Chapter 1

"Your majesty." A young servant boy, around the age of 12 entered the kings master bedroom. The peasant bowed to King Bryce, this showed a sense of loyalty he had to his master and the power the master had over him.

The boys name was Benjamin, he unlike many of the kings servants was treated well. The reason being he was the Kings son, one of the kings many children to women other than his queen.

Just like many Kings, Bryce has affairs with many women. He has 4 child to Margaret his Queen, and over 30 to several other women all over his kingdom.

Benjamin is his oldest son and if his Queen does not bare him a son soon, Benjamin will take over throne when Bryce dies.

"Sir, dinner is being served. Queen Margaret requested your prescense in the dining area." Benjamin bowed, and started to back out of the room.

"Benjamin." The king stopped the boy. "How are you doing my son?" Bryce put a hand out to his descendant, and Benjamin took it.

"Well, thank you father." The boy kept looking down at his feet, knowing it was rude to stare at the king in the eyes.

Bryce studied the boys features, noticing the ways he looked like him and ways he looked like his mother. Benjamin had the Kings dark black hair, but he kept it cut short, whereas his father liked it to be long, he got his eyes from his beautiful mother.

The king though back to how much he admired the young farmer girl. She had been 16 when they met, he was 22, Benjamin got his mothers round shaped eyes, and that striking green color. Bryce's children to his queen, were his only children that got his blue eyes.

"Is there anything you need or want?" The king took a seat in his chair, bringing Benjamin with his to sit on his lap.

The boy blushed alittle like he wanted to say something. "I- I want a paint set, please?" He looked away like he had just committed a crime.

"Anything you wish, my boy." Bryce stood standing Benjamin and giving him a hug. "I will get that for you as soon as I can take a breath" Bryce chuckled.

"I Suppose Queen Margaret is getting uneasy." King gave his son and smile and exited his Suite.

Two guards with heavy guns were outside the door ready to attack whatever would be a threat to the king. "Your majesty." They bowed as he went down the hall.

As the king walked around the many halls to the dinning room, he though of how he didn't know his son liked to paint. This brought a new though to mind, was I a bad father because I knew little of my children, or because I had so many?

Bryce made it to the Dining room, and saw Margaret seated at one end of the table, and his seat was already pulled out for him.

Margaret stood and bowed "Your Majesty where have you been?" She came towards her husband "I barley get to see you now, I cherish dinner with you, for it is one of the only times I get to see you." She pouted.

The king put on a concerned look "My love, I never knew you felt this way, you must talk to me about your feelings." Of course the king didn't really care all that much, she was just as good as the other mistresses he had.

His queen was normal looking with long blond hair and almond shaped brown eyes, but she did have a large bosom.

The king ignored that his Wife was looking for some sort of loving endearment, and instead took his seat.

Infront of him was a large feast of all sorts of fruits and meats, the king ever so dearly wanted to taste each one, but a sharp pain in his stomach started to take over his appetite.

"Arg!" He yelped bending over and falling off his chair. The guards were next to him in a second trying to help their king.

"Oh my!" Margaret stood alarmed, and came to Bryces side.

"My dear, what is the matter?" She got the responds of a groan of pain.

The guards were bewildered as to what to do and instead called for Bryce's father and a doctor.

An hour later

Joseph the later king, and bryces father paced back and forth near his sons bedside. "It cant be-" He shook his head mumbling little things.

Bryce slowly started to awaken from a deep slumber. "Father" He mumbled nodded to his dad. "What is the matter?"

Joseph kept pacing but looked back at his son, and then continued on. "Your soul mate. The reason you had that stomach flu, was because your soul mate had a claiming. When vampires mates are claimed, even if its by another, they feel the power of the bond, you will soon want her by your side.

Your mate was claimed by another man, she is no longer a virgin, and soon will be expecting her first child."