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"I think she'll be okay," the voice came through the haze to ring around in my head, making my already pounding head hurt worse. I muttered something, but found my lips wouldn't seem to work.

"Logan?" I heard, ringing through my head, had to be Mia, "Loooogan,"

"Shut up," I muttered waving a useless hand at her, "M'head,"

"Give her space," Another voice said, male, Eric? Great. He probably'd find this to be a way to hit on me…again.

I suddenly realized I was laying down, why? What had happened? I slowly opened my eyes, all I could see above me was a pure white ceiling.

"You live!" Mia said. I winced against Mia's loud voice.

"Give me a second," I muttered, slowly, I slowly looked around, realizing I was in the nurses office, "Nurses office?" I asked aloud, slowly the ringing in my head was fading away, I felt more normal.

"Uh, yeah," Mia said, "You passed out that's usually what happens, gave me a heart attack!" she sat down in one of the two chairs.

"I don't really remember," I said, slowly pushing myself to sitting up my head gave a protest for a second, but I was feeling more normal by the second.

"Hey listen if you really wanted a hug that bad you didn't have to fake all of this," Eric said. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes Eric, I'm desperately wanting you," I said, did he ever give it up? I mean, ever? Just give it a rest already. I don't like you I don't want you I want you to die. Deal?

"Ouch," Eric said. I held back a scoff he can't even come up with a good comeback.

"Why are you even here?" I asked Eric, running a hand through my hair, I was feeling much better finally able to at least think.

"Because you passed out with me I was worried," Eric said.

"You're capable of other emotions besides jerkdom?" Mia spoke up.

"I'm fine, you can go now Eric," I said, "There's the door," I pointed to the white door.

"Fine," Eric said, "Shoot me for wanting to make sure you were okay," he said shaking his head before walking out.

"Please," Mia said, "He cared about getting to you, making you think he was sweet and kind," she gagged.

"No kidding." I said shaking my head, "I hate him so much."

"Just wait until he asks you on a date because of your bond," Mia said. I shuttered.

"God no!" I said, gagging.

"So tell me," Mia said, "Why did you pass out?" I paused thinking back, I had been talking to Eric, trying to get away from him… Then things when blank.

"I don't know…" I said slowly, "I feel fine though now,"

"The nurse said she was gonna call your mom, maybe you should just go home," Mia said, suddenly I felt panicked.

"No!" I said. Mia blinked at me.

"No?" she asked, "You don't want to go home and get out of school early? Maybe you hit your head…" I shook my head.

"I'm fine," I said. But I couldn't shake this feeling of panic of my Mom knowing what had happened to me, it wasn't like it should've been some big secret.

"I think you're mental," Mia said standing up.

"I'm fine Mia, honestly," I said, "No need to get my mom into a tizzy,"

"Okay," Mia said heading for the door, "I gotta get back to class, you gonna be okay?" she asked standing at the door handle, Mia was a spaz and kinda strange, but she was still the best friend anyone could ever get.

"Thanks Mia," I said, "But I'll be fine," I stood up, I wavered a little but I managed to stay standing.

"Okay…" Mia said, "You text me if you need anything, okay?"

"Of course," I said. Mia nodded before leaving. I sat back down on the small bed, I had to figure out what was going on. Things were getting to weird not to try and figure it out.

"Think," I said to myself, closing my eyes, I had been talking to Eric, he'd been hitting on me like usual, no surprise there, then suddenly behind me… there was a scream!

I stood up again as the images flashed in front of my eyes again pacing in the room, the scream, the shock from the door. I felt light headed just viewing the images again falling backwards into the bed, barely managing to stay standing.

"Just what I needed in my life." I muttered to myself before grabbing my backpack, which was laying on the ground beside the bed, obviously just dumped there by someone.

"Miss Cox," the nurse said, "I hadn't realized you'd woken up," she stood up coming over to me, she had a caring face, even though she had a few scars on her face from past acne.

"It's fine," I said, "Really I'm fine I don't think it was that big of deal," I shrugged.

"Still I think you should go home," the nurse said, looking me over with her pale green eyes, "I'm going to call your Mother."

"No!" I said quickly, then I quickly tried to back track, "I mean I'm fine, really, and I have a test today, I just forgot breakfast,"

"Are you sure, dear? You looked quite a fight when you came in," The nurse said, "Like you had seen a ghost!"

"I'm fine, honestly," I said, trying to sound convincing. To be honest a nice long bath at home sounded heavenly, but for some reason everything in me screamed that I couldn't let the nurse call my Mom, I didn't need her involved. Why? I have no clue.

"If you feel the least bit light headed you'll come back, right?" the nurse asked.

"Cross my heart," I said. The nurse looked me over again, trying to decide if she should believe me or not, "Please?" I added as a good measure.

"Alright," the nurse said. I grinned heading for the door but I'd barely made it three steps before the nurse spoke up again,

"Logan?" she called. I closed my eyes for a second before turning around.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You haven't had anything strange happen to you recently have you?" The nurse asked. I blinked at her,

"Nothing out of the ordinary," I said slowly, well besides a strange vision type out of body experience, but that's normal, everyone has those. Ha.

"Alright dear," the nurse said. I grinned a little heading for the door and leaving quicker than I probably should have, I paused before reaching for the door knob, looking at my own hand for a second as if I expected some sort of burn from the shock I'd felt earlier.

"Are you okay?" the nurse asked. I jumped.

"Yes, yes, sorry just got thinking, sorry," I laughed a little to myself, trying to make it sound normal as I grabbed the door handle opening it, stepping through quickly and closing it behind me just as quickly.

"Well that wasn't odd," I said to myself walking down the hall.

"You really sure you're okay?" Mia asked me for the fifth time as we sat down with our lunches at the lunch table.

"I'm fine Mia," I insisted.

"Okay, so can you tell me what exactly happened?" Mia asked, boring into me with those black eyes of hers.

"I dunno if I can say here," I said looking around, "To many ears and all that," Mia blinked.

"That bad?" she asked, tightening an uneven pony tail making it inch farther up on her head, only accentuating the two uneven ponytails.

"That bad." I nodded.

"Okay…" Mia said slowly, clearly wanting to know but she didn't push the subject, "So wanna help me go over lines? I need the acting practice," she said pulling the notebook out.

"Practice? You don't need to practice," I said.

"You wound me!" Mia said easily slipping back into the over dramatic role she played twenty-four-seven.

"Your friend is kinda a loser," I heard the male voice behind me and slowly turned in disbelief to see Eric standing there with his tray of food.

"What exactly are you doing here jock?" Mia asked, spitting the word 'jock' like it was something vial and disgusting.

"I'm not letting something crazy like what happened earlier go by without some kind of questioning," Eric said simply sitting down at our table. Mia and I exchanged looks, this was uncharted territory for both of us, we'd sat together for lunch ever since the first day of high school. Not that we weren't popular enough to sit at any table at the school.

But we just never had the desire to do so, we had each other as friends, who needed shallow jerks to try and be 'cool'.

"I can't say anything here," I said again, "Sorry, you're out of luck. Gonna have to find another girl to try and seduce,"

"Not getting off that easy," Eric said, "We'll go sit outside where no one is."

"Yeah, because it's really cold out there, only idiots would go outside today!" Mia spoke up.

"Guess we're idiots," Eric stood up.

"Think we could lock him outside?" Mia whispered to me. I giggled.

"I'm not leaving my spot, so, shoo," I told Eric. Eric glared at me.

"You're really not gonna tell me are you?" Eric asked.

"Well lets see," I said taking a page from Mia's book and acting like I was speaking to a toddler, "You're a total jerk, who pretty much wants nothing more than to get me in the back seat of your car, who hasn't said a nice thing to me besides 'you're hot' or 'nice ass' since the beginning of school. So please, please tell me why I should spill something like this to you?"

"Maybe because I can help," Eric said. I laughed in response.

"Sure you can, just go run off to your little followers, please." I said.

"I can be persistent when I want to be," Eric said.

"Naw? Really?" I asked trying to look shocked, "I had no clue! By the fact you talk to me every day trying to hit on me, blocking my way, no clue." Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mia trying to hold back a giggle fit.

Eric shook his head.

"Whatever Logan, I was trying to be nice, I was trying to help you," Eric said, "Is that so wrong?"

"When it's you? Yes." I said waving Eric off again. Eric started to say something back but clamped his mouth shut walking off muttering under his breath.

Mia burst into giggles the fit of giggles she'd been trying to hold back.

"Girl power!" she said.

"Thanks," I said, "That actually felt good," I said with a grin, and it had, it had made me feel a whole lot better, Eric was a jerk who needed to be put in his place and being able to do so, well as best as I could.

"Y'know I do think he has an actual crush," Mia said. I stared at her for a second.

"You're kidding," I said.

"Nope. I pride myself on this, he's radiating crush," Mia said, "Of course with your body who wouldn't?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Please," I said, "Eric? We're talking Eric. E-R-I-C."

"I know how to spell," Mia said giggling, "Just saying maybe you should jump in, when was the last time you had a serious boyfriend?"

"The fifth of never?" I asked.

"Point." Mia said simply stabbing her food, "So tonight I'm coming over early so you can tell me about this," she said. I blinked for a second having to catch up to her.

"Right, yeah, sure," I nodded.

"Great!" Mia grinned.

I started to respond but cut myself off, I suddenly had this strange feeling come over me, like someone was watching me, scrutinizing my every move. I froze for a second, trying to look around without turning my head, trying not to alert whoever. I could feel my heart race, just like before, just like earlier.

I wanted to run. I wanted to get away from there, now. This was wrong, what was wrong with me? Why was I becoming so panicky? I could feel my heart beginning to race, I clenched my fists against the table. Trying to stave off this panic before I screamed.

Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the fear left. I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding.

"Logan!!" The words finally reached my ears as I jerked looking up from my plate seeing Mia watching me with a confused expression.

"I-I have to go," I stood up suddenly.

"What's wrong??" Mia asked standing up herself.

"I don't know," I said truthfully, "I honestly don't know, I just want to go home and rest."

I didn't wait for Mia's response I just turned, barely remembering to grab my backpack before walking out of the cafeteria.

I went outside into the cold crisp air, actually enjoying the long walk to my car, it was needed after, whatever that was. Despite the fact that my short shirt left my stomach in the cold, it was almost refreshing, giving me a different feeling besides fear to focus on. It was official, I was losing it, first the scar this morning, then passing out, then this stupid fear? What was next? I was gonna suddenly get hit by a bus?

I found myself looking around like I honestly expected a bus to come out of nowhere. I started laughing at myself, but my laugh even sounded weak to me.

"Yep Logan, you're losing it," I said to myself just walking out to my car and sitting down on the hood of it, putting my head in my shaking hands. The cold had started to fade away into a numb feeling by now, I didn't feel the need to get into my car and turn on the heater, I just wanted to focus on something, anything, even if it was how cold I was.

"This is wrong," I whispered to myself, "All of it is wrong,"

I took some deep breaths trying to settle myself down. I couldn't let all of this get the best of me, I had to just push through, more than that I had to get answers. I needed answers.

"Of course you are, because you're becoming a freak of nature," I said aloud, "You'll find on Google that this has never happened or if it does only to those who're psychotic. Congrats, you're about to become a psycho killer," I groaned.

I don't know how long I sat there, time seemed to meld away. The first thing that brought me out was the loud ringing of the school bell. I jumped a mile, before shaking my head. I was suddenly aware of two things, one, my teeth were chattering uncontrollably, and two, I was cold.

I shivered suddenly, grabbing my backpack from beside me, unlocking my car and throwing my backpack onto the passenger seat getting inside. I turned on the car cranking the heater, shivering harder when the blast of cold air hit me.

"Why c-c-c-can't heater be-e-e like AC?" I muttered around my chattering teeth, I didn't move until the heat eventually started blowing full blast. I let my fingers warm up against the vents, when I finally felt warm I put the car in drive and went home.