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It's a story set in a futuristic time period. It's going to be pretty action packed, drama filled and, eventually, a romance. :) The year is 2251, and things aren't going so well in the world... So a young man named Daniel decides to start a journal to account for his last days of living...

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Our Remembrance

Prologue: These Old Beginnings...

"Daniel. We're so screwed," my father mumbled, his head in his hands as he listened to the public announcement broadcast on the television. It was on every single channel. Talk about annoying, right?

Well, my irritation quickly flew from me, when I realized how serious the situation was...You try to be irritated by something so trivial when the announcer is saying in a grim, hopeless voice that the Earth's pollution levels are deadly now, and irreversible. Things are going to start dying, and fast, he says. We've done this to ourselves, and now it's too late...

Are you irritated now?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

"Dad," I whispered. "It'll be all right. We'll figure something out."

I was lying through my teeth.

My mother placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Why don't you go up to your room, Daniel?" she said. I opened my mouth to disagree, but the pleading look in her eyes cut me off.

I shuffled awkwardly out of the living room. Fear was blossoming in my stomach. Like little flowers were actually there; blooming, living and taking up all the space as it spread throughout my abdomen.

Before I shut my door, I heard the tail end of the President's surrealistic plan. "Humanity will have a new beginning, a new start on Mars…"

I shut my door, but it didn't completely block out the television or my father's muffled cries. It just dimmed them a bit; I did my best to ignore them.

"A new beginning…" I said to the humidity in the air, to the frozen faces resting inside picture frames. "If the President only knew how ridiculous he sounds. Nothing has a new beginning-everything has happened at least once before. Well, except for shipping people off to Mars, that is."

I sighed. Everything had an old beginning, not a new one. Everything was just a swirling blend of ideas repeating themselves. History repeated. People based "brilliant ideas" they had off of old ones; religions were constantly adapting to what they needed to address, the stock market rose and fell.

Well, it doesn't anymore, I thought. It's worth nothing now, since all the fossil fuels are gone.

Everybody's in the same boat. Or ship, rather, I mused. America's not doing so hot, with a worldwide economic collapse under its list of problems.

Maybe that's why dad's so scared. Status meant nothing, except for a title that no longer had any relevance.

We were poor now, just struggling to survive. How would be able to buy one ticket, let alone four, for the trip to Mars in three months?

The fear tightened around me again, and it choked my throat.

Would we die, just because we didn't have enough money to buy a piece of paper? I thought, my mind reeling at the absurdity of it all. Money means nothing, anyways. What would they use it for—to start fires?

I came to a conclusion, one that wasn't so shocking, not if you really thought about it.

We weren't going to make it on one of those three ships. Not in a million years. It wouldn't happen even if my mother slept with a politician and gave him the child. Not if I found a cure for cancer, or my dad filled the nonexistent rain forests with trees again. Not if my sister helped solve world hunger.

We meant nothing, nothing at all under the eyes of the government.

Humanity was going to consist of greedy bastards; the ones that could afford to buy a stupid, fucking piece of paper.

"Dad," I whispered. "We aren't screwed. We're fucked over."

I was angry—I had never been this pissed off in my entire life. I literally saw red, smeared across the walls of my room. I wanted to punch the walls out, run screaming into the streets that this wasn't fair, and start a revolt.

My anger quickly vaporized, changing into fear, and worse: hopelessness.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. Crying wasn't going to help the situation any.

I had to think, I had to plan something.

The dying sun made my room glow orange; I saw something sparkle on my desk. I eased off of my bed and made my way to it.

"Oh, mom." I whispered, smiling slightly. It was a journal, and pinned to it was a note.

I found this earlier today at work. I thought you might like it.


I picked up the journal, weighing it in my hand. It was leather bound and thick. The paper was unlined, just like I liked it. It was stained in a few places, but otherwise, it was in good condition.

I sat down in my desk's chair, opened the journal, and creased its first page.

August 24th, 2251.

7:08 p.m.

"Hey, I'm Daniel Jackson. It's August 24th, 2251," I wrote smoothly in black ink. "My family's life now depends on the government's shitty plan—sending humanity as we know it to Mars. We have no money to buy a ticket for the ship to send us there; we're fucked. I'm 19, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it to 20. I'm so incredibly fucked…

"Welcome to my old beginning, here in this journal. You see, I feel old. The government says that sending people to Mars will be a "new beginning," but I think that's impossible, quite frankly. Nothing is new. Everything is based off of something old. Everything on this Earth, anyways.

"I have three months to live; that's when people are being shipped out, people that don't really deserve to be there in the first place. But who am I to judge? They have money and a voice. I don't.

"I'm starting this journal for a reason unknown to me. Maybe it's so I can make sense of this all? So I can relieve some stress? I'm not sure. So, if anyone reads this thousands of years from now, they'll know. They'll know me, a person deemed unworthy by the government of the good ol' U.S of A.

"Essentially, this journal is my only eulogy.

"After all, I'm just a dead man running. I'm so completely and utterly fucked over..."

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