Listen to the symphony, tuning to the key of B:
instrumental chaos ordering itself noisily
until each sound complies, reaching a major agreement;
the entire hall humming in harmony so clement,
and then silence descends upon them all so suddenly—

The conductor has raised his baton with fingers steady;
the air around him trembles, the players are all ready:
watching, waiting for the cue, until that very moment—
Listen to the symphony!

The music bursts forth like thunder, trumpeting mightily;
brass and winds and strings and drums, holding the weight equally
with the maestro weaving delicately this sound garment
into a tapestry of living musical movement,
the melodies blending with each other so ornately—
Listen to the symphony!

The tempo swells and slows, enveloping so completely
the audience with its captivating aural beauty;
the final note meets with applause, no grander sentiment!
Listen to the symphony!

TMK 10apr10