The doctor thought it be best that the king was to stay bed ridded until his mates arrival, this was quite a challenge for young Bryce, being 34 he was hungry to go out and hunt or play some sort of activity.

Joseph ordered for three of the best bounty hunters to come to the castle and talk with the King. They asked him questions such as what his mate smelled like and if he had the mental connection with her yet.

These questions were important in order to find out who this woman was. The doctor was puzzled as to why the king didn't have the ability to talk to her using his mind yet, but it might be a special case and possibly this couple needed a trigger to start the bond.

Bryce felt awful in that room, he continued to ponder results of what could happen when he brought his mate to court. He also was beginning to go mad with the need to be near her and to ensure she was safe.

For vampires the male feels the impact of such a bond before the female, so his mate did not even know he was searching for her.

It was now morning and the 5th day the king was bed ridden. Bryce awoke to the sound of giggles, and the movement of sheets.

His 4 daughters were hiding in different places in his room. Bryce's youngest Alana, who was 3 was curled up under his cotton sheets, some of her red curls poked out from the sheet. Mary and Ariel the twins were 5, they were both hiding under the same wooden chair, barley covering them from the kings view. Catherine, 13 stood by the door giggling at the sight of her foolish siblings.

Bryce laughed, going under the sheet and found Alana with her hands on her chin and her fragile legs lying on the bed, like she had been waiting for him to find her.

"Good morning Daddy." Alana jumped on her father giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You win you found miie." She smiled, cupping her fathers face "Was I easy to find?" She pouted her lips.

"Not at all darling." He ran his lips over her forehead "Your sisters on the other hand are very bad at hiding."

He shot his head to the side, scaring his two twins. The squealed and stood crossing there arms at the same time "That is unfair Alana got the good hiding place." These two also had fiery red hair, and blue eyes, all of the kings children were beautiful, Bryce knew they would be married off to good families.

Catherine watched the scene with a dumbfounded expression "You girls are not acting very lady like." She mumbled and turned her head.

All of the girls said in union "Sorry Lady Cat!" They laughed.

"Be nice to your sister." Bryce warned. Catherine was his special daughter; she had his brains in ruling people. She could make any man she wishes fall for her, and she was very eager for her mate to come for her. She also had his looks, the deep and rich black hair and his icy blue eyes.

"Catherine is that any way to greet your father?" He asked taking in her scowl and standing position against the door.

"No father." She shook her head, and walked over to his bedside, placing a kiss on his cheek.

King Bryce looked about the room taking in the rustled up sheets and the disarray of the documents that were on the chair the twins had been under. "My loves, you are like a walking hurricane" He bellowed a laugh.

Catherine shoved the group of kids out of the room, waving a goodbye to her father.

Scarlet POV

One that was but 5 feet away could only hear the sound of heels clanking down the alley, the pouring rain covered up most of the sound. Her crys were another story; they were long and loud, showing all of her distress.

The blood coming out from under her dress was instantly washed away from the rain when it became visible.

Her young breasts were barley hidden in the torn dress she wore, the man had completely shattered her beautifully woven dress her mother had made.

At the end of the alley, she watched every bit of movement hoping Richard wouldn't return to force himself upon her once again. After minutes of looking around, she had reassured herself that she was safe enough to stop. Scarlet let her body slip to the floor of the alley, leaning up against a garbage can.

Taking her head into her hands, and pulling her knees up she began to relax.


Bryce awoke shuttering, cold damp sweat covering his exposed chest. Though his body was the least of his problems, his mind was like a bi polar rollercoaster, feelings of sadness, hurt and fear were radiating from him. Yet they weren't from him.

"Guards!" He screamed jumping from the bed and throwing on a shirt. "We must find my mate!"


Until next time loves.