Made: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time: 8:21p.m


Don't you think it's a wonder
Why we even have voices
When there are so many restrictions?
Others are making our choices.

It seems as if every word
That manages to escape me,
Ends up twisted, distorted, and wrong.
Will they never float free?

I think the problem is,
The world is scared to speak—
To speak up and speak out
On the chaos we've wreaked.

We all turn a blind eye
To the problem at hand.
The bullies run the streets;
No one will take a stand.

We all pretend to be good,
So-called "heroes."
I find it so funny
How they hide in their zeros.

I believe we busy ourselves
To the brink of exhaustion,
Going blind from the sweat,
Taking too many precautions.

Because when we do take a risk—
Risk speaking against the 'man'—
We get beat down, dragged away,
Doesn't matter how good the plan.

What do we do now?
Silence spreads like cancer.
How do we fight this?
Nobody has the answer.