The bell wrang. Immediately, the woman at the front of the room began the roll call. "Alexander and Diana Draehan."

"Yo." A sunny looking, boy flashed a blinding grin to the room at large. "'Sup?" He ran a hand through his bleach golden hair.

"Present," his sister, looked bored. Unlike the boy, she had a mass of dark hair shot through with streaks of white-silvery blonde. Her eyes were dark pools in her face which she used to shook a glare at her ostentatious brother.

"Dirk Hayes."

A somewhat chubby kid burped. "Sorry." He ran a hand through his dark curls and rubbed them over his pasty face. "Had too much to drink last night."

The teacher didn't bat an eye. "Wonderful. Harry Gold."

A emo looking boy with impossibly pale white skin grunted. There were dark circles under his eyes which seemed painfully big in his shadowed, gaunt face.

And the roll call continued. "Vivienne Marenstein."

"Whatever. Love me, adore me, do whatever you want. Just do it on your own time and don't bother me." A golden-haired, blue-eyed beauty examined her nails through narrowed eyes. She pursed her perfect lips. "Damn, this nail is chipped." She reached into her Prada bag and pulled out three different colors of nail polish.

"Ms. Marenstein, please." The teacher's voice was sharp as she called the next name. "Minerva Presely."

"Here," a girl with ash-blonde hair and intelligent, sharp, flashing gray eyes replied. She closed her book and sat at her desk, facing the front of the room at attention.

"Hestiana Rodriguez."

The small dark girl in the corner looked up from doodling. Her amber eyes blazed with a hidden light. "Here."

"Aaron Saffordon."

The hulking, scowling boy rolled his eyes. "Here, whatever, can I leave now?"

The woman ignored him, calling the next student on her list. "Peter Trident."

"Yo, wassup?" The surfer dude bumped fists with Alexander Draehan. His hair was dark, almost black, his skin a tan golden brown. His eyes were an odd mix of blue, green, and gray, and seemed to be roiling like the sea itself during a storm.

The teacher looked less than pleased. "Wonderful. Victor Ussen."

"Here." The boy was plain, almost ugly, especially compared to the beauty of the other students in the room. Adding to his out of place looks, this teen was in a wheel chair. He looked by no means weak, but the wheel chair left something to be said. He had a sort of unseen air of strength about him, though.

"Henry Vuitton."

A quiet boy with brown hair answered without looking up. "What? Oh, hi." He sank further down into his seat, his wiry build seeming to fold in on itself.

"Daphne Worthington."

A happy looking girl with hair the color of wheat smiled serenely. "Can we have class outside today? It's such a beautiful day."

The teacher pursed her lips. "No. Helen Zalvenson."

The tall, lanky, proud looking girl seated near the door straightened up. "Here."

The teacher put down her list. "Good. Now, I'm Ms. M—"

The door flew open to reveal a boy standing in the entrance. The boy was gorgeous but arrogant. He had dark blonde hair, and his eyes were a breathtaking green. He seemed to fairly crackle with energy.

The teacher now looked positively miffed. "Ah, Mr. Anderson, I presume. Please, take a seat."

"Zachary, please, Ms. Mahoney." The boy shot her a heartbreaking grin. "But you can call me Zach if you prefer."

The teacher ignored him. "As I was saying, my name is Ms. Mahoney. Καλώς ήρθατε στην ακαδημία των Θεών. Welcome to the Academy of the Gods."