"You are so wrong!" I screeched while slamming my fists down onto the cold black counter top.

"No I'm not, you just don't know music," said the guy managing the cash register. We'd been at this for ten minutes straight. Arguing over music. Everything would've been fine if he'd just let me buy my stuff, but no! He says that my choice of music is trash. But if my music's trash, then what the hell is he? My CD was just laying there, looking sad and lonely, while he kept giving it glares of disdain. Asshole.

"If you don't ring it up, I swear to god I'm just gonna walk out of here with it," I growled menacingly.

"Go right ahead," I picked up my music and started to walk away, "I'll just call security right now." The bastard was smirking at me, causing my already thin grasp of control to snap. I grabbed a CD off a nearby rack and threw it straight at his stupid head. I missed my mark, but was satisfied when one of the jagged corners caught his shoulder. "What the hell?" he bellowed. "That's fucking assault!"

"Yeah? Well get over it you bitching baby!" with that comment, I threw down some money for the CD and walked out of the store, ignoring the alarm bells that began screeching from behind me. A smirk took control of my lips, and my hips swayed a little bit more cockily than usual as my long blond hair shimmered brightly in the mid-day sun. Nothing feels quite as good as putting some little ass-wipe in their place.

"Excuse me miss, but you need to come with me."

Okay, let me revise my last statement. You know the one about nothing feeling as great as putting some ass-wipe in their place? Well, just to make things clear, it only feels good until a pig in uniform comes up and delivers that age old line. Then…well, your just freaking pissed.

I'll say one thing about the local police department, they sure do know how to make a criminal sweat. Seriously, hadn't they ever heard of air conditioning? Even in my best summer apparel - short shorts and a light form fitting tank top - I felt like a freaking Barbie doll left to bake in the oven by a cruel little brat.

The dull gray door across from me swung upon, bringing in a gust of cool air that I breathed in gratefully. I wasn't, however, too cheerful to see my arresting officer come in with a frown on his pencil thin lips.

"Well Miss," he glanced down a some papers he had gripped tightly in his hands, "Hale, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Not guilty," I spat out, rolling my icy blue/grey eyes with impatience. I wanted out of this hell hole, and I wanted out now.

"Really? Cause I heard otherwise," he said with a smirk, while I just glared and imagined myself slinging a baseball bat at his head. When the idiot realized that I wasn't going to say anything, he went on. "The manager on duty says that you walked out of the store with a CD, a CD that you had not paid for, after first verbally abusing him and then physically assaulting him with a nearby CD." I sighed, and cocked my head to the side.

"Okay, first of all, that so called manager refused to let me buy the CD, saying that it was trash. Secondly, that CD that hit him was an accident," one little lie has never hurt anyone, "And thirdly, I did pay for the flipping CD; I tossed down a twenty on the counter. Which, by the way, was at least five dollars more than what the CD actually cost." The officer raised a bushy eyebrow, as if silently asking whether or not I was done. I just gave him a tight smile and shrugged my shoulders.

"Well…" the officer drew out the word and rocked back and forth on his heels. I was hoping he'd fall. "That's not what the manger said," he finally said with a slight sneer.

"Ever considered the possibility that he might be lying?" my caustic tone hinting at the fact that I thought that he was an idiot for believing the words that had apparently came out of that freak of a managers mouth.

"I see it like this - and so do most people - the person accused and facing punishment is more likely to lie than someone who has nothing to lose."

"Yeah, well maybe you have it ass backwards," I growled, even though I did understand the concept. But even if I agreed, that didn't mean I liked it being applied to me.

"Maybe you're just a little bitch," the officer grumbled under his breath, I didn't think he meant for me to hear that little comment, because it was said so softly, but that didn't mean anything to me.

"What can I say? Bitches clash with other bitches," a razor edge smile took up residence upon my lips as the officer stared at me in shock. When he finally got over his amazement, he harrumphed and started messing with his papers.

"I'm sad to say that since there is no solid evidence against you that you're getting away clean," now I was genuinely grinning, "However, there is the slight problem of the assault accusations," my smile turned upside down. "The manager has a proposition, either A) he sues you for assault and battery, or B) you come and work at his shop, Music Madness, for the next three months."

I opened my mouth to argue; to scream that that wasn't fair. I even considered telling the officer where both he and the idiotic manager could shove both proposals. But in the end, I knew what my father would say if I was charged for any crime. And I also knew that I could lie about why I had suddenly acquired a job.

"I guess I'll now be able to call myself a working woman," I gave a weak smile, then perked up. "Hey, do you know if I'll get an employees discount?" The cop laughed - I was shocked. I hadn't even seen him smile a real smile, and now he was laughing?

"I doubt it. You won't even be getting paid!"

Okay, now I think I'll just find a big old bridge and take a jump. I'd always wondered what it felt like to fly.

After signing forms, and bickering with some more dumb ass cops, I was able to walk out of that nightmarish place called hell. The sun was setting and I still had to make my way back down to where I'd parked my car. All the way out in front of Music Madness, which was at least a mile away. I looked down at my sandals and glared. I just had to wear them, even while knowing that if I wore them for more than a few hours my feet would be whimpering in pain…by now they were screaming bloody freaking murder. I didn't even want to know what they'd feel like when I finally reached my car.

Sighing with reluctant resolve, I began my solemn trek.

By the time I reached my vehicle, I was hot and sweaty, and wishing that my stupid feet would just shrivel up and die already cause I was sick of feeling them pulsate in time with my heartbeat. I'm pretty sure that this was the worst I'd ever felt. While I was feeling around in my bag for my keys, a voice spoke up.

"I just thought I'd tell you that you're to report to work at nine tomorrow," even in the meager lighting I could recognize that asshole.

"I hope you mean 9:00pm, cause if you're talking about 9:00am, I'm still going to be sleeping soundly."

"Although I understand that you need your beauty sleep and all," he looked me up and down and smirked while my cheeks grew hot with anger, "You still need to be here at 9:00am." after that little remark, he started walking away. I opened my mouth to say some biting remark….only I couldn't think of one.

For once I was totally speechless. And to tell the truth, I didn't really like the feeling. I also didn't care for the fact that my new co-worker had an ass that I couldn't help but notice, and definitely couldn't help but want to squeeze.

By the time I got home it was already ten-thirty. I knew that my dad was going to be pissed…but only pissed because he was worried. He couldn't really help it.

"Addison!" my dad bellowed from somewhere in our good sized house. I heard heavy steps coming my way and flinched. "Where the hell have you been?" he asked when he caught site of me standing in the doorway, looking guilty.

"Um…out?" I tried. I really didn't really want to say that I'd been locked up inside of a police station and then walked a mile in the darkness of the night. I was pretty sure he'd never let me out of the house if I told him that.

"Out? Out! You were out!" I looked away and shuffled my feet as his volume increased.

"Yeah," I squeaked while trying to look pitiful and innocent, I knew it wasn't working the moment he let out a frustrated growl and came closer to me.

"Are you stupid? Don't you know how dangerous it is out there," he pointed at the decorative front door, "at night? People get hurt. People get killed!" my eyes started to water when he grabbed my arms and shook me roughly. "You'd think you'd know that," with that last shout, and an extra shake he shoved me away. My feet, being so sore, caused me to trip and fall. I landed on the floor and my head smacked into the wall with a loud crack. I looked up to see my dad walking away, his broad shoulders held tight with tension.

"Sorry," I managed to say, nearly chocking on the word. He paused and didn't look back at me.

"'Sorry' won't keep you alive," he finally said, and then disappeared somewhere, leaving me lying on the floor with my head throbbing, eyes stinging, and heart aching.

But even with the most consuming sorrow, anger can always override it.

And at the moment, I was pretty pissed about knowing that I'd have to get up in the morning. With that thought, I pushed myself up and slowly trudged up the long staircase and into my room. I looked longingly at my cozy bed that was singing to me sweetly, and then immediately turned away. If I was going to have to get up in the morning and go to work, I was going to take a shower tonight. Besides, I felt disgusting. With one last glance at the comfy bed, I headed into my bathroom for a quick shower.

The warm water was soothing a seemed to wash away everything except my weariness. When I was tucked under my covers, and was about to turn off my lamp, I caught site of the smiling woman with a young child in her arms, in a picture frame on my nightstand. Seeing her golden hair shining made my eyes start to sting anew, and I knew that sleep would not coming easy for me now, no matter how tired I was. Climbing out from under the covers, I went back into my bathroom and dug through the medicine cabinet till I found what I looking for. Filling up a glass of water, I popped a pill in my mouth and shot it down with the water, then headed back to bed. Soon my eyes felt heavy, and my mind felt fuzzy.

But no matter how fuzzy my thoughts might be, I could clearly see the smiling woman with hair so like my own.

Okay, this story idea just popped into my head and I really like it….I don't know if I quite like how it sounds written down, but I was hoping that some of you readers could tell me. Should I dump it? Or keep writing it? I know that this chapter is a little choppy, but that's because I wrote it at some insane time. Thanks for reading!