Furry Trophy

NOTICE: This story is a pure work of fiction! Any relation to characters of real life or TV are purely couincidental!

Original Author: Emiko505 (That's me!)

Chapter 1: Captured!

A young Snow fox furry walks through the woods. She wore a pink and red chinese GI, She is on her nightly walk, Unknowingly she is being stalked by some Dragon furries. As she walked deeper into the forest she suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes. She turned to investigate. "Who's there?" She said with a kind sweet voice. The rustling continued. "Show your'self!" She demanded.

Several red dragon warriors stepped out, They had no clothes on at all, and their male organ was rock hard, their biceps were bulging and they're hands were almost bigger than her head! They laughed, "Another trophy for the clan!" They started walking towards her. The girl stepped back. "Stay back! I don't want to have to hurt you!" she said taking a Muey Thai stance. The dragon warriors laughed. The girl quickly dashed at them and jumped and kicked the nearest one but quickly wished she hadn't, as soon as her foot made contact with one of the dragons chests it felt like she had kicked a steel pillar. "AAAH!!!" She cried out and jumped back falling to one knee holding her ankle. "Damnit!" She cursed. The dragon warriors erupted into a roar of laughter. "Foolish girl!" They said and charged. The girl stood and took off running in the oposite direction as fast as she could! She heard one of the warriors behind her roar a battle cry.

The girl kept running but she was starting to breath rather heavily, she snuck a quick glance behind her. They were no where in sight. She stopped and fell to her hands and knee's trying to catch her breath. She heard a roar and looked up to see a one of the dragons jump out of the tree's like a lion pouncing it's prey, before she could scramble to her feet the dragon had his hands full of her white silver hair and yanked it. "I got her!" He yelled victoriously. There was a brief silence except for the girl's panting. The dragon looked at her smirking. "Before you are claimed as a clan prize. I think I will taste you for my self!" He said and yanked the girls hair back forcing her head back. He placed his hard on infront of the girls face and rubbed it on her lips. The girl turned her head away but the dragon yanked her hair again forcing her to face it again. "Open up like a good girl." He said. The girl defiantly kept her mouth shut so he reached down and squeezed one of her D sized breasts visciously hard through her shirt causing her to cry out in pain, Thats all the time he needed to shove his hardened dick into her mouth.

She made a gagging noise, it was much larger than she had ever seen even in her sisters porn magazines, it was thick enough to where she had to stretch her jaw open wide enough, it wasn't uncomfortable but it would start to ache if she had to keep it that way for long. "Suck!" Said the dragon. The girl looked up at him defiantly. "Fine..." He said "We do it the hard way!" He said grasping the top of her head with his large hand. He started thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth. She made gagging sounds.

another dragon came out of the tree's. "Excellent! You got her!" He said walking over. The dragon that was violating her mouth grinned. "Yea" The other dragon walked behind the girl and slashed his claws down her back cutting off her shirt and bra. She made a muffled cry as he did. The dragon behind her grabbed her legs and picked her up by the ankles and tore off her pants and panties. The girl made muffled whines between the cloth being torn and the other dragon pounding into her throat with his dick. The dragon in the back grabbed both of the girls arms and pulled them back dropping her legs but holding her so she was bent over. He pressed his hard on to her tight ass causing a muffled cry of pain as he thrust in.

The girl struggled a bit against the 2 dragons, wiggling her hips and trying to pull her arms free from the dragon that was violating her ass. She gagged again and then angrily bit down on the first dragons shaft as hard as she could hoping to bite it off. The scales proved to be much harder than their smooth feeling led her to believe. The first dragon groaned and grasped the back of her head with his other hand so one hand was holding the top and the other the back and he started forcing her to deep throat.

The second dragon started punding into her ass bringing tears to her eyes. By now the rest of the dragons had arrived and were surrounding Her and the two dragons that were ravaging her, most of them were jacking off. As the girl looked at them she took notice some were very clean and handsome, and others were absolute pigs! Then she felt a warm thick but slimy liquid shoot down her throat and fill up her mouth so fast she gagged and it came out her nose alittle, The dragon pulled out of her mouth but still held her head and spewed more of the liquid on her face. The girl realized he had just shot her with his seed! She opened her mouth and let the bitter bland liquid out. She then felt the same warmth fill her tight asshole with the second dragons seed. He pulled out and spewed the last of it on her back and butt.

They both then dropped her to the grass and rolled her to her stomach. Someone stood on her hands, And one by one the dragons that had been jerking off came up to her and spewed their seed onto her body. She had never felt so dirty in her life. When it was over they stood her up. A grungy looking dragon stood infront of her. "You are now the clan's newest trophy! You are the sole property of the clan's many warriors. Do you understand and accept this?" he asked. The girl shook her head quickly. "No! I want to go home! I don't accept any of this!" she said in a defiant but frightened tone. The dragons laughed. "You will in time..." He said. The girl recieved a crack to the back of the head from some unknown blunted object and she fell to the ground unconsious.

The next morning the girl awoke on a soft bed of moss under the shelter of over hanging roof that held little use except to keep her dry from rain or shield her from the sun. She was still naked and covered in cum, except for bracers on her wrists and ankles made of leather, and a necklace with teeth, feathers and pretty stones. Other than that and her snow white fur, she was naked. She walked out from under the roof and A naked female dragon with the same bracers as her was sitting in the grass. The girl noticed she seemed to be deep into the forest in a large clearing where a small village was built, mountains surrounded the area. It was rather beutiful, The female dragon looked at The girl. "Greetings, My name is Tanya. You must be the new trophy that the warriors brought last night. What is you're name?" She asked with a kind voice.

"My name is Emiko." The girl said. Tanya smiled "Nice to meet you, Would you like to have a bath? Maybe rinse off last nights remains?" She asked. Emiko nodded. Tanya stood up and led Emiko through the village. Emiko took notice of the buildings and things she passed. There was a tavern where she could see the male dragons drinking like no tomorrow, there were some prize girls there as well drinking and some were getting fucked. They passed a small inn for the more favored prize girls.
There was a mess hall where both the females and males were eating. Then there were many other places. almost everywhere she looked there was a girl or two getting fucked in some way. Soon they came to a hot spring, Tanya smiled. "Okay you may wash up here, make sure to come back everyday atleast once to wash up, afterall the male warriors have a large apetite for pleasure from one so cute as you'reself, you will most likely find your'self being filled and covered with their dilectable steamy cum over and over again" She said smiling. Emiko sighed and climbed into the hot spring.

End of Chapter 1