Blue Sky Chapter I

Leaving my father smoke filled office in New York City I knew I had no one to blame but my self for my exile too Kansas if I had spent more time studying and less time gambling and drinking I would still be in school and not headed west to play cowboy. Walking out to the street. I saw William holding open the carriage door I got inside" where too sir?" (Take me home William) I sat looking out the window as we rolled down Wall Street and turned onto Hope Lane stopping at the fourth row house on the right getting out. I walked up the steps Mary the maid open the door "good evening Mr. Young" I gave her my hat and coat and headed for the study where I pored my self a drink. As I downed the drink my mother walked in" what did you're father say?"Im being shipped out west too Kansas"oh Justin I'm so sorry I could try and talk to him if you like (no mother no use in that.) "Then I will have Patrick pack you're bag for the trip" (thanks mother I will see you at breakfast) she left the den I pored my self a second drink and sat in the chair. I was still setting their when the sun came up red eyed and nursing my sixth drink I heard the door open Patrick came in with my bag" sorry Mr. Young but you father said I was to get you out of hear before you're mother wakes up. He helped me out of the house into the carriage where I passed out when I woke up I was on a train, looking around I saw a man setting across the isle from me(hey Mr. where is this train headed?) The man turned too me and said "Chagio,looks to me like you had a bad night young man" (Yes I did) I pulled my hat down over my eyes so I could get some more sleep, I could hear the man laughing. The conductor woke me up coming through calling Wheeling next stop their be an hour lay over for dinner, I found that I was hungry and looking forward to the stop. When I sat up and looked around I could see me and the man I had talked with before were still the only ones in the car, the conductor came back through the car stopping to hand me a note." The man who brought you on board gave me this to give to you opening the note and read son I see you are drink again I will have Patrick put you on the train if you wake up before Wheeling go too the first national bank they will have a bank draft for you and if you don't it will be waiting at the next stop you're father Gus Young III

Will that took care of my money problem when the train pulled into the station I got off headed to the bank got their ten minutes before it closed for the day got my money(can you tell me where I might get something to eat?)"Yes sir three doors down Mary's Café( thanks) turning I walked out the door and down the wooden side walk finding the café I went inside. The only other customer in the place was the man from the train I nodded to him as I went to the back of the room and sat at a table, a boy of fifteen waited on me. When I finished eating I headed back to the train station I almost bought a ticket back to New York but talked my self out of it and got back on the same train I had been on before. This time there was a man his wife and two kids in the car with me and the man from before as we all sat wafting for the train too start moving a young woman came on board. The train pulled out of the station I sat their watching the county side roll by after some time I went to sleep again, waking next morning I got off at our next rest stop went to the bathroom and had breakfast. Back in the car Mr. Gray and I got to talking (where you headed?)"I have a ranch in Kansas near Black Lake" (that where I headed too I'm going too run my father ranch its called Blue Sky.)"That makes us neighbors I own Twin Springs Ranch its six miles outside of town yours is the next ranch over from mine." In all it took a week by train from New York to Black Springs,