Blue Sky Chapter XIII

I had a quite lunch and was setting on the front porch taking in mother mature when I saw coming up the ranch road a buggy with two people in it, when It got closer I could tell they were woman and I also saw the man on horse back just behind the buggy. When they got near the house I could see that Ms. Wingate and her daughter Beth were in the buggy the man I didn't know(Afternoon Ms. Wingate, Beth how are you ladies this fine afternoon?)"Good afternoon Mr. Young Mr. Cummings was good enough to see us out hear today" I nodded to the man on the horse" we came to visit with Ms. Blackmore is she home?" That was the first of many visits over the next year, that May Ms. Blackmore and Mr. Dent got July Beth and I got married and we moved back to New York where I took over the family business after my father passed away. Every summer we would ride the train out too Black Lake and spend two weeks on the ranch with the Dent family.

The End