She knows how to wear her mask
She knows how to show confidence; bravery
She knows how to hide her feelings
She knows how to take away the pain; the fear
She knows how to play innocent
She knows the right lines; the right words to say
She knows how to pretend that it's all okay
She knows the cues; the perfect timings

But she knows it's all just about keeping up a good act

She knows what it's like to be rejected
She knows how it feels to be alone; afraid
She knows how it feels to be silent
She knows the feeling of being hurt; beaten down
She knows how to fight
She knows the dangers; the risks
She knows how to flee
She knows the paths; the ways

And she knows how judgemental people are
She'll just sit back and wait until it's time to take stand
for the next girl she meets that has had to
face the same problem as herself.