"We are like two different continents that had diverse culture and beliefs. Yet I stood by him despite of all our conflictions. And yet I yearn for his protection protect him despite our incompatible emotions." I recited to him as he attentively grasped each word within the empty ruts of memory, which lay in his mind.

Sometimes I wondered if he saved his attention, his thoughts, and his time for me. I hoped he did, as I do that for him. I observed him stare blankly at the grooves in between each glossy tile that was embedded into the floor, probably pondering the mesh of words he received.

"Even the countries within a continent are completely inconsistent. India is different from China. France is different from Spain. But treaties are made and transportation gives us the freedom to join one another and learn to understand each other." He said conclusively.

I contemplated his words and for a moment had nothing to say back. Even at this moment our ideas were different. We were just two individual people with thoughts that made us think differently about things. I looked up to his bright and intellectual visage and returned with an answer.

"Yes, we have transportation, but otherwise… each continent is like a kingdom, a large inescapable castle, surrounded by moats which we call oceans. We are unreachable, and that is why I yearn for his unrequited protection. It is too difficult for him to reach me as I… to him." I said suddenly slowing down as the passion of my emotions slowly dwindled.

He gazed out the window and I noticed the intensity in his eyes soften. His eyes looked up into mine, dead in the eye. It was as if for one moment he had a realization, as if he knew what I asked for, by reading my eyes. He suddenly reached towards his bag and pulled out a MacBook Pro and placed it on my coffee table.

"One minute. I have something to show you. Something interesting." He said after a few seconds of suspense.

I heard a barrage of clicks on the Notebook's track pad. I could tell he was showing me something that dealt with proving me wrong by the way his eyes were concentrated on to the screen.

"Here." He said

I observed the screen and was confused by what I saw.

"This is just a map that allows you to move the continents around." I said looking at him in a perplexed manner.

He grinned a little bit and came over and sat next to me.

"Trust me it makes sense, just take Africa and drag it on to South America. Make sure that the shores of South America are covered by Africa. Just a little bit. You might have to tilt the continents a bit." He said pointing at the two continents.

I followed his orders and took Africa and overlapped it onto the shorelines of South America. I looked at the screen for only a moment and thought about what I created by combining those two continents.

"It looks… kind of like… a heart. Only a little bit though." I mumbled thoughtfully.

I looked down and felt a little hopeless as he looked at me, thinking of his next words. I was adamant in my thoughts. I knew I'd never have him as a lover.

Finally he said, "Even two different continents can make something so stunning. Two different things, two different people. It doesn't make a difference..."

I gradually lifted my head and gazed at his chest. I wanted to touch his soul, only once. My hand trembled a bit as it lied on the leather sofa, next to his leg.

"As long as you can become one, fight as one, and take two backgrounds and distort it so it becomes one, then the boundaries between the continents don't matter."

I steadily lifted my hand and rested it on his chest feeling for his heartbeat.

Don't hesitate. Release the drawbridge that lead people into the kingdom. Let someone in, and let them explore the beauty you have and let them learn to understand it." he said finally.

I raised my head and looked intently into his eyes. At that instant, that one glance told me that we both desired something, something we could only give each other. I felt a sudden warmth impose itself against my body. For a second, everything I felt changed. Maybe rather than isolating myself, I can create a relationship with another so-called continent. Underneath my clothing, I sensed a torrent of slithering fingers gently survey uncharted area, my body. Against my lonely mouth was his lonely mouth, and it remained there for a few seconds. Then suddenly, his lips stroked the tenderness of my neck. It was all too unbearable. It was all too irresistible. In the audacity of the moment, droplets of placid moistness found their way my down my cheek. After a few breaths of air, I gained the will to speak.

"Maybe, for once, I can let someone in… I can release that drawbridge and just…"

I noticed the redness in his eyes as he suddenly swooped down and let our lips meet once more. I never got to complete my thought, but I knew that he thought the exact same thing. Maybe for once, I can let someone in. I can release that drawbridge and just make love.