It seems that in today's society the most important thing is being on top of the social hierarchy that is called popularity. In order to make your way to the top you need only show how "inferior" the person below you is. Doing this is as simple as massacring them internally. Keep doing this to keep those inferior people in "their place." It is not that you want this person to die, or even abhor them for any reason whatsoever; this is just a way to make you belong with a more popular crowd. If all these inferior people suffer is a little pain, and maybe even sadness, it is completely acceptable because you are making yourself fit in with all these other cool people who do the same; it isn't as if it is really that big of a deal; it is only a joke; it isn't serious. You are misinformed.

I should say it isn't serious until someone takes their own life because they don't want to shed another tear; they don't want to look weak anymore; they don't want to live a life in which their role is the target for everyone to shoot at, and you know that you are partially to blame. Maybe it isn't serious until one day that person comes back looking for you and kills you and you think, "It didn't have to happen like this." Perhaps it isn't serious until you meet the person later in life and they have accomplished so much to inspire others and you know that in the past you tried to impede on their ability to reach the potential that is now assisting others. No matter which of these examples or even a combination are true, you can't sincerely hide from the remorse that should be felt.

Is there anything more poignant than a person so forlorn that they assume that taking their own life is the only way to alleviate the agony of existing, of someone not experiencing the passion of a true friendship, which could in turn have saved their life or someone else's? All it could take is just one friend for that person to feel better about themselves, and in a world of six billion people shouldn't opportunity bring even just one person to that victim? We should never assume that this is going to be the case. Never assume that surely one person will have the kindness to approach this victim and become their friend; never assume a responsibility on anyone if you wouldn't do it yourself. Take it upon yourself to be the one who could potentially save this human being's life, despite what could happen to your social standing. It could never hurt you to build a true friendship, and good will between another; a friendship that wouldn't be based on your position on a social hierarchy, but a friendship that is built from mutual love and respect for whom each of you truly are. You may just find that this person has a lot of good qualities that could be beneficial to you if ever you were in need of assistance. Then you think to yourself: "Why is this person such a target?" They were a target because previously no one would be bold enough to take a stand to defend this person, and now that this person has a friend it isn't as easy for bullies to persecute this person.

If you don't find this way of thinking to be reasonable, think of the alternative. This person never finds a friendship, and the only thing that is certain for the victim is that he or she will have to face torment everyday from their persecutors. They finally decide to take their life because it is the only way out. Now you must live with the guilt that this person committed suicide on the account of the actions you and others took against him or her. It isn't just suicide; the act in a bigger picture is homicide because in order for a person to commit suicide they have to feel as if the reason they are living is dead and those people who targeted the victim killed those reasons to live. Try explaining what happened to people years later. Try explaining that a person committed suicide because they were bullied beyond what they could take and you were part of it. Try telling your children in the future not to bully because it could lead to the death of the victim, and when they ask you: "how do you know?" Explain that you know by experience. That's when you realize you carry regret.

Maybe the person doesn't commit suicide. Maybe this person persists through the anguish because they can see that a better life awaits them. They know that they will not have to put up with the same people their whole life, but they will never forget the people who tried to put them down, and they use your acts and use them to make their success. Maybe the person gets a book published about their own personal experience about being bullied and it becomes a national best seller. You can honestly say that you inspired one of those characters in the book who cared about nothing more than being in the popular crowd doing anything and everything to gain such a status, including bullying the individual. When you see that person again at a high school reunion or maybe even just by chance will you honestly be able to look that person in the eye with not even a small quantity of guilt? You could have been a character that everybody admired because of their courage, and compassion, but instead you are a character who was self-centered and heartless. Whether or not the world knows that you inspired that character doesn't matter, because you know you inspired that character. Then you read about the character who took it upon him or herself to befriend the victim and see the good will and shamelessness that person carried by reaching out to the victim and being a friend. You see how simple it would have been to lend a hand to a broken spirit and how much it would have gained you, even if it is the lifting of a weight on a heavy conscience. That's when you realize that you carry regret.

It isn't any more dignified to ignore the victim as opposed to irritating the victim further. If you are ignoring them because you don't want to take part in hurting them, but you also don't want to have your social status deteriorate then you are just as much a source of persecution as all of the bullies. It isn't better to say that this isn't my problem, because it is and will be when it comes to the remorse you will feel in the future. What good does a high social status have when you move on later in life? It is worth next to nothing in value when it comes to all the emotions you'll carry based on your decisions. Imagine what it would be like to hear that this person committed suicide because they lost all hope and you could have easily saved that person if you had just thrown away self interest to spare a person from the torture of being a target. Now instead you have to deal with the fact that this person is dead in part due to your lack of action. That is when you realize you carry regret.

This is our decision every day. Would you prefer being the kindhearted hero, who so graciously salvaged the broken pieces of this human spirit so inexorably assaulted by brutal fiends and their intent to make this person suffer under the pretext of acquiring a higher social standing? Or would you prefer carrying the burden of regret on your shoulders for as long as you live? Do you prefer knowing that an act you committed spread good will and gained you a true friendship that could never be substituted? Or are you going to be content gaining rank in a social hierarchy that will mean nothing in the future? Take the road that leads to a better world overflowing with love. If everybody one by one put aside being at the top of the social hierarchy and considered having everyone as equals, we would be in a society in which there wouldn't be guilt or regret, just love, friendship, and peace. Do not consider making everybody equal as stepping down, but consider it as helping everybody up to the top. No longer would we have to watch as somebody commits suicide because they feel unappreciated. Isn't that a great feeling? How serious is this matter now? This social hierarchy and torment is interfering with love and peace. It is time that we realize that in order to change the world, we have to start now. We have to put aside our self interest now, and bring everybody together so that we have no regret, only shameless love, compassion, good will, and friendship.