i can't sleep again tonight

there's too much on my mind

i'd write it down if i could find the words

and if i only had enough time

but i'm running short on hours

in the darkness of the night

if only i could turn the clock back

and have just a little more time

then maybe i could jot it down

i can't sleep until i write

but since i cannot find the words

i'm an insomniac tonight.

a/n: i haven't had proper inspiration and all the words to write anything down in weeks and it's driving me up a wall. it's getting so bad that i literally cannot fall asleep with all the ideas and words and poems screaming to be shared with the world confined within my skull. if i could write it down then i'd be fine, but until i find a better solution, i've resorted to staying up all night, wired on caffeine and sugar in hopes that all the ideas might line up nicely and wait their goddamn turn.