my words fucking hate your guts!
you tragic excuse for a MAN.(What
was that thing you liked? little girls
that call you "pretty/big". virgins?)
GIRLS! that only know your
f(5)ive inch dick. does the F(uck)At Girl
scream? is the whore you're fucking
alive? does IT have any idea how
beautiful I(1:00) am ? did you tell her
I was perfect? (-did you lie/lye to get
into her?) I bet ($50!)

you said like a damn bird: "oh no
she wasn't perfectly thin and tan! her
big brown eyes weren't breathtaking
and her tight ass wasn't nice at all!
all her long soft legs did nothing for me,
not the curly hair, or amazing sex. no,
she did nothing for me."

and I may be a whore.
but at least I have a HEART.