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I personally, don't mind PDA at least when other people do it, but I personally love it. I mean unless it's the right girl. I used to make out with Yardley in the halls or I'd kiss some other girl to make Yardley angry. And she'd catch on and flirt with some other guy and I'd get pissed but in the end we'd end up happy together.

And it's weird to see Yardley kissing some other guy in the halls and I honestly want to punch that guy's lights out. I'm jealous, I'm really jealous. But I don't think Yardley even knows, it's also weird to be on this end. The end of the love spectrum where you like someone and all you can do is just watch them be happy.

I'm not sure who Yardley is kissing but I want to know so I wait and soon enough, the guy gets off of her long enough and who else could it be but my best friend. Fuck this shit man.

I hastily walk around with no real plan. But it happens, where you don't know where to go but you just have to get the hell away.

"Bentley?" And I know whose voice that is. I'm just sitting miserably in the hall alone, elbows on my knees and hands in my hair.

"Yeah?" I don't bother looking up.

"Bentley, what's wrong?" Yardley sits down next to me.

"Yardley, please leave me alone."

Even without seeing her face I know I hurt her feelings.

"Leave you alone? Hell no, fuck you Bentley."

"Yes please."

I look up at her and she's blushing a bit. Yardley never blushes, her face might turn red from heat or sex or something but embarrassing that girl is hell to do.

"Now, why is Mr. President skipping class to sit in the hallway?" She completely ignores my previous comment.

"What are you?"

"Ms. Schuler sent me to look for you for a meeting. Bentley, seriously, what's wrong? You're always so put together, so happy and bright and per-" She doesn't have time to finish because my lips smother hers. Her arms instinctively wrap around my neck as I slightly get on top of her and I use one arm for support and one to hold her waist.

She pulls back and I pull closer and it's a dance. A very very wrong dance.

"Bentley!" Ms. Carlson yells out and we both snap out of it. Composing ourselves as we get up and she touches her lips slightly trying to wipe some of the saliva.

"Sorry, Ms. Carlson won't happen again." I salute her and walk off, tapping Yardley's hip as a sign to start walking. She listens and walks until we're out of sight.

"Bentley, what the hell!" She whisper yells.

"What?" Maybe if I deny this it'll just seem like it never happened.

"Bentley, I'm serious, why'd you do that?!"

"I-uh-I, just look okay I'll explain later?"

"NO, you're explaining now. You just fucking broke the rule of your life! You just- you-"

"I know, Yardley. Look I'll explain later. Let's just go see Ms. Schuler and then we'll talk."

Yardley Hurst

God my mind is blown. I can't just calmly sit here and listen to Ms. Schuler with Bentley looking at me- especially the way he's looking at me.

I mean I can't just wait. But I have to wait. And you know what? I really liked that kiss. I honestly wouldn't have stopped. It sounds bad but, if I was going to be the girl he's cheating with then we might've done something interesting.

But that's beside the point, the point is WHY he did this.

"Did you get that?" Ms. Schuler asks.

"Yeah I did, thanks Ms. Schuler." Bentley answers for us as we both leave.

"So?" I try to stay calm, stopping him as soon as we're far enough away.

"Look Yardley, to be frank my relationship with Danielle isn't perfect, I'm not perfect, she isn't and neither is Derek. And God damn how good you two look together, you make him seem perfect Yard, and well Jesus, I wish I could've stayed perfect to you but there's no way I can. I broke my rule because it hurts to not break it."

Bentley Kramer

I asked Danielle to meet me at my house and in a couple of minutes I'll break the news to her, I'll tell her everything.

"Hey sweetie." She says as she enters. My family doesn't make much of a big scene for her, they all keep to what they're doing as I lead Danielle upstairs.

"So, we need to talk." I tell her as we sit on my bed.

I can see how nervous she is. She probably thinks I'll say something about her cheating.

Breaking up is never really an easy thing to do.

"A-about what?"

"Danielle, I-I uh, I'm going to be completely honest. I'm breaking up with you."

"What?! Why?" She yells in utter dismay.

"Look, honestly, I cheated on you. I didn't fuck some girl- I kissed Yardley." Might as well be totally straight up.

"You did what?! Yardley? That fucking whore, I hate her."

"Don't call Yardley a whore okay," I hold in my anger and I try not to tell her that I know about her being a whore, "She's innocent, I kissed her. And I damn well loved it, I'm in love with Yardley."

"No, no sweetie you're not! I-I love you! And you know you love me too, we should be together!"

"No we shouldn't."

"Yes we should baby, come on- I- I'll accept that you cheated on me," her eyes dart around the room for a moment, "I'm okay with it please just plelase!"

"Danielle, it's over. I can't be with you if I don't love you."

She starts to cry on my shoulder but I know it's her way of trying to make me feel bad.

"Danielle, it's over."

After calming herself down, she takes it as her cue to leave.

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