Sequel's sequel time! After writing a oneshot about Zee I decided I want to write about Carly. Here you go.

Someone (not on this site) asked me why I always write about mixed kids (Carly's Jewish), to be honest its because I'm mixed. You have to admit; somehow them babies turn out pretty every time. I'm a prime example, hahaha… okay maybe not, but in advance Kirk Diggory is half Spanish and half black. So he's caramel colored, with Spanish features. Make sense?



My best friend stole my gum. Which is why I'm nervous. I always chew gum before or during a major event. Standing at the front of class, trembling, I raised my paper. The words made no sense. They might as well be Japanese.

I scowled.

"Ms. Jones? Would you like to begin sometime this century?" Our teacher, Mr. Andrews decided to make a funny.

I crossed my eyes at him over the paper. I swallowed the lump that threatened to choke me and began to read. "In 19th Century America, the country was…"

"WOOT! GO CARLY!" Zee pumped a fist in the air and cheered. She was in the middle of the class so her voice was inescapable. She continued her cacophony of cheers as Mr. Andrews stalked towards her, his face turning purple in rage.

I gave her my best 'wtf?' look, just as the bell rang.

Mr. Andrews froze, his hands inches from her neck. Zee smiled cheekily.

I felt a grin stretch across my face. Thanks Zee. "Looks like I'll have to read it some other time." I said over my shoulder as I breezed out the classroom.

I waited until we were at our lockers to thank Zee. "That was awesome. I thought you were being a pain in the ass again."

"A pain in the ass?" she blinked too innocently "Moi?"

"By the way, give me back my gum."

She pouted, her lip gloss giving her lips a little extra pout. "Fine." She dug inside her pocket and half-heartedly slapped the empty pack into my palm.

Zee is a chronic pick-pocket and my favorite person in the world. She's taller than me, which isn't much of a miracle considering I'm shorter than most middle school students. She's also incredible lucky. How so?

Well for one, she's dating the hottest guy at school.


I don't think you heard me. I said: she's dating the hottest guy at school!

It's enough to make any girl writhe in jealousy. She's also gorgeous, although she really doesn't realize it, funny, quirky, and incredibly awesome.

Am I jealous of her?

Yeah. More than that, I'm happy to be her friend. When I walk down the halls of school I feel a sense of pride as my fellow lowlifes estimate me, no doubt questioning how such a friendship came to be.

I believe it started in elementary school, when she was obsessed with Lord of The Rings. I was drawing grumpy faces in the sand with a stick when a shadow loomed over me. I naturally looked up. All I saw was beige-ish skin and bright white teeth. "You're an elf!" she crowed, "Do you know Legolas?"

Baffled, I shook my head.

She shrugged and plopped into the sand beside me, her golden brown hair twisted into twin ponytails. In the back of my mind I labeled her as 'one of those mixed kids Mom says are so pretty.' "That's okay, we can find him together! He's in middle earth right? Let's start digging."

We went about a foot down before a teacher caught and reprimanded us for 'defacing school property'.

That was the first time I got in trouble with a teacher, but certainly not the last.

My Mom was still single at that time. We were pretty poor. I remember listening as she cried herself to sleep each night, worried about the future. I was worried too. I prayed every night that my Mom would find a rich husband and be happy.

That prayer was answered. Well, he's not rich but he is well off. Rick is the best Dad in the world. It wasn't soon after that Mom gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I think of Zee as my good luck charm. Good things always happen to her, so maybe if I stick around good things will happen to me as well.

Her face was suddenly close to mine, her jade eyes bright and her breath minty. "Are you thinking?"

"No, I'm in a coma… with my eyes open."

She shrugged off my sarcasm "Cool, I wish I could do that during church whenever guest preachers come by. They are booooring!"

Just then the lights dimmed, slow sexy music played over the intercom, and the popular kids arrived. They walked slowly in formation, their hair blowing in a mysterious breeze.

Okay maybe all that didn't happen, but the way the other students were staring you'd have thought it did.

Standing at the head of their 'omg, I'm so popular, look at me!' formation was none other than the school badboy, Zee's boyfriend, Aaron.

I won't like, he's gorgeous. I find myself staring at him more than I should. No I'm not going to try and steal him, I'm just enjoying the scenery.

He caught sight of his beloved and deliberately walked towards us, his cronies following close behind.

The cronies consist of Reggie, the blonde golden boy of the school. With his sky blue eyes and perfect smile, he has successfully won the hearts of the town. Not only is he physically perfect, but he's a star athlete as well. As if that weren't enough, he spends his weekends volunteering at the animal shelter and went on a charity mission to Africa last summer.

Yes, this guy is perfect.

To the left of him is his polar opposite, Kirk. Caramel skinned and built like a dancer, Kirk is perhaps the second most gorgeous guy at school. He doesn't do the whole 'gangsta' look that most people associate with his attitude, rather he wears what he wants and doesn't give a damn what people think. He's an enigma and is feared by all. Nobody wants to be on Kirk's bad side. I've never seen him beat anybody up, but with a mere look he can reduce you to a pile of human goo.

Following the three perfect boys were the a-typical hoochies.

Brianna is one such hoochie and is currently Reggie's girlfriend. Her long hair cascaded past her shoulders in a waterfall of auburn. She tucked a large lock behind her dainty ears to reveal the ivory of her face.

"Hey babe," Aaron wrapped his arm around Zee's waist and drew her in for a kiss.

She turned her head slightly, still uncomfortable with public displays of affection. "Howdy." She cleared her throat.

Aaron nodded at me "'Sup?"

"Bah-humbug." I said in return.

Brianna, feeling left out, stepped forward "Hello Zyanya," she said warmly, her gray eyes turned cold "Carlton."

Did I forget to mention that she hates my guts? Somewhere in her twisted mind, she thinks because Aaron is Reggie's best friend, and I'm Zee's best friend, that somehow Reggie will fall in love with me and leave her sorry behind in a dumpster.

Nope. Much to my disappointment, that is not the case. Ever since dumping his slutty girlfriend Penelope, Reggie has been enamored with Brianna's cold beauty.


"Hello Barney." I replied to her snide comment.

She squinted "It's Brianna."

"I care."

I glanced towards Zee who was shaking her head disapprovingly. Behind her was Kirk who seemed to be appraising me. Perhaps he wanted a new recruit for the 'I hate peons' club, which he was currently the leader and sole member of.

Whatever, he's odd anyway.

Zee and Aaron were talking in hushed tones, or at least Aaron was. Zee insisted on responding to each of his comments with a squeak and violent gestures.

As interesting as this is… "I gotta go," I lied quickly "I have to meet Mrs. York inside the library for a, um, discussion." I turned before anyone could stop me "Later."

"Want me to come with you?" Zee's voice was earnest, but her eyes were on her flawless boyfriend. I forgave her inattention.

"Nah, it's going to be boring. We're discussing the menopausal cycle of the African fruit rat."

Everyone's faces pruned up at that, everyone but Kirk who quirked an eyebrow. "Animals have menstrual cycles? When did that happen?"

"New science, latest experiments, nice talking to you, bye!" I raced down the hall before Kirk could catch me in yet another cheesy lie.



"Those poor animals." Zee sniffed, wiping away an imaginary tear "It's not like they can wear little tampons."

"Uh…" I stammered. The final bell had rung and we were too pathetic to join any athletics. I walked down the front steps, mindful of the masses of students pushing past me. "It's terrible. They're easily tracked down by predators that way."

Thankfully, an attention whore distracted her. Dabbing at imaginary sweat I dodged through cars both stagnant and moving and shoved through a ring of meaty wrestlers until I found the love of my life.

My jeep. Rusty, red, with a jagged crack in the front window, my jeep is the most beautiful vehicle in the world.

"Not the junkmobile." Zee groaned, finally catching up to me.

I scowled up at her, which was hard since she's tall and the sun was in my eyes. "It's either the junkmobile or walk home. "I have to-"

A loud, sexy purring drowned out the rest of my sentence. We turned and dropped our jaws in unison. At the wheel of perhaps the hottest car alive was none other than Zee's boyfriend.

He winked knowingly. We've often debated whose car is hotter (he wins all the time). "Need a lift?"

Zee made a puppy dog face at me.

"Fine, whatever. I need to pick up my brother anyway."

"Thank you honey!" she hugged me tightly "Please don't think I'm abandoning you. You're still my best friend, okay? So please don't get all jealous and boil his bunny or whatever it is psycho's do."



"Shut up. I'm not mentally unstable or jealous." Liar, liar, pants on fire. "Go ride in his little sports car, but don't complain to me when it breaks down."

Which was a pretty ironic thing to say. Moments after they sped off into the sunset, I struggled to bring my baby back to life. Coughing and belching rudely, the Jeep absolutely refused to start.

"Come on, pretty please?" I turned the key again. More hacking and then nothing.

With tears of frustration and dejection stinging my eyes, I slammed my fist against the horn. The answering shriek was enough to scare a flock of birds out of the parking lot.

"Dammit!" I hit the horn again.

Someone knocked on my window.

Dashing away the tears I turned and jumped. It was Kirk. Huh.

My car has the windows which you roll manually. I struggled to roll the handle. It gets stuck every now and then. Now was one such time. I finally wrestled it into submission. I tucked an unruly lock behind my ear and pretended I didn't spend the past five minutes cursing and fighting my jeep. "Hey Kirk, what's up?"

He glanced at the hood of my jeep which was littered with paint drops of bird poop. Mom won't let me park in the garage, and the birds really love a red jeep.

"Your car isn't working." He said bluntly.

I let some of my emotion leak into my voice "Whoa, really? I didn't know that. Wow you're so smart, I bet you're gonna be a detective when you grow up!"

He gave me a blank stare.

I deflated "No, it's not working and I'm tired and… tired…"

He knocked twice on the hood.

I frowned.

He knocked again.

I frowned some more.

He sighed, as if speaking were too much effort for him. "Lift the hood."

My eyes must've resembled saucers "Oh! Okay…" I fumbled around until I found the lever. The hood popped open with an anticlimactic 'click'.

He propped it up with the little stand thingy and ducked beneath it, only his lower half visible. A few passing freshman's took their time walking by, obviously getting an eyeful of his toned behind.

Honestly, I've never seen the appeal of looking at a guy's butt. I can't tell a good butt from a bad butt. Zee says you can when you pick-pocket them. She says the best people are the ones with kinda flat butts, because then they're clothes are looser and their items more accessible.

I tried to peer around to decide if his butt was good for pick-pocketing or not. I was so involved in my investigation that I didn't see him pull out and eye me weirdly.

He cleared his throat lightly.

I didn't notice that I was leaning out the open window. I pulled back in as my face flushed in mortification.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Um er… there's a spider on your butt."

He didn't even turn around. "Try it again."

"Staring at your butt?" I blurted out, before slapping myself on the forehead "Oh you mean the car. For the record, I wasn't staring at your butt. There was a spider. Big freaky eight-legged thing."

"Most spiders have eight legs." He drawled, folding his arms "Just like African rats have menstrual cycles."

My bright red jeep surely matched the color of my face. "Exactly…" I muttered, twisting the key. My baby growled to life. I quickly forgot my embarrassment as he slammed the hood shut. I knew my face was stretched into a stupid grin and that my blue eyes looked like marbles, but I didn't care. "Thank you so much! You're a miracle worker!"

"Nah." He wiped grease onto his pants "Just good with cars."

He knocked twice on the hood and sauntered off.

Huh. What a strange person.

The freshman pair glared hatred at me. I didn't have the chutzpah, as my Grandma likes to say, to glare in return. I ducked a little beneath the wheel and headed towards my brother's middle school and then home, trying my hardest not to think about Kirk's butt.



End Chapter

I really, really wanted to write about Zee but since her story's already been told I think it'd be nice to hear from Carly. This won't be very long, maybe ten chapters? I'm not certain yet. I just hope I have the dedication to finish it.

Let me know what you think, okay?