- 3 –

Sitting in the dark and hearing the rain hit the solid ground, it's soon overcome by loud sirens. I almost roll my eyes in annoyance, probably one of the younger children had pulled the fire alarm for the building and or one of the older kids did it to be funny. There hasn't been a fire since everything has happened, since it rains almost constantly now.

I hate the rain and wished it never fell, if it wasn't for the rain I wouldn't have lost everything that was dear to me. I hate it but hearing it now, even over the sirens. All I felt was comfort, hearing every drop echo.

The sirens finally stop a few seconds later and just as the high pitched noise silences, I hear murmurs as if they were right next to me. I figure it's just me being paranoid since it's only been a week since I've come to this place. Or it could have been echoes of the people at the front of the building or even the ones who pulled the fire alarm came back here to hide till the heat died down.

Either way, I couldn't get myself to care and I'm happy to be able to hear the rain without a distraction. I rest fully against the wall, relaxing my muscles and closing my eyes. Coming here had been a bad idea, to the school I mean. I haven't had any sleep for the past week since I've been here. At least at home, I'd get some sleep even if I had the fear of the rain getting to me while I slept.

The main reason for me not getting any sleep is the fact there are a few children here that don't know the meaning of shut up or even the word please. There are even a few psycho people that like to hear at random times or even the people that are just a hair away from going psycho are always whispering to themselves. I try not to listen when they whisper so I don't go crazy as well, I've done pretty well for lasting a week, some can't even last a day and I'm afraid I'm going to snap and kill everyone in the building.

The only time I get peace is when I come here or get even a few minutes of sleep. Right now I would be very gladly to go back home and sleep for days on end but once your inside, you don't go back out. I could leave now, but it pretty much rains 24/7 here now and I'd be gone by the time I get back to my house.

I sigh into my relaxation, sliding down the wall slightly and I notice the murmurs have stopped. It's uncomfortable but I can't move and the next thing I know, I'm lying completely on the floor and almost asleep till a deep voice brings me to the surface.

"If you fall asleep here, the rain will get you before you even wake up."

Opening my eyes, I look up into the darkness to where I think his face is and I know he's right but I couldn't care anymore. I can feel his breath on my cheek and I faintly see his outline and he's kneeling, leaning over me.

"Would you like to leave?" He asks.

Leave? I ask myself. Where would I go? I hear him chuckle, this time his breath fanning over my neck and I feel my face flush for not realizing what he meant right away. I might be tired but I knew he meant leaving as in forgetting everything by means of pleasure. I feel his chest against mine and he's pulling me into an embrace.

"I'm not going to do anything but if you trust me and want to leave this place, all you have to do is fall asleep."

How could I trust him but his warmth is hard to ignore and I didn't even realize I was shivering till I was forced against him. He pulls me into him more, so nothing could get between us and I rest my forehead against his throat, noticing he smelled like the rain. His fingertips press into my back, rubbing and pressing in deep sometimes, almost has if he was giving me a massage. He starts at my lower back, the feeling making me mega drowsy and by the time he gets to my shoulders, I'm fast asleep, dreaming of what will never be again.

- 3 -

The next chapters are more or less going to be flash backs of the past, or better put dreams of when Adrian falls asleep. I don't know how many there will, I guess until I get the second chapter (the chapter that's supposed to come after the first chapter) done. Also the chapters will skip around (a lot) so I won't put the time when the chapters occur and don't worry about keeping up with the times.