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Seeley Ryder, a poor, average, girl was out of place in her school. She attended the Wills Prepatory School; a school only for the well endowed. So how did she get in? She was the scholarship girl, the one no one liked because of her lack of wealth. And then there were Masen and Nu. The stars of the school, and mainly because they were two of the five members of L!qu!d: the oh so famous boy band. But Seeley avoided those types of people. So what was she to do when she was suddenly thrown into their world of chaos and music?

Seeley's apartment, Brooklyn, New York: 5 AM

"Seeley! Get up! You've got to get up now if you're going to deliver the papers before practice!" My eyes shot open and I jumped out of bed.

"Give me two minutes mom! I'll be dressed and gone!" I ran to my dresser and quickly threw on my sweat pants, t-shirt and sneakers, and grabbed my uniform. I headed into the crammed family room and ran past my little brother and mom, who was hemming a client's pants.

"You have to slow down, Seeley. This is no way to live life." I shrugged.

"I've got to go mom. Be good Ty." I ruffled my brother's hair and grabbed my bike from next to the door, rolling it down the hallway of our small apartment complex. I got outside and hung my uniform off the back of my bike, and stuffing a bunch of newspapers in the front basket, shooting off down the road.

And cue cheesy but inspirational music.

Hi there, I'm Seeley Ryder. 17 year old student, dancer, and 3 part time jobs holder.

You see, I attend this snobby, rich school; Wills Prep. But how did I get in? You see, I got a scholarship to attend, and I took it. It was a great opporitunity, considering everyone who attended either went on to a great college, or have made a career for themselves. Well, other than the trust fund babies, which is most of the school. But anyway, I'm digressing. I got the scholarship to dance. It was required that I practiced a minimum of two hours a day to keep my scholarship, which was pretty hard considering my jobs. Why don't I just break down my daily schedule for you?

5-6 Am: Deliver newspapers

6-7 Am: Dance in school dance studio

7 Am- 2 Pm: Attend school

2-3 Pm: Dance in school dance studio

3-7 Pm: Work at Rice Garden

7-9 Pm: Pump gas/do the day's homework

9:30 Pm: Get back home and SLEEP

Fun, right? You see, my family has almost no money, and we do what we can to stay ahead. Feeding a family of four on a dry cleaner's and seamstress' salary was difficult. So I worked. There were child labor laws that prohibited my eleven year old brother from working, so I tried to do as much as I could.

So here I was, morning after morning, chucking newspapers at people's doors. I finished my rounds and rode over to school, a place that as great as it was, was my personal hell. No one liked me. I mean, why would they? I was the "charity case" the school only took so they wouldn't look prejudiced against those who couldn't afford to get in (which is most of America). So everyone totured me for fun. It was mostly snide comments about my lack of money, but it would occasionally resort to being pushed around a little. But that usually didn't happen very often.

I pulled up, walking my bike over to the dance studios, ignoring the occasional glare I got from the students who got here very early. I made it to the dance room and walked in, leaning my bike against the mirrors, and pulling out my ipod. Personally, I never liked Ipods, but what was I to do when this school was too expensive to have a cd player and only an Ipod docking station. I put the ipod into the dock and loaded up my warm up playlist.

Wills Prep School front entrance hall, New York City: 7:10 AM

"Watch where you're going Brooklyn." Someone's large arm slammed into my shoulder. Have I told you the best part of these kids? They refer to me as Brooklyn. They thought they were all cute and original by doing so. I murmured an apology to whoever hit me, even though it wasn't my fault.

I'd made it about halfway through the main hall when I heard the high squeal of a freshman girl.

"Look!" She called in a half whisper so everyone could still hear her. "It's Masen and Nu!" Everyone's line of vision shifted to the main doors and I sighed, turning around. If I didn't treat these two like royalty, I wouldn't hear the end of it from the entire Junior girl's class.

Cue the slick entrance of Masen and Nu.

The hall was silent as the two boys entered, and as they passed each cluster watching them, a few spoke up, saying hello. But I just waited until they passed. There was nothing special about them. Let me give you the details on both.

Masen Drake- 18 years old: senior
Famous for his "hunky" good looks and piercing blue eyes
Loved by all (well, most) for is singing voice and silky smooth hair

Nu Wilde- 17 years old: Junior
Stage name (clearly), real name: Michael Wilde
Known as the baby face, but still "gorgeous"
Loved by all (once again, most) for his musical abilities ranging from violin to drums

They headed down the hall, and apart from the small cluster of girls following them, everything returned to normal. Other than their looks and talent, would you like to know what they were popular for? Well, more than popular, famous for?

They were part of the world famous boy band L!qu!d. If you put 98 Degrees, the Backstreet boys, *NSYNC, and New Kids on the Block together, you would have L!qu!d. Known for their liquid (get it?) smooth dance steps and serenading voices, L!qu!d quickly became a popular band. Well, that and the fact that all of them were devastatingly handsome guys between the ages of 17 and 21. I'll tell you, their fans loved the idea that they were close enough in age to date them. But give me a break. These guys have no real talent. Sure, they do a little turn onstage, and sing a song, but they were nothing special.

I headed down the hall and trudged into english class, sitting at my desk and laying my head on the desk. These long days were starting to catch up to me. I heard a voice clear above me.

Caroline Valentine- 17 years old: Junior
The most popular (and rich) girl in the junior class
Is bent on making my life a living hell

"Hello Caroline." I sighed, sitting up. She crossed her arms and pursed her glossy lips at me. The signature "I'm pissed at you" look.

"Brooklyn. Have you forgot your place in this world?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Did you see your pathetic attempt at greeting Masen and Nu this morning?"

"Oh. I'm very sorry, I haven't gotten much sleep so I couldn't muster up much energy." She scoffed.

"I'm sure you could've done more than that. You'll pay for that in PE." She and her minions left my desk and I sighed, leaning my head back on the desk, taking a quick nap. Well, it was almost two hours. It's a good thing my english teacher doesn't care about my effort.

Wills Prep School soccer field, New York City: 1:30 PM

"Come on Ryder! Pick up the pace!" I panted a little as I ran accross the soccer field, chasing the ball. The one sport I didn't understand. Why chase a ball around a field?

"Hey Brooklyn! Heads up!" I turned my head toward the voice and BAM! Smack dab in the face. My head ricocheted back from the force of the ball and I was slammed back into the grass.

The teacher blew the whistle. "Time!" No one rushed over other than the teacher, and I got up. "Alright that's a foul on Mann. Ryder why don't you go wash up." I put my hand to my face and felt something wet. I pulled my hand away and my fingers were covered with blood. Great. A bloody nose. I nodded to my teacher and started walking over to the bathrooms, seeing Caroline and her minions covering their mouths, laughing. Caroline straightened up and smirked, walking over to me.

"Oh my gosh! Brooklyn, are you okay?" She said in a squeaky fake voice. I held my nose and shrugged.

"Is your revenge over now?" She smiled.

"Oh trust me, that was the best revenge of my life. Turn around." I turned a little and saw no one other than Masen and Nu glancing over while walking past the field. I turned back to Caroline. "I guess this'll be a good lesson for you. Now you know to keep your place. Now go clean up your nose. You're getting commoner blood near me." She shriveled away a little, and I wanted nothing more than to wipe my bloody hand on her. But I ignored the impulse and kept walking, heading to the closest bathrooms.

I had to learn to pick my battles, and I knew none of the involved Caroline Valentine.

I got into the bathrooms and checked out my face. Most of it was covered in blood, but luckily (I guess) the ball had hit the corner of my nose, so it wouldn't be broken. But my eye would definitely be bruised. I grabbed some paper towels and ran them under the automatic sinks, completely drenching them. I wiped off my face as best as I could and dried my face off with a new towel.

The bell rang, signaling the PE classes to head into the locker rooms and change. I threw away the paper towels and headed out of the bathroom, following the PE classes to the lockers.

I got in and started to feel the ball to the face, but I still had an hour to dance before I could get to Rice Garden and get some ice. So I changed into my uptight uniform, even though I'd have to change back into my sweatpants in a few minutes. I made it out of the locker room and walked past the giggling Caroline and minions, heading to the dance studios.

I quickly changed into my sweats and headed into the studio, stopping to look at my nose in the mirror. It was pretty red, and getting swollen. Great. But it definitely wasn't broken.

I pulled my short hair into a ponytail and plugged in my ipod. Time to dance.

Rice Garden, Brooklyn, New York: 3:00 PM

"It really is a pretty bad hit."

"I know. Do we have any ice around here?"

"Sure." Sadie went to the back room while I flipped some fried rice. Sadie's my only friend, by the way.

Sadie Doe- 16 years old: sophomore
Attends my old school (Brooklyn Tech)
We met in 7th grade and stuck together like glue. Best friends since

Sadie came back with the ice and handed it to me.

"Thanks." I put it on my eye and sighed a little at the relief of pain. She leaned against the counter while I finished making the rice. It was a pretty slow night, considering there was only one customer.

"You know, you shouldn't put up with this crap." I chuckled humorlessly and put the fried rice in a bowl, handing it to the waiter, who took it to the customer.

"Please. I kind of have to. I don't have a choice. If I want to stay a student, and get into a good school, I can't do anything." Sadie sighed.

"You know, I could go. You know, rough em up a little." I snorted.

"You, Sadie? Of all people, you're the most shy I know. I don't think you'd be very good at dealing with them." It was a good enough reason, but my real one was that Sadie was fragile. The students at Wills Prep would eat her alive.

"Yeah, well I'd do something." She muttered. I smiled and patted her shoulder.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." I didn't quite know if that was true, but I'd deal, one way or another.

"Yeah, sure. But you let me know if I can do anything." I nodded.

"Sure, sure."

Seeley's apartment, Brooklyn, New York: 9:45 PM

"I'm home Mom, Dad, and Tyler!" I shut the door to our apartment, leaned my bike against the wall and headed into the family room. Tyler was glued to the tv, and mom and dad were still working.

"Honey, dinner's in the fridge." I nodded and headed into our small kitchen, opening the fridge and picked up the sandwich, and headed into my room.

"Thanks. Come on Ty, let's go to bed." We shared a room, so it was always my job to get him to bed. He sighed and turned off the tv.

"Alright." He trudged after me and I shut the door behind us when we got in our room.

"Go get your pjs on." I faced the wall since he was too old for me to "see anything," and took a bite of the hot dog and egg sandwich (don't hate till you've tried it).

"I'm done." I turned around and took off my jacket. I might as well just sleep in my sweats.

"Alright, you get in bed now." He climbed in and I tucked him in. "Goodnig-"

"Wait." I sighed. He usually put off going to bed.


"What happened to you?" Oh yeah. Black eye.

"Nothing." He sat up.

"Your face is swollen." I sighed and gently pushed him back down.

"I told you, nothing happened. Don't worry about it and just go to sleep." He complied, but barely. I sat down on my bed and quickly finished the sandwich, ready to go to sleep.

I climbed into bed, laying on the right side of my body (avoiding my face), and tried to fall asleep. As tired as I was, my brain was still functioning. I heard Tyler's breathing calm and I knew he was asleep. But where was I? Somewhere stuck between work mode and sleep mode. Guess it's time to start counting sheep.