Rant 2: Home


You may ask yourself: what is home? And you may believe that home is "where the heart is" or where your loved ones are or wherever you're happy. But you can be happy at an amusement park with the ones you love and not live there. Once the lights go out, all those so-called loved ones become blood-sucking creatures of your worst nightmares.

And you have no way of to get free. Because you're stuck 'home.'

I don't understand what home is exactly. I've gone from home to home to home (packing, living, moving, rinse and repeat). But the home I've lived in now isn't exactly what I would consider a 'safe and loving haven.'

Home has been most commonly defined as they place where you live. Where you live is where you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning (your own bed in your own room filled with your own stuff).

Home has been depicted as the place that contains warm, smiling faces that welcome you home from school or from work. ("How was school today, honey? Dinner will be ready soon.") But we all know how fake that really is. Who would actually believe that crap? But some are luckier than others (lucky little ducks, better than the ugly duckling).

No, now home is a place you (I) dread to go. You will do all you can to avoid going home to your so-called 'loving' family.

This family is filled with hatred towards years of being around each other and I do not understand where the false commercials found this fake, so-called 'love' from. Because I've never truly experienced no matter what so-called 'home' I've visited.

Especially when there's a step involved. Just like everything else in the world, it's all about control. It's all about power. ("Your daughter did it again. She's such a horrible little brat.")

Well, screw you home and screw you step-parents and screw you commercialized lies with all your fake smiles and fake warmth and fake love.