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Note: This story is purely fiction. Don't take the "scientific facts" of the worlds in this story as true, because they aren't real! lol.

Story 1: Intertwined

Chapter 1: Fate

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So many people in this world, we cannot seem to be able to imagine anything larger than our planet. But there is a universe out there, never ending. Imagine how much more overwhelming it would be to realize there are three more universes out there?

Fate is smart. It can twine many people's futures together if it could. I am going to tell you the story of different young people whose lives depend on each other, though they've never met each other their whole lives.

The Girl Who Never Aged

I was a freak, kicked out of the orphanage in 1979. A woman from that place told me they had found me when I was maybe two years old. When I didn't change after eight years, they thought I was some sort of demon. So they got rid of me. I fended for myself on the streetsalkin after that. I noticed after about a week that I didn't need to eat as often as normal humans did. I was on the streets for so long, I had forgotten how many years had passed until a man threw a newspaper in the trash. I pulled it out and I saw that it was 1995.

It had been sixteen years since I was in the orphanage, I realized. I remember running to the nearest store window to look at myself, trying to find any changes. I found none. Then, that's when everything changed. Someone saw me from the other side of the window. She was a woman who wore a blue baseball cap that hid all her hair. She scooped me up into her arms and told me I was going to be okay. Her clothes felt so soft that I fell asleep instantly.

When I woke up, I was in a warm bed and the woman on the foot of the bed. She smiled at me and pulled off her cap. Thin, silver hair fell down to her waist.

"How long have you lived out there?" she asked. She handed me a sandwich, which I grabbed out of her hands and ate quickly. She waited for me to finish.

"About sixteen years," I told her, wiping crumbs off my face. I realized just then that she had changed my clothes. I was wearing a sweater with long arms. "Sorry about the crumbs," I apologized.

She looked at me carefully. "Sixteen years?" she said, without any surprise in her voice. That shocked me. "Well, now I'm positive you're either lying to me, or you're one of us."

"One of you?" I asked. She sighed, a small smile creeping up her face.

"You know, you don't sound as clueless and innocent as a little kid. That means you're one of us, I guess."


She showed me where I was. We were in a strange city. Some people had animal ears, others had weird hair colors, some had tails too. She raised me. After a while, I realized I started changing. I was getting taller, my voice was changing, and many more. After I had gotten used to my growth patterns and way of life, she enrolled me in the school.

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