Just in case you were wondering, this is about how I had a band concert this weekend. I LOVE band, but it was so freaking hot. And waiting in the gym for half an hour with my band jacket? Oh, and I wrote this for school. At about 10 in approximately 3 minutes. So don't blame me if it sucks, I have to do my math homework, too...

It was hot.

No, hot doesn't do my



Prison justice

As I waited for

My band concert

Un ninety degree weather

In an un-air conditioned gym

In a long sleeved shirt and pants

And my band jacket

Thirty minutes early

With no one to talk to

And on top of all that

I forgot my book.

To those of you waiting for me to update Insert your own title here, I'm afraid I can't. Writer's block+complete lack of confidence in my writing abilities+excruciatingly hot weather=XO

I've been writing poems to see if that helps, but I'm afraid it hasn't been helping much. Sorry, guys.