I was sinking

Drowning in my own life

Then you saved me

Rescued me from my strife

I could never foresee

I would never believe

That you would be there for me

Still you stand there like an angel

With your halo watching over me

I was feeling like the devil

When you came and placed your grace on me

I'm so lucky that I found you

Let me place my love around you

And begin to give my life to thee

My angel

I was thinking

I would be all alone

Till you found me

Despair sat like a stone

Then your heart cooled my rage

Set me free from my cage

Ignoring the bonds of age

Now you stand there like an angel

With your wings spread wide for all to see

I was nothing but a sinner

Still you came and placed your faith in me

Now I feel this great revival

You have helped in my survival

I can't help but give myself to thee

My angel

I was drinking

Trying to drown life out

It was painful

To have my love thrown out

Then your voice called my name

Broke me free from the pain

You showed me you're not the same

Now you'll always be my angel

With your open hand stretched down to me

I still can't believe I'm your choice

But I'll take the love you give to me

Now I cannot suppress my smile

Even though it has been a while

Since I felt this kind of joy in me

My angel

My angel

My angel

You are my angel