SC8103 Heroes, Myths and Legends

CA10 – 'The Hero'

Secret Loves: Night Phantom

Done By Luke Ho

Secret Loves: Night Phantom

Night Phantom

Real Name: Ren Ho

Description: The Hero/Anti-Hero

Ren Ho is the hero of the story, and the story revolves around how he adapts to the changes made by the alien meteorite hitting the school and giving his friends superhuman powers, forcing him to become a better person throughout reluctantly saving the world from the aliens and winning Clarissa's heart at the same time.

He is 17 and the archetype of a perfect man: strong, good looking, capable, rich and intelligent. However, he is actually an insensitive individual with numerous faults, such as being very superficial, easily drawn into fighting and a flirt. Ironically, this makes him very popular in school.

Back Story:

Ren and Clarissa were childhood neighbours who liked each other. As a child, Ren had a heightened sensitivity to other people's feelings, and he quickly picked up that Clarissa was abused at home. He confronted her mother at a pedestrian crossing, inadvertently causing a car to crash and kill her.

This left Ren traumatized and very emotionally numb, worsening when Clarissa was adopted by her aunt and disappeared without telling him. He became the Night Phantom originally due to needing an outlet, but eventually grew to care about people in his own private way.

Night Phantom

As the Night Phantom, Ren is a bit of a split personality-he is selfless and does whatever he can to save people at his own risk.

Ren has trained in various fighting styles and weaponry. He uses a modified dark-blue and silver Honda (incidentally 'Phantom' label) motorcycle to get around.

He is at peak human perfection, able to run a mile in two minutes and dodge bullets from point blank range.

His costume is fireproof, blue and black with a silver 'X' at his chest.

After the meteor crash, Ren gained the powers of invisibility and telekinesis.

Clarissa Lee/ Clarissa Fu

Description: The Mentor/Love interest

The heroine of the story. She is 17, considered quite pretty and the first to spot the UFO. After the loss of her parents, she was taken in by her aunt.

In contrast to Ren, who is a bit of an ass and has numerous faults, Clarissa is very strong willed, determined and protective of her friends. Ironic to being an outcast, Clarissa has the outstanding ability to accept people for who they are, even if she does not like them. Her personality and her presence in Ren's life make her the catalyst for Ren's growing goodness and the secret object of his affection. While she secretly feels the same way about him, complications, initial resentment and the need to save the world and themselves get in the way.

Clarissa is a judo expert, mentioned several times in the beginning of the story.

Back Story:

Clarissa struggles with more than just a few simple things; abused at a young age and the subsequent loss of her parents, losing her best friend (Ren), fighting the hostility of the upper class people and coping with her own emotions for the people she loves and cares about.

She spent the years away from Ren looking to reunite with him, becoming very hurt and resentful when Ren outcasts her after she purposely gets into his high school, though she does not reveal it until much later.

After the meteor crash, Clarissa gained the power to convert energy in non-proportional ways, making her extremely powerful.

Angeline Tou

Description: The Shapeshifter

Angeline is Clarissa's close friend. She is very rich, even though she hides it. She is 18 and is extremely beautiful.

Angeline is originally shy and unnoticeable, since she suffered from a rare case of myopia that requires her to wear giant frog eyed glasses, hiding her beautiful looks. Years of holding herself back have caused her to be very vulnerable.

Despite the fact that she is a genuinely nice person, she constantly causes Ren to deter from his original goals due to the circumstances surrounding the situation.

Back Story:

After the meteor crash, Angeline realizes she has the ability to fly and restored eyesight. This inspires her to be like her idol, Night Phantom, who she inadvertently saves during his clash with the aliens and is the first to find out his true identity.

Her saving his life creates a bond between them that later leads to a very physical relationship, inadvertently causing internal conflict and preventing Night Phantom from focusing on his job.

After the meteor crash, Angeline has the ability to fly by Angel Wings she can summon on her back.


Description: The Antagonist

Xehal is an Alien Commander from the planet Xoto, a species that solely exists for enslaving other species. As the commander, Xehal is even more vicious than the rest of his species. He leads by fear, has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in the way, including his own soldiers. As he has OCD, deaths happen often.

As a Commander he is of the highest intellect, a tactical mastermind and the finest fighter in the army.

Back Story:

When Xehal was born, Xoto scientists predicted he would become the future leader due to having an intellectual and physical capability unlike any other.

The Xoto species was originally more of a parasitic race that enslaved only in order to ensure their survival. However, an ialien Lord who had higher slavery ambitions kidnapped Xehal and brought him up with the same mindset. Xehal had no qualms about being 'kidnapped', he was trained and brought up well-until he felt that his 'father' had even less ambition than him, and subsequently killed him.

After claiming his 'freedom', Xehal started out as a scientist, making discoveries useful in war such as limited mind control and weaponry. But his biggest discovery was being able to convert the life energy of the slaves into a power source that could generate enough energy to enhance his mind control 'satellites'. He quickly became a war commander instead, slaughtering his own slaves relentlessly, creating a 'meteor' power source that took control of many small planets.

Xehal was still ambitious, and tried to take over a bigger planet-Earth. However, the life energy of millions of slaves overcompensated and caused the meteor to break loose from the machine and fall towards Earth. Landing on Earth to reclaim it, he soon realized the energy had been let loose and with unusual side effects (metahuman powers) due to the environment on Earth-and set out to reclaim the energy.

Due to frequent exposure of life energy, Xehal possesses multiple powers - electrical and metal manipulation, enhanced speed, strength, limited telepathy and shape-shifting. The only other with multiple powers is Ren.

Hero's Journey:

On an ordinary day at school, Ren finds himself in a fight with the only friends of Clarissa, whom he has outcasted in the school. This is interrupted by a meteor hitting the school and destroying most of the premises.

Though he operates only at night, Ren reluctantly changes into the Night Phantom during the commotion and rescues many students, including Clarissa. He inadvertently gets trapped on the roof with her, and finds he himself emotionally warm around her, a concept he had long forgotten. This makes him believe he is in love with her and tries to get her to reciprocate from then on.

Things are normal until some students, including Ren and Clarissa, realize they have gained unusual powers such as invisibility and pyrokinesis. Clarissa takes it upon herself to find all of these 'metahumans' from the school and form a group (called 'Rain') to protect their privacy and learn to be more cautious until they can figure out what to do.

During this time, he investigates as Night Phantom and learns that the meteor is an alien power source intended for world domination, and the radiation gave them superpowers. In order to reacquire it, their blood has to be drained-which would obviously result in their deaths. When several of them are attacked and nearly killed-and Ren realizes albeit reluctantly that with the most hero experience, he has to be responsible for all of their lives and to prevent the aliens from taking over the world.

Ren continues to spend more time with Clarissa in the group, and they become close friends quickly again. However, this causes him to neglect his vigilante duties, causing the deaths of several people he would usually be in a position to save. Ren's guilt and emotional turmoil becomes progressively worse when his relationship with Clarissa is badly damaged by her torn feelings for Night Phantom and him- adding to his duress. In the course of events, just when Clarissa truly realizes her denied feelings for him, he ends up sleeping with Angeline. This physical relationship with Angeline convinces him that he never cared for her and hence becomes increasingly cold towards her again.

From this point, there is a lot of internal conflict until a decisive point where one of the aliens has fallen for a human girl and escaped from his group, which leads 'Rain' to a climatic supernatural showdown. Ren does not want to face his fears at first, but eventually shows up as Night Phantom.

At a point where nearly everyone else is incapacitated other than Night, Clarissa and the alien commander, the alien commander holds Clarissa hostage while Night has his sword ready. Clarissa urges Night to do whatever he must-but Ren does not do it, rescuing Clarissa and letting the alien commander escape.

The following night, Clarissa tracks down Night and asks him why he did what he did. Night reveals that he does care about her. Clarissa, having long suspected by this point, tricks him into revealing that he is Ren-which leads to the cliffhanger for the sequel.

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