Addison's POV

I winced as another bolt of pain made its way through my head. Preferably, I'd like to say that it was because of the wordless screams that were pounding out of the speakers above my head. Honestly, I knew that it was most likely from where I'd cracked my head the night before. And me, being the dumb blond that I am, left my pain killers at home. Stupid, right?

"What the hell's wrong with your face?" a short guy with gelled crimson hair asked me, his lip ring catching the light and reflecting it. I was considering the rebellious fashion statement a damn good way to teach him a lesson. Who asks someone what's wrong with their face? Who freaking does that? Really? You didn't see me asking him what was wrong with his, now did you?

"I asked you a question. What's-"

"Would you just shut up! What's wrong is the fact that I have some big idiot with a sledgehammer mining all of the brain cells inside my head. Oh, and how could I forget the fact that I'll probably be stuck singing the flipping alphabet for the rest of my life. A, B, C, Dickhead. See! It won't stop! And the moron with fake clown hair won't shut up!" my voice was shrill, and I felt pressure building up from behind my eyes. Everyone was now staring at me like I was crazy. The guy with the red hair looked scared. Personally, I didn't really blame him. I'd gone all psycho bitch on him.

"What are all of you staring at?" I yelled, looking around the hell hole that was Music Madness and all of its customers that were staring at me, their eyes wide. Some people even walked out. I thought that that was very smart of them.

"Dude, I think all of you're brain cells have already been mined," the idiot said, and I grabbed at him, planning on ripping out his flipping lip ring and stabbing him in the eyes with it. My fingers had just grazed the metal, when a steely hand locked itself around my arm, and began dragging me to the backroom that was marked as Employees Only in big red letters.

"What do you think you're doing?" Chase asked, his voice tight and incredulous. "All I asked you to do was organize the CD's - something a stupid fiver year old could do - and you end up screaming like a banshee," by the time he was finished, we were inside the room. Some curious customers made their way closer to the door in the hopes of catching Chase freaking out on me. Scowling at them, Chase slammed the door and then turned back around to face me. I was hoping that someone would try to jack the place while no one was on the lookout.

If they got caught, I'd cheerfully thank them by paying their bond and hiring them the best lawyer that I could find. Cost didn't matter if they destroyed hell.

"Again, what the hell?" Chase's voice broke through my fantasy of seeing shiny silver CD's crushed, and the displays knocked over. My anger and craziness came back as I realized that I'd be the one that would most likely have to clean up the mess.

"What the hell? What the hell! What the freaking hell is this…this…ugh!" my thoughts were scrambled up better then scrambled eggs. I don't ever want to work another day of my life. I'll go so low as to be some old man's arm candy, then to ever so much as look at another sign advertising that help is wanted. Helping, is putting me in the position of needing to be helped. And the help that I'd most likely be looking forward to would involve a nice white jacket and a padded room. Gazing all the way up into Chase's face - he was at least six-four, while I was only five-four - I realized that what I had thought to be his permanent smirk, was now gone. Replaced with a look that could only be described as someone deliberating about whether the person standing in front of them needed to be dragged off to the loony bin.

"Don't look at me like that, freak," I spat out, trying to return things to some sort of normality. And so far, normal had been constant, acidic comments.

"Well don't act like a crack head and maybe I wouldn't. And stop scaring people off. God…" with that, he stalked off and settled himself onto his throne: The Stool. I stood there for a few more minutes, recollecting my thoughts and trying to calm myself. I had lost it. Stress does that to me. Once I threw a pencil sharpener at a teachers head because they asked me if I would like a sticker. I was only six. Slowly, my temper tantrums went from throwing objects, to slicing people up with words - a definite sign of maturity if you ask me. More then one person had suggested I see a therapist. I didn't have the nerve to tell them that my dad was one of the highest paid psychiatric therapists in the country, and that his name was known worldwide.

Suggesting that I needed to see a therapist was more than a little embarrassing. That, and I didn't think that my dad would take it too well. I really didn't want to end up with anymore bruises, even if they were accidental.

Taking a deep breath, I made my way back into the shop and hoped that maybe someone would come in and rob the place. At least then I might get to leave early.

Chase's POV

I stared around at the customers, on the lookout for shoplifters and psycho Barbie. The shop had filled up after Addison's little display, and people were just standing around staring at the blond with their cell phones in hand, hoping to catch another freak out on camera. Irritation swelled up inside my chest and I stood up, stretching. Loitering wasn't something that was permitted in the shop. There was even a sign hanging on the window saying so, and I intended to make these idiots realize that it wasn't just for decoration. I had waited to see if they would buy anything but no, these fools didn't even try to cover up their real reason for being here by browsing through the CD racks, they just eagerly watched blond.

And the blond had noticed. I had watched her wearily as her back slowly became more and more ridged. The only reason I hadn't told her to cool it yet was because I was extremely tempted to just set her loose on the idiot filled shop. But I didn't feel like dealing with cops dragging the body bags out, and having to clean up the mess left behind.

Reaching over, I pressed the button that turned on the speakers in the shop, and began to speak. "Okay, if you're not here to purchase anything, I strongly suggest that you get the hell out," I growled, looking around. "If you don't feel like taking my advice, then it's your freaking funeral." With that said, I sat back down on my stool and glared at the people in the shop, daring them to go against what I'd just announced. The majority made their way out, casting glances over their shoulders as they retreated. After five minutes, only a five pimple faced teens remained, grinning and laughing as they peeked over to where Addison was organizing CD's, her movements violent.

At a leisurely pace, I made my way over to them and smiled darkly as their eyes widened momentarily when they saw me. They held their ground however, I had to give them that. Of course, they wouldn't be in about a minute.

"I thought that I said that anyone who wasn't here to shop, had better get out," I said darkly when I reached them, towering over their much shorter frames. Four of the five took a several steps back and looked almost longingly at the exit, but the one that remained smirked while I glowered.

"Yeah, but who are you kidding? You can't actually make us leave, and that airhead," he jerked his head toward Addison, whose posture stiffened even more, "is just too entertaining to miss."

"I can't make you leave? Really?" I asked, an amused smile finding its way to my lips while took another step closer to the idiot. He continued to glare up at me, his greasy hair hanging down in his eyes. The bells on the door chimed and I saw his friends retreating, disappearing down the block. The brat realized that he'd been abandoned and suddenly didn't look as confident. I took another aggressive step towards him and turned to scamper out of the shop, only he didn't quite make it as he face planted into hard tiling that graced the floor of the shop. Just as I was about to comment on his klutzy escape, I saw Addison smirking triumphantly at him as he groaned. Something told me that the kid might just not be a klutz. Wonderful.

The kid slowly began to crawl out of the shop, and I considered helping him briefly but then remembered that he'd been rude to me. This might teach him a lesson, and if not that, then discourage him from coming back to this shop. When he finally got outside, I turned back to Addison.

"What the hell was that?" I growled. This girl really had to get a grip on her temper. Seriously, in less than two days she'd thrown a CD at me, had a major freak out, drew a crowd of loiterers into the shop, and tripped a kid. If she wasn't such a bitch and hadn't tried to decapitate me, I would have congratulated her on her accomplishments. As it was, I wanted to kick her out and never have to see her too blond head and personality again. But of course, I'd promised Mike a free worker, and you can't really find those on the street so I was stuck with her. Joy.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing," Addison drawled, smiling happily. I just stared. That was the first real smile I'd seen on her face, and it had come from nearly killing a kid. The girl really was sick.

"Nothing, huh? You just about cracked his head open." For some reason, I felt the need to make it clear that she had almost ended someone's life, but she just kept on smiling.

"Well it's not like anything would've really come out of it. Maybe a few dust bunnies or something, but nothing to indicate that a brain had ever resided there." Okay, she's freaky. I'm betting that she's already plotting to end my life soon. I wonder what she thinks would come out of my head? After thinking about that for a minute, I dismissed it. Even I didn't want to know what would come out, all I know that it most likely wouldn't be anything that I - or anyone else for that matter - would want to see.

"You're crazy, you know?" I told her, and made my way back to the stool shaking my head.

"No, I'm not. I just don't little brats. Why do you think I dislike you so much?" I turned around, determined to face her verbal attack head on, and to make sure she didn't try to kill me with my back turned. But she was smiling brightly, as if letting me in on a joke. All I could do was stare at her dumbly, wondering if she was being serious, or trying to buddy up to me so that she could dispose of me easier. I shook my head, trying to clear it.

"I don't know, I just thought that you were jealous of my insanely good looks," I finally replied, after deciding to go along with her little game.

"Oh no, standing within a fifty-foot radius of me makes everyone else look like slugs, so don't worry about me being jealous of you," she taunted, and my eyebrows shot up.

"Cocky, aren't you?" I asked her.

"Nope. I simply know the truth, maybe you just need to accept it." With that, she turned back around, humming some obnoxious pop song quietly.

Staring at the way her hair caught and reflected the light, and at the way her shirt clung to her gorgeous figure, I almost thought that she was right.


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