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9. One Begins and One's Goodbye

The old man stands crookedly, one hand holding a silver-tipped cane, one hand resting on the dark headstone. He wears a gray suit, scrupulously ironed, and his face is lined and solemn. A hat the color of charcoal obscures his eyes.

When I see him, the first thought that comes to my mind is that he is one of the lonely people who, upon seeing the world, had fallen into despair.

But I know him, and my pity for this shell of a man does not outweigh the rage I feel.

"Fancy seeing you here." The bitterness in my voice is evident, and he, unflinching, turns to face me. I press forward, unable to hold myself back.

"You caused this, you know. You left her when she needed you. You – her father – didn't even care enough to say goodbye." The words came more quickly than I thought, spoken daggers flying faster and faster. "Why did you do it to her?! Because – because she wasn't the son you wanted?! She never deserved that! She loved you!" My voice grew in volume until I was nearly shouting, hurling my hatred into the face of the man who had broken my mother all those years ago.

"All she ever wanted was for you to love her back!"

I stood defiantly, face flushed, chest heaving, and my anger evaporated. I became aware of the fact that I was crying. The man in front of my mother's grave stood silently. He pulled off his hat, and I looked into my grandfather's eyes.

His eyes were red, and traces of teardrops still remained on his face.

He stepped past me, and spoke.

"Enough for now."

I watched in silence as my grandfather walked though the maze of tombstones, reached the gate, and walked away, supporting himself with a silver-tipped cane.

Fifty years of sorrow, he got five or six of bliss...

Author's Note: Like with A Better Life, I really think it's a shame that maybe two people are going to read this.

This was a tricky piece to write, and I hope I caught the emotions right. I wanted to portray both characters as at least partially sympathetic, and I think I got pretty close. Still, this is probably gonna be one of those pieces I'm going to look back on and think "I could have done better".

The song is Enough For Now by The Fray.

Writing challenge, something bigger, blah blah blah. Only one more of these left to go. Heads up for my two readers.

...Shuffle really is the unfavorite child of the Wings family...Shame. I have a soft spot for my little misfit.

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