Oooooo Oooooo

(This song…..This song. I need help writing this song)

I have lost all means of inspiration to write a song.

Will you inspire me today? Or at least help me with a plot?

This pencil needs to write lyrics to a beautiful song.

That will last a lifetime, maybe forever.

The paper (paper, paper) before me is an endless (endless!) canvas.

Waiting to be brightly colored with meaningful words

My manager is waiting expectedly, looming over my shoulder (over my shoulder).

One, two, three days go by.

This page is still empty before me.

My pencil still sharpened like new.

(Sharpened like new)

Everything around me starts to look interesting

Distracting me from the task I have at hand

My inspiration is still lost. Will it ever be found? (Will it ever be found?)

-Instrumental break o3o I guess-

(This song…this song. I need help writing this song)

I walk down my street.

The breeze is quite lovely here.

Sakura petals float around me gently.

Suddenly, my pocket starts vibrating annoyingly.

I get my cell out and it's my manager.

I cringe slightly (cringe slightly), mumbling as I say "Hello."

"The song is due today. You haven't finished yet have you?"

My manager says his voice slightly mad.

I don't really blame him.

I panic, sweat threatening to overheat me

A few minutes later I finally calm down

As I walk slowly home. The song I need to write still gone.

I'm just a block away when something bright catches my eye.

It's a brand new electric product that has just been shelved today.

I start drooling as I read the details off the tag.

Then I remember what I have to accomplish today

I hurried outside the store and ran home in a frenzy

Resisting every store. Still trying to think of a plot that will shine in my song.

Why is so hard to find (so hard to find) inspiration (in-spri-ation) for a single song?

Then the inspiration flows in my brain as I unlock the front door.

The idea makes me excited as I run up the stairs soon to land on my face.

This pencil writes coloring in the canvas with meaningful words.

As I smile brightly my pencil continues to paint a picture

Of a song so dear, that it lasts a lifetime, maybe forever.

That day I will never forget of the sudden inspiration

That blossomed in my head creating new worlds.

That splashed new color unto this canvas

(Of a song so dear, that it lasts a lifetime, maybe forever.)

It lasts a lifetime, maybe forever.