Upon The Horizon

A princess left forlorn
Prays beside her bed
For her eternal rest
But with no avail

Her world, once bright
Is consumed by death
Lament the living left
And bless those who've passed

She is now the contention
Heaven's holy angels
Hell's demon heathens
Fight for soul

Her belated lover in limbo
Watches her night and day
An angel with no wings
A name smirched with sin

The enemy finally comes
Burning the kingdom
Down to the depths of Hell
Yet the princess prays

Harder than ever before
She pleads for salvation
To be with her lover
In a peaceful end

And so he got his wings
To soar above the carnage
Be her guide to Heaven
Open her eyes to hope

When death did come
She saw the sun
Red flames meeting
Pure white skies

And she sees him there
Dazzling in the light
She sprouts her wings
Joining him at last

...upon the horizon...