grace

TMK 10apr10