I know that one day rain will be the death of us all. It falls every day, at random times and at weird places. I watch from under the concrete as Shawn stands in the burning water. It falls in front of me but I can't feel it, only see it as it fogs up my sight, making Shawn disappear from view. I move forward to reach and bring him back in. My hand stings, the droplets of rain hitting my skin over and over again. I take the pain, knowing I'll reach Shawn soon when I'm grabbed by the waist and pulled back under the concrete and the smell of rotting flesh. I'm pulled sideways and into Shawn's lap, his now yellow slitted eyes looking over my hand. I no longer feel the pain, only the fear and excitement from his eyes. They move to mine, fading to black and glaring, annoyance swirling within them.

"Adrian, I told you not to follow!"

I don't have anything to say back. I can't say anything back; he stands up and pushes me from his lap before I can utter a world. I can only watch him walk away into the black dark abyss of the structure. When he's out of sight, I sigh and turn back to the outside world and watch as the fog slowly begins to clear and the rain die, almost as if it's showing the world what to do.

2 years ago the world shifted and every day it was dark and the sun never came out. It felt as if the world was going to die before we had the chance to do anything but then the rain came. It hadn't rained in the whole time it had become dark and we saw this as a good thing that is until the rain began to burn our skin and everything dissolved on sight. It wasn't safe anywhere, all around the world acid rain had begun to fall and there was no way out. I'm sure the places where it rained constantly are gone by now. Scientists, back then, around the clock, worked on creating a shelter that could resist the acid, nothing worked and now they're gone as well. Concrete is still standing, well not all of it but most. It's just rumble now, a reminisce of what used to be and what will never be again.

The building that I'm in is a skyscraper in what used to be New York. I can always be found on the top floor, staring out onto the now vacant land of rain. For some reason, this building is perfectly fine from the acid rain. People say Shawn has something to do about it, when Shawn showed up at this building; the building had become resistant to the rain. No one really likes Shawn because they think it's his fault for everything. I'm the only one close to him because of their stupid ideas.

It's raining again and only after 20 minutes. My hand is completely healed as well; it was like I never burned in the first place. That's also another reason people don't trust Shawn, they don't even think he's human, besides his eyes. He can heal any wound and the wound will be completely in about 10 minutes. Shawn is strange, inhuman just like the rain I'm watching outside the window. Shawn kills but not for himself but to protect us here and the fresh water that lies right underneath the building in the basement.

There are other people out there; we don't know how they survive but they do and they want our water. Shawn doesn't let anybody near the building and if they do come close, they die and that's why he let Shawn stay; protection. We feel like if Shawn leave, we're all dead.

I take a hesitant step forward, stepping closer to the window and now it's now only an arm reach away. Stopping never crossed my mind as I unlock the window, sliding it open and sticking my hand out to feel the rain. I wish to feel normal rain, the kind I miss but the burning sensation tingles up my arm and makes me wince in pain. I put more of my arm out, soaking my arm up to the elbow in the burning liquid. I can see my skin turn red from the rain, only that I don't care that it hurts. I only see the rain fall and hit my skin, only hear the sound of rain and only smell the faint smell of lightning.

"Adrian" A voice whispers, resonating softly to my ear, which wakes me up from my dream. I bring my arm back into the sanctuary of the concrete and turn around, shutting the window. Shawn's face is blank and it's hard to tell what he's thinking. He walks over and takes my arm into his hand.

"Why do you keep doing this?"

Why do I? I ask myself. I can't find an answer. Before the acid rain began to fall, when I was younger, I would always play outside in the rain and would love every second of it. I guess I just miss it, getting soaked to the bone and dragging mud through the house. Maybe I'm wishing that maybe just once when I step into the rain I won't have to be afraid of dying or my skin burning. I just want everything to go back to the way it used to be.

My eyes tear up at the thought of nothing every being that same again and before I can stop them, they roll down my face. Instantly, Shawn grabs my wrist and pulls me to him and into a hug. I rest my forehead against his shoulder, feeling his arms around me and his heat seeping through.

We stand that for a few minutes and soon I begin to get dizzy and that's when he pulls away, his eyes yellow once more with slits for pupils. They change back to black quickly and I just stare, trying to remember who or what he is.

"Adrian, the acid level in the rain is getting higher; I need you to stop doing reckless things that can get you hurt."

- 3 –

After a few hours silence between us, I follow Shawn to the basement, ignoring the glares we're receiving from the other people in the building. Since they don't really like Shawn, they don't really like me either since I'm the closest one to him. He's ignoring the glares too but doing a whole lot better job ignoing them than I am. It's hard enough just to not glare back. After a lot of steps, we finally reach the basement where the freshwater is held. I step to the edge while Shawn stays back.

"Adrian, nothing can be done; everything is gone; it's been a month since anybody has come to steal the water; it's time we let everything fade away."

You sure? I want to ask but I know the truth. Everything is getting worse and soon even with Shawn here, this building will be gone. I guess people have a reason to be way of Shawn; it's because of him that we are still alive and have water. Shawn has only ever told me this, because he doesn't trust anybody else but me. He isn't human but he isn't an alien either, he's not even from this world or anywhere near it or even in this universe.

Shawn's a demon; sent from the demon world to see if the humans could survive. If not, the demons get to kill off the humans and take their world, their universe, their everything without them even knowing. Why Shawn decided to tell me goes right over my head but I kind of wished he didn't tell me. I hear him walk up behind me and his hands land on my shoulders.

"I've decided to bring you back with me to the demon world."

My eyes go wide and I jerk around to face him; disbelief clouding everything. I was going to live. I was going to be the last human alive. The pros of it all set in first then the cons surfaced right behind it. I was going to live while everyone else was gone and while everything was gone. I don't want to live knowing every other human like me is gone. Being the demon that he is, he doesn't give me a chance to think as he holds out his hand to me.

"Will you come with me Adrian?"

I can't, not knowing that Shawn was the one who destroyed my world, the one who took away my family, my friends and took everyone else. I shake my head and take a step back, away from him. My foot slides past the edge and almost falling, Shawn reaches forward and pulls back, into another hug. Instead of getting dizzy this time, I get drowsy and my eyes slip close, my body going limp in his arms.

When I finally open my eyes, after who knows how long, I'm lying by the edge and the fresh water and Shawn are gone. I hear scream echoing off the walls, they seem endless and with hearing them, I know what happened. My body feels heavily with sleep, like I've been sleeping for years but I shakily get up and make my way up the stairs of the basement.

I'm welcomed by blue skies, white clouds and fresh air. All the rumble from broken down buildings are gone, taken over by grass and shrubs, as well as trees. It was like the acid rain never happened and Shawn was never here. I tilt my head back to watch clouds, smiling as I realized that everything is back to the same old way. I stand there for awhile and as I stand, storm clouds begin to take over the sky and a water droplet hits my face, sliding down my neck. The burning sensation never comes and I close my eyes, leaning my head back down. I open my eyes a few moments later and Shawn is standing a few feet in front of me, holding out his hand once more. I move towards him and hesitantly raise my own and grasp onto his. I have no other choice but to go with him. I have nothing left, everything is gone and I'm stuck in the demon's poisonous hold for the rest of my life.

- 3 -

A short story my friend wrote for her English project. She asked me to post it up on fictionpress, so here it is. I hope you like it. Just don't tell her English teacher it's slash. ;D shhh....