Three Years.

Don't ask me how I know this, but the man who moved in across the street a week ago is a bounty hunter. His mission is a long one --- three years in the future, he must carry out the assassination of a girl who now watches him through the blinds. For now, he's just here, taking in the scene, building an alibi. He doesn't leave much, but when he does, I'm there. I'm constantly on guard. I know my time isn't up for three more years, but somehow, I feel like watching him now is going to save my life.

I live in a small town, where everything is defined by what is playing at the playhouse. World-renowned, our playhouse is what keeps this town alive. My parents both work there. My grandparents worked there. I bet my grandparents even worked there. That playhouse has a magical hold over this town. When it has a good run, this town lives the high life. When a show fails, the spirits of the townspeople fall. It's not just the economy that suffers though. The people of this town actually seem to take on the personas they create in their magical plays. They choose a performance and become it. They live, eat, breathe, and sleep the play until it is finished. Maybe that's why the playhouse is so famous --- it's not just a building, it's a way of life. The people breathe their lives and their passions into the Penrose Playhouse, creating a world unto itself.

So, you may ask how this famous Penrose Playhouse fits into the story of Sara Cole and her association with Joshua Grey. I will tell you. It fits in precisely because it doesn't fit in. As a child, I harbored a deep desire to become a grand actress, gracing the floorboards of the Penrose with my passion, emotion, and fire. As I grew older, however, a few stints with bit parts quickly cured me of that dream. As I passed through the rebellion of my teenage years, my desire quickly became the opposite of the spotlight. I wanted to go to college, study biology, and disappear into a laboratory forever. Safe among my experiments and thoughts, I would distance myself from the dramatics of the theater. So here I am, nineteen, still living with my parents, taking classes at a community college, raising money to make my dream of invisibility come true.

But I digress, the purpose here is not to explain my whole life's history, but instead to focus on the here and now --- or rather the here and the three years from now.