He's the Class President and I'm the Vice President.

Class Prez: Bentley Kramer. Bentley Kramer is and annoyingly so. He has those perfect green eyes and he's got that long skater hair that girls swoon over. He has that smirk mastered and his smile is just radiant. Bentley knows how to treat his girlfriend and he's mind blowing in bed. He never cheats, he gets the best grades, and he'll be class Valedictorian. Bentley has never had any blemish to his face and he has dimples and a perfect jaw, Bentley even has a six pack, he's 6 feet tall and he's the Soccer Captain. Bentley is funny, nice, sweet, everyone loves him, he gets in trouble, he's a badass, he's a dream to have in your class because he'll make time fly and teacher's just end up getting off topic with him around. .Bentley cam play guitar and sing like a sex god. Bentley Kramer is perfect at its best.

His girlfriend is perfect for him and his popularity. I'd like to say that I hate her but I can't. She's too nice. Bentley's best friend is Derek Michaels and he's perfect too. It's like a fucking cult. Derek has blue eyes the most gorgeous opulent eyes I've ever seen. He has wavy dark dark brown hair that is basically black to me. Derek is the perfect height for me, he's 5 inches taller, making him 5"8. Derek is so fucking sweet and everyone likes him. If you didn't like Derek Michaels then you don't have a soul. Unfortunately for me I love Derek Michaels.

I'm the Class President and she's the Class Vice President.

Class VP: Yardley Hurst. Yardley is immensely bitchy. She's a bitch because she tells the truth, she tells it like it is, she speaks her mind and people don't like it. I admire it and I love it. I admire Yardley. I don't try to be anything, I just be who I am but I don't say everything I want to. Yardley doesn't hold back, she's full on Yardley; you take it or leave it. She's sarcastic at times and can be rude but she's polite and nice and caring. Yardley is out there and she hates sports and exercise in general. When I mean out there, she likes things that aren't the norm and her personality changes and her mood changes often. Her eyes are blue and they're icy blue. Piercing arctic tundra blue and her hair is a dirty blonde that is typically in ringlets or tied up. She has glasses that she wears most of the time and she draw a lot. She is amazing in bed, knows how to handle herself and is sure of who she is. Yardley cusses a lot and she doesn't laugh as much as she should- her smile and laugh is amazing- but she's funny as hell, she's outgoing, adventurous, holds grudges and Yardley thinks people are just too good and is terrible at forgiving. Yardley is smart, really smart and will probably be class Valedictorian. Yardley Hurst is perfect.

My girlfriend is Danielle Featherstone, Miss Popularity. She's nice, too nice. I know that she "secretly" hooks up with guys at other schools or even I other counties. Danielle is a red head that is friendly to everyone and she can just talk and talk without it being annoying. But hell she's not perfect.

My best friend is perfect. He and Yardley would be perfect. But then again I don't want them to be together. I don't want them to be together. I don't want them to be together at all.

Me and Yardley used to be fuck buddies before Danielle came along. I don't like cheating at all. But Yardley tempts me so very greatly. Let's say we've had many secret rendezvous-before I had a girlfriend ofcourse. At the class rep meetings, afterschool, before and or after soccer, at work or just anywhere. We both even work at the same place, I'm a server at Rio Grande and she's a hostess. A hostess with a few piercings, she had her navel pierced and she occasionally wears her nose ring, but otherwise she has three cartilage rings on her right ear and one on the left and then she has the basic ear lobe piercing on each ear. With some of her convincing and a shot of tequila I got my hip tattooed with a band aid. It's kind of weird but kind of cool too and honestly, no regrets.

"Hey Bentley," Yardley greets me as she sits on the corner of the table. It's a meeting between me her, and Mrs. Schuler the head counselor. It's an early before school meeting to plan for any spirit days or events coming up this month. She's wearing baggy sweats that are really low on her hips and she's wearing a pastel red v-neck. There's some skin showing and it's distracting to say the least. She's got her usual cowrie shell black rope surfer necklace on and her glasses are low on her face. Her hair is up in a messy bun and she has the mascara on and eyeliner and black Eyeshadow that make her eyes look all sultry and gorgeous. Even though they look sultry and gorgeous anyway.

I know I shouldn't pay much attention to her and I shouldn't be thinking about her like that since she isn't my girlfriend and I do have a girlfriend but I can't help it. And it doesn't seem wrong to me. She fucks other guys and I think about Yardley and think about fucking her. I'm not doing anything wrong like her. I'm just thinking inappropriately and let's face it, I'm 17- almost 18 and it's not exactly unheard of. I'm better than most guys in the sense that I don't cheat but only in that sense.

"How ya do baby boo?" I greet her getting up to hug her. She's petite and her skin has always been so soft and she always smells great.

I sit back down and she's still on the edge on the table, one leg crossed over the other in a sexy secretary like way.

She grabs my notebook and asks, "So any plans? Besides a cheerleader car wash that is. Lord knows how much money they get but other sports need to do some stuff too."

"Well," I ponder as I put my hand on her knee that's resting right by my head, "You should be in any car wash we have. We'll make more then enough."

"Haha. Funny." She says dryly.

"Okay then gorgeous, how about we have an auction or a fair or something?" I suggest with some annoyance and sarcasm and a laugh.

"I think a fair would be adorable! I'll write both down. Anything else?" Yardley is cooing and laughing, it's really adorable.

"Do you have any ideas?"

"Um I dunno let's see…sell stuff or like make some kind of match maker service! Wait! That's perfect, Bentley you should have some kind of matchmaker service or something. Something romancey."

"What?" I laugh.

"Yeah! See girls and even guys are suckers for romance and love. And Many girls just really love you. So you help someone Bent and then offer your matchmaker service."

"And how much will I charge?"

"I dunno, you can't put a price on love but some people are willing to pay anything."

"You're sneaky." I smile.

"I'm smart. And we can start by you helping me."

"What?" Oh fuck.

"Bentley, babe please?"


"Aghhhhhhh! I don't want to tell you but I guess I have toooo ughh," Yardley covers her face and mumbles a name.

"What? What was that? I didn't hear you?" I mock even if I seriously want to know.

"AHH! Derek Michaels!" Yardley covers her face with her hands and shakes her head. Of fucking course.


"Look Bentley I know he's your best friend but I dunno I like him. I mean I'm not that ugly right? And I'm not that big of a bitch for him to not date right? I mean he's nice but a pity date would suck! And like-"

"Yardley, you are in no way ugly, and you can be a bitch but it's in a likable way and no one would ever pity date you. If it's what you want I'll help you out." Damn it, see this is what I do, I try and be nice and please everyone. She just seemed so worried and disappointed and just that she just really wants him to like her. And even if I really really want her to like me, she wants him.

Yardley Hurst

I can't believe I just told Bentley. Bentley of all fucking people. The best friend of the guy I like, the best friend that I used to fuck. I mean Bentley and me are friends. And we have history and we work together, we work at school together and we have classes together and we are friends. We used to be friends with benefits. A lot of benefits. But still. Telling him makes me nervous. Because of our history and because Derek is his best friend.

"So?" I ask cautiously.

"So what?"

"What do you think? About me liking him."

"Him who?"


"Okay okay," Bentley laughs, "Well I mean…I'm okay with it. You know, but I don't think he deserves you."

"What?" I say in disbelief, "That's stupid if anything I'm not-"

"No Yardley, don't even say it. Trust me, you are amazing."

"Okay okay whatever. How are we gonna do this?"

Bentley doesn't answer as Mrs. Shuler walks in and starts to talk about nonsense.

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